PoE League Specific Uniques

Some uniques have restrictions on where it can drop.

1. List of PoE League Specific Uniques

This is a list of unique items that are restricted to areas with a league flag active.

Item Specific Leagues
Vaal Caress Vaal Caress Ambush
Voideye Voideye Ambush
Daresso’s Salute Daresso’s Salute Anarchy
Gifts from Above Gifts from Above Anarchy
Shavronne’s Revelation Shavronne’s Revelation Anarchy
Voll’s Devotion Voll’s Devotion Anarchy
Edge of Madness Edge of Madness Beyond
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer Beyond
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer Beyond
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer Beyond
The Harvest Beyond
Badge of the Brotherhood Blight
Icefang Orbit Blight
Machina Mitts Mitts Blight
Rotting Legion Blight
Venopuncture Blight
Ngamahu’s Sign Ngamahu’s Sign Bloodlines
Tasalio’s Sign Tasalio’s Sign Bloodlines
Valako’s Sign Valako’s Sign Bloodlines
Choir of the Storm Choir of the Storm Breach
Hand of Thought and Motion Hand of Thought and Motion Breach
Hand of Wisdom and Action Hand of Wisdom and Action Breach
Severed in Sleep Severed in Sleep Breach
Skin of the Lords Skin of the Lords Breach
The Blue Dream The Blue Dream Breach
The Blue Nightmare The Blue Nightmare Breach
The Formless Flame The Formless Flame Breach
The Formless Inferno The Formless Inferno Breach
The Green Dream The Green Dream Breach
The Green Nightmare The Green Nightmare Breach
The Halcyon The Halcyon Breach
The Infinite Pursuit The Infinite Pursuit Breach
The Perfect Form The Perfect Form Breach
The Red Dream The Red Dream Breach
The Red Nightmare The Red Nightmare Breach
The Red Trail The Red Trail Breach
The Snowblind Grace The Snowblind Grace Breach
The Surrender The Surrender Breach
Tulborn Tulborn Breach
Tulfall Tulfall Breach
Uul-Netol’s Embrace Uul-Netol’s Embrace Breach
Uul-Netol’s Kiss Uul-Netol’s Kiss Breach
Xoph’s Heart Xoph’s Heart Breach
Xoph’s Inception Xoph’s Inception Breach
Xoph’s Nurture Xoph’s Nurture Breach
Algor Mortis Algor Mortis Delirium
Assailum Assailum Delirium
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness Delirium
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness Delirium
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness Delirium
Calamitous Visions Calamitous Visions Delirium
Kitava’s Teachings Kitava’s Teachings Delirium
Megalomaniac Megalomaniac Delirium
Natural Affinity Natural Affinity Delirium
One With Nothing One With Nothing Delirium
Perfidy Perfidy Delirium
Split Personality Split Personality Delirium
The Front Line The Front Line Delirium
The Interrogation The Interrogation Delirium
The Siege The Siege Delirium
Voices Voices Delirium
Demon Stitcher Demon Stitcher Delve
Mark of Submission Mark of Submission Delve
Soulwrest Soulwrest Delve
The Grey Spire The Grey Spire Delve
The Primordial Chain The Primordial Chain Delve
The Gull The Gull Domination
Berek’s Grip Berek’s Grip Domination
Berek’s Pass Berek’s Pass Domination
Berek’s Respite Berek’s Respite Domination
Blood of the Karui Blood of the Karui Domination
Lavianga’s Spirit Lavianga’s Spirit Domination
Actum Heist
Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Heist
Contract: Death to Darnaw Contract: Death to Darnaw Heist
Contract: Heart of Glory Contract: Heart of Glory Heist
Contract: The Slaver King Contract: The Slaver King Heist
Contract: The Twins Contract: The Twins Heist
Corpsewalker Heist
Crest of Desire Crest of Desire Heist
Expedition’s End Expedition’s End Heist
Fated End Fated End Heist
Font of Thunder Font of Thunder Heist
Replica Abyssus Replica Abyssus Heist
Replica Alberon’s Warpath Replica Alberon’s Warpath Heist
Replica Allure Replica Allure Heist
Replica Alpha’s Howl Replica Alpha’s Howl Heist
Replica Ambu’s Charge Replica Ambu’s Charge Heist
Replica Atziri’s Acuity Replica Atziri’s Acuity Heist
Replica Atziri’s Foible Replica Atziri’s Foible Heist
Replica Bated Breath Replica Bated Breath Heist
Replica Bitterdream Replica Bitterdream Heist
Replica Blood Sacrifice Replica Blood Sacrifice Heist
Replica Blood Thorn Replica Blood Thorn Heist
Replica Bloodplay Replica Bloodplay Heist
Replica Bones of Ullr Replica Bones of Ullr Heist
Replica Cheap Construction Replica Cheap Construction Heist
Replica Cold Iron Point Replica Cold Iron Point Heist
Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency Heist
Replica Doedre’s Damning Replica Doedre’s Damning Heist
Replica Dreamfeather Replica Dreamfeather Heist
Replica Duskdawn Replica Duskdawn Heist
Replica Emberwake Replica Emberwake Heist
Replica Eternity Shroud Replica Eternity Shroud Heist
Replica Farrul’s Fur Replica Farrul’s Fur Heist
Replica Fencoil Replica Fencoil Heist
Replica Forbidden Shako Replica Forbidden Shako Heist
Replica Fragile Bloom Replica Fragile Bloom Heist
Replica Frostbreath Replica Frostbreath Heist
