Diablo 4 Charged Bolts

Charged Bolts Active

Charged Bolts is a Core skill used by Sorceress in Diablo 4.

NameCluster Type Description
Charged Bolts Core Active
  • Release 5 bolts of lightning that course along the ground in an erratic pattern, dealing 5 each.
  • Mana Cost: 40
  • Deals Lightning Damage
  • Tags: Core, Shock
Enhanced Charged Bolts Core Enhancement
  • Hitting an enemy at least 3 times with same cast of Charged Bolts releases a lightning nova, dealing 4 damage to enemies around them.
Destructive Charged Bolts Core Upgrade
  • Hitting an enemy with Charged Bolts reduces their damage dealt by 20% for 3 seconds.
Greater Charged Bolts Core Upgrade
  • Charged Bolts deal 25% increased damage to Stunned enemies.

Related Uniques

Staff of Lam Esen is a Unique Staff. Sorcerer.

  • +[2 – 4] Ranks of Charged Bolts
  • Charged Bolts pierce, but deal [40 – 30%] less damage.

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