PoE Split Personality Jewel Build Guide – Prismatic Jewel

Split Personality Split Personality is a unique Crimson Jewel. This Jewel's Socket has a 25% increased effect per Allocated Passive Skill between it and your Class's starting location. Split Personality picks two modifiers from this list:

Name Stats
StrengthPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Strength
DexterityPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Dexterity
IntelligencePerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Intelligence
LifePerPointToClassStartUnique__1_ +5 to maximum Life
ManaPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to maximum Mana
EnergyShieldPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to maximum Energy Shield
ArmourPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Armour
EvasionPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Evasion Rating
AccuracyPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Accuracy Rating

PoE Split Personality Build

1. Character: 100 Champion

Life: 5494 Strength: 250
Energy Shield: 178 Dexterity: 928
Mana: 975 Intelligence: 257
Evasion Rating: 0 Charges: E: 4 / F: 3 / P: 3
Armour: 24144

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2. Main Skills Build

Main skill: Cyclone Cyclone. DPS: 39K.

3. Skill Gems Build

These are the support skill gems for it:

Body Armour: Cyclone Cyclone, Fortify Fortify Support, Awakened Melee Physical Damage Melee Physical Damage Support, Impale Impale Support, Pulverise Pulverise Support, Infused Channelling Infused Channelling Support

Helmet: Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone, Maim Maim Support, Dash Dash, Second Wind Support

Boots: Pride Pride, Vaal Molten Shell Vaal Molten Shell, Blood and Sand Blood and Sand, Blood Rage Blood Rage

4. Passive Skill Build

Split Personality Build

5. Equipment Build

Body Armour: Gloom Keep Astral Plate

Weapon: Mjölner Mjölner Gavel

Offhand Weapon: Mjölner Mjölner Gavel

Helmet: Glyph Visor Lion Pelt

Gloves: Repentance Repentance Crusader Gloves

Boots: Onslaught Onslaught Pace Murder Boots

Belt: Cyclopean Coil Cyclopean Coil Leather Belt

Amulet: Astramentis Astramentis Onyx Amulet

Ring: Apocalypse Grasp Topaz Ring, Gale Grasp Sapphire Ring

Jewel: Soul Song Viridian Jewel, Dusk Sliver Medium Cluster Jewel Medium Cluster Jewel, Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel, Split Personality Split Personality Crimson Jewel, Megalomaniac Megalomaniac Medium Cluster Jewel Medium Cluster Jewel, Fluid Motion Fluid Motion Viridian Jewel, One With Nothing One With Nothing Small Cluster Jewel Small Cluster Jewel, etc.

Split Personality Farming

1. Slain Simulacrum monsters

This item can only drop from the Simulacrum encounter.

2. Buy it from other players

The price of Split Personality is about 5 Chaos Orbs.

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