Replica Grip of the Council Replica Grip of the Council Heist
Replica Harvest Replica Harvest Heist
Replica Headhunter Replica Headhunter Heist
Replica Heartbreaker Replica Heartbreaker Heist
Replica Hotheaded Replica Hotheaded Heist
Replica Hyrri’s Truth Replica Hyrri’s Truth Heist
Replica Infractem Replica Infractem Heist
Replica Innsbury Edge Replica Innsbury Edge Heist
Replica Inya’s Epiphany Replica Inya’s Epiphany Heist
Replica Iron Commander Replica Iron Commander Heist
Replica Kalisa’s Grace Replica Kalisa’s Grace Heist
Replica Karui Ward Replica Karui Ward Heist
Replica Kongor’s Undying Rage Replica Kongor’s Undying Rage Heist
Replica Lioneye’s Paws Replica Lioneye’s Paws Heist
Replica Loreweave Replica Loreweave Heist
Replica Malachai’s Artifice Replica Malachai’s Artifice Heist
Replica Midnight Bargain Replica Midnight Bargain Heist
Replica Mistwall Replica Mistwall Heist
Replica Nebulis Replica Nebulis Heist
Replica Oro’s Sacrifice Replica Oro’s Sacrifice Heist
Replica Primordial Might Replica Primordial Might Heist
Replica Prismweave Replica Prismweave Heist
Replica Pure Talent Replica Pure Talent Heist
Replica Quill Rain Replica Quill Rain Heist
Replica Reckless Defence Replica Reckless Defence Heist
Replica Red Trail Replica Red Trail Heist
Replica Restless Ward Replica Restless Ward Heist
Replica Shroud of the Lightless Replica Shroud of the Lightless Heist
Replica Soul Strike Replica Soul Strike Heist
Replica Soul Taker Replica Soul Taker Heist
Replica Soul Tether Replica Soul Tether Heist
Replica Stampede Replica Stampede Heist
Replica Tasalio’s Sign Replica Tasalio’s Sign Heist
Replica Tempestuous Steel Replica Tempestuous Steel Heist
Replica Trypanon Replica Trypanon Heist
Replica Tukohama’s Fortress Replica Tukohama’s Fortress Heist
Replica Tulfall Replica Tulfall Heist
Replica Twyzel Replica Twyzel Heist
Replica Ungil’s Gauche Replica Ungil’s Gauche Heist
Replica Unstable Payload Replica Unstable Payload Heist
Replica Veil of the Night Replica Veil of the Night Heist
Replica Victario’s Charity Replica Victario’s Charity Heist
Replica Voideye Replica Voideye Heist
Replica Voidwalker Replica Voidwalker Heist
Replica Volkuur’s Guidance Replica Volkuur’s Guidance Heist
Replica Windripper Replica Windripper Heist
Replica Wings of Entropy Replica Wings of Entropy Heist
Replica Winterheart Replica Winterheart Heist
Shattershard Shattershard Heist
The Fulcrum The Fulcrum Heist
The Hidden Blade The Hidden Blade Heist
The Iron Mass Heist
Al Dhih Al Dhih Legion
Aukuna’s Will Aukuna’s Will Legion
Brutal Restraint Brutal Restraint Legion
Darkscorn Darkscorn Legion
Elegant Hubris Elegant Hubris Legion
Glorious Vanity Glorious Vanity Legion
Honourhome Honourhome Legion
Kaom’s Primacy Kaom’s Primacy Legion
Lavianga’s Wisdom Lavianga’s Wisdom Legion
Lethal Pride Lethal Pride Legion
Lioneye’s Paws Lioneye’s Paws Legion
Marohi Erqi Marohi Erqi Legion
Maw of Conquest Maw of Conquest Legion
Militant Faith Militant Faith Legion
Pledge of Hands Pledge of Hands Legion
Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe Legion
Rebuke of the Vaal Rebuke of the Vaal Legion
Tavukai Tavukai Legion
The Sorrow of the Divine The Sorrow of the Divine Legion
Voll’s Protector Voll’s Protector Legion
Wreath of Phrecia Wreath of Phrecia Legion
Headhunter Headhunter Nemesis
Death Rush Death Rush Onslaught
Victario’s Acuity Victario’s Acuity Onslaught
Seven-League Step Seven-League Step Perandus
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor Perandus
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor Perandus
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor Perandus
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor Perandus
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor Perandus
Trypanon Trypanon Perandus
Umbilicus Immortalis Umbilicus Immortalis Perandus
Varunastra Varunastra Perandus
Zerphi’s Last Breath Zerphi’s Last Breath Perandus
Flesh and Spirit Flesh and Spirit Rampage
Null and Void Null and Void Rampage
Shadows and Dust Shadows and Dust Rampage
Hyrri’s Truth Hyrri’s Truth Synthesis
Maloney’s Mechanism Maloney’s Mechanism Synthesis
March of the Legion March of the Legion Synthesis
Blightwell Blightwell Talisman
Faminebind Faminebind Talisman
Feastbind Feastbind Talisman
Natural Hierarchy Natural Hierarchy Talisman
Night’s Hold Night’s Hold Talisman
Rigwald’s Curse Rigwald’s Curse Talisman
Crown of the Pale King Crown of the Pale King Tempest
Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Tempest
Trolltimber Spire Trolltimber Spire Tempest
Ylfeban’s Trickery Ylfeban’s Trickery Tempest
Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler Torment
Scold’s Bridle Scold’s Bridle Torment
The Rat Cage The Rat Cage Torment
Redblade Band Redblade Band Warbands
Redblade Banner Redblade Banner Warbands
Redblade Tramplers Redblade Tramplers Warbands

