Diablo 4 Item Rarity

Item Rarity D4

Item Qualities are a mix out of those from previous Diablo titles, consisting of Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary, Set, and Unique items.

Name Properties
Normal - No affixes
Magic - Can have the highest individual affixes
Rare - Usually better than Magic items
Legendary - Random affixes and 1 Legendary affix, with the latter also rolling randomly
- Legendary affixes have fixed item types they can appear on (e.g. a specific affix might only appear on One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Gloves, Amulets, and Rings)
- Legendary affixes have increased power on specific item types (e.g. a specific affix might have 33% increased power on an Amulet)
- They modify skills in a similar way as seen in Diablo 3
- Hundreds of new Legendaries (different types: generic (good for every build), category-specific and skill-specific)
- Class skills crossing over through Legendaries is being explored, but very limited and only on endgame items to keep class identity intact
- Legendaries will not "rain from the sky" like in Diablo 3
Set - Sets will not be available at launch, instead they will be included in a post-launch update
- Less powerful or equal to Legendaries (more introductory to the class or to live out a certain fantasy), which means that you will eventually graduate out of them
Unique - Build-around items with completely fixed affixes
- Heavily thematic and usually with class-specific powers

The item rarities in order are common, magic, rare, legendary and unique. They generally follow your character's level progression, with common and magic items dropping less often than rare and legendary as you level up. Unique items are incredibly rare, and are said to be some of the Best-in-Slot options that you may never find in a Season.

Common items don't have additional affixes and magic items only have a single affix. Rare items begin with 3 affixes and legendary items can have 4 affixes. Lower rarity items are tradable but legendary and unique items are bound to your account.

An item needs to be rare or legendary rarity to have a Legendary Aspect imprinted onto them. Imprinting a rare item changes its rarity to legendary and binds it to your account. Legendary items you pick up as loot always roll a Legendary Aspect. Unique items are... unique, in that they have special effects that cannot be modified or overwritten.

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In regards to item rarities on an endgame character, will every item rarity have a purpose in Diablo IV besides salvaging them for crafting materials or will we run around with only Legendaries equipped?

Joe Shely explained that they don't expect that Normal or Magic items will be powerful in themselves in endgame builds. The developers are interested in there being uses beyond salvaging for those items. Rare items will be important at endgame, partly because of their use as bases to upgrade them to Legendaries at the Occultist.

Normal and Magic items become more powerful as you unlock Ancestral and Sacred items at higher World Tiers, thus becoming relevant at early stages of those World Tiers.

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Item Rarity: Normal -> Magic -> Rare -> Legendary/Set -> Ancient -> Mythic

Diablo 4 Itemization

  1. In Diablo IV, we want Legendaries to be just as, if not more, powerful than Set items. We don’t want you to feel beholden to one particular class set to play your chosen style.
  2. Ancient items are a system we’ll be leveraging for Seasons, but we’ll dig into that at a later date.
  3. As for Mythic items, these will be so powerful you’ll only be able to equip one of them at a time, so choose wisely!

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