Split Personality PoE – Prismatic Jewel

Split Personality Split Personality is a unique Prismatic Jewel. Prismatic Jewel is a jewel base type. It was introduced for PoE 3.10.0(Delirium League)

How to use Split Personality Split Personality? Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.


Split Personality Split Personality picks two modifiers from this list:

Name Stats
StrengthPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Strength
DexterityPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Dexterity
IntelligencePerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to Intelligence
LifePerPointToClassStartUnique__1_ +5 to maximum Life
ManaPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to maximum Mana
EnergyShieldPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +5 to maximum Energy Shield
ArmourPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Armour
EvasionPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Evasion Rating
AccuracyPerPointToClassStartUnique__1 +40 to Accuracy Rating

Q: Split Personality Split Personality has a variation?
Stacking dex and mana seems a bit off to me and where are we suppose to get white prismatic jewel?

A: It doesn’t need to be a white prismatic to convert, but that is a good point since it potentially means that if Split Personality Split Personality is part of the corruption pool for prismatic jewels (assuming it doesn’t have a different drop restriction), then Watcher’s Eyes will be able to brick into them.

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How to get Split Personality?

  • 9x Azyran’s Reward = 1x random corrupted Prismatic Jewel

Prismatic Jewel Unique versions

Item Lvl.
Emperor’s Mastery Emperor’s Mastery 1
The Anima Stone The Anima Stone 1
Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye 1
Split Personality Split Personality 1

Prismatic Jewel Drop restrictions

The only way to obtain a Prismatic Jewel is to corrupt five unique Prismatic Jewels into rares, then sell them to vendor for an uncorrupted rare one.

Split Personality

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