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2. How to get League-specific unique items?

The following methods may allow league-specific unique items as random drops (except that some items may only drop from a specific league-boss).

2.1 Zana’s Map Device

Chancing or using Ancient Orb Ancient Orb in a map crafted with the corresponding map mod using Zana’s Map Device. For example, Headhunter Headhunter in a map crafted with Zana’s Nemesis mod.

2.2 Divination cards

  • Fateful Meeting is a divination card. A set of nine can be exchanged for a random corrupted unique double-influenced league-specific item with two corrupted implicit modifiers.
  • Time-Lost Relic Time-Lost Relic is a divination card. A set of ten can be exchanged for a random unique league-specific item.

2.3 Time-Lost Incubator

Time-Lost Incubator Time-Lost Incubator adds an incubated valuable Unique item to an equippable item.

Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

2.4 Beastcrafting

Beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. Each beastcrafing recipe requires four beasts to be sacrificed, with most of them requiring one specific Red Beast and three Rare Beasts. The four chosen beasts are released into the arena surrounding the blood altar and must be killed to complete the recipe. If the player dies during the attempt, the recipe fails and the beasts are lost.

If an item is created, the resulting item level is equal to the level of the main beast sacrificed. Recipes that create unique items can generate league-specific uniques.

2.5 Cameria’s Transportation Safehouse chests

Cameria the Coldblooded is one of the 18 Immortal Syndicate members.

Rank Transportation Fortification Research Intervention
Sergeant league-specific unique item Harbinger’s Orbs[citation needed]
  • Simple Sextants
Rusted Sulphite Scarab Rusted Sulphite Scarab
Lieutenant league-specific unique item Harbinger’s Orbs[citation needed]
  • Prime Sextants
Polished Sulphite Scarab Polished Sulphite Scarab
Captain league-specific unique item Harbinger’s Orbs[citation needed]
  • Awakened Sextants
Gilded Sulphite Scarab Gilded Sulphite Scarab

2.6 Table of Sacrifice

Table of Sacrifice at Hall of Offerings (level 2) or Altar of Sacrifice at Apex of Ascension (level 3) incursion rooms.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Contains
Sacrificial Chamber Hall of Offerings Apex of Ascension Altar of Sacrifice (Change a unique item into another

At Level 2, league-specific uniques can be obtained.

At Level 3, you will gain a unique item of the same item class as the one sacrificed. You can also sacrifice a specific unique with the right vial to upgrade it.)
Reduced Damage over Time Crafting Recipe

Storage Room Warehouses Museum of Artifacts Numerous item-specific chests (gems, divination cards, essences, maps, prophecies)

At Level 3, league-specific Uniques can appear as well

2.7 Azurite Mine

A Hidden Heirlooms crate in the Azurite Mine.

2.8 Tormented Spirit

Tormented Spirits are the spirits of tormented criminals that yield their ill-gotten gains when slain. Eager to protect their trove, these spirits flee when encountered and imbue nearby monsters with dangerous powers, which improves their item drops. It’s also possible for spirits to possess rare and unique enemies, greatly increasing their threat (and value) to treasure-seeking exiles.

A rare monster possessed by a Tormented Graverobber.

Tormented Spirit Spirit Modifiers Spirit’s Touch Spirit’s Grip
Graverobber Leaves sandstorms Guaranteed league-specific unique on death

2.9 Cadiro Perandus

Cadiro Perandus can be encountered via Zana’s Map Device with the Perandus league modifier (if available) at a 33% chance. Using one of the Perandus Scarabs alongside a map will give a 33%, 66% or 100% chance for Cadiro to spawn. He also has a chance to spawn in the Immortal Syndicate safehouse if Janus Perandus was stationed there. He is guaranteed to spawn in The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor.

Cadiro Perandus can offer a league-specific unique item in exchange for Perandus Coins.

2.10 Immortal Syndicate

The Immortal Syndicate is a mysterious organisation being investigated by Jun Ortoi, introduced in the Betrayal league. The player must neutralize the Syndicate members residing in the zone, then interrogate them for intelligence on their stronghold and leader, or bargain with them in different ways. Syndicate members can drop Veiled items, and strongholds can contain various rewards depending on the position and rank of members, including Scarabs.

“Drop a Unique item” bargain option in an encounter with the Immortal Syndicate.

Agent Transportation Fortification Research Intervention
Cameria Smuggling Timeworn Uniques Sheltering Harbinger Orbs Fabricating Sextants Pillaging Sulphite Scarabs
  Chest with a random League-specific unique item Chest with some Harbinger’s Orbs Chest with Cartographer’s Sextants Chest with a Sulphite Scarab

2.11 Legion encounters

You can find Legion uniques in chests that award league-restricted items.

Players can find a Legion by interacting with a Timeless Monolith. There are several ways to find these Monoliths:

  • They have a 10% chance to spawn in a map
  • As a Delve node in the Azurite Mine
  • As a room in The Temple of Atzoatl (the Hall of Mettle room and its upgraded versions).
  • As a sextant affix
  • As a Legion scarab

2.12 Delirium

“Unique item” reward type of Delirium.

Delirium has a 5% chance to appear in a zone, from the Torched Courts in Act 5 onwards.

In maps, each Master, league mechanic, and sextant modifier on the map increases the chance of adding a Delirium encounter to the zone.

2.13 Map bosses

Map bosses under high Atlas Awakening Level (+#% chance for an additional Unique Item to drop from Unique Map Boss)

2.14 The Coward’s Trial Map boss (ilvl 100)

The Coward’s Trial The Coward’s Trial is a unique Cursed Crypt Map.

2.15 Drop in the game

For league-mechanics that have been introduced to core, the unique may be either enabled as world drop or boss drop. For example, killing bosses of their respective league: bosses of Warbands-themed map, Abyss/Delve/Synthesis bosses, The Vaal Omnitect, Mastermind, The Pale Council; finishing Beachhead maps, Breachlords’ domains and Safehouses; killing monsters in Breach; doing Prophecy and open Perandus chests, etc.

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