The Dark Seer PoE Build

The Dark Seer The Dark Seer is a unique Shadow Sceptre. It was rebalanced in the Path of Exile: Harvest.

The Dark Seer 3.11 Changes

The Dark Seer The Dark Seer’s global damage bonus has been increased from 30–50% to 40–60%, its chance to blind enemies on hit has been increased from 7% to 10%, it now prevents blind from lowering your accuracy rather than making you completely immune to blind, and it lets you inflict the powerful Malediction debuff on enemies if you blind them while you, the player, are blind yourself. How are you going to blind yourself? That’s for you to work out!

The Dark Seer

The Dark Seer The Dark Seer is a Sceptre. It requires Level 32, 52 Str, 62 Int. Physical Damage: 29-44. Critical Strike Chance: 6.20%. Attacks per Second: 1.25. Weapon Range: 11.

22% increased Elemental Damage. 56% increased Global Damage. 10% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit. Blind does not affect your Chance to Hit. While you are Blinded, Enemies Blinded by you have Malediction. +1 Maximum Energy Shield per Level. +1 Maximum Mana per Level.

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The Dark Seer Farming

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

Amount Divination Card Result Drop Areas
6 The Calling random Beyond item The Calling can drop from Beyond demons.
4 Atziri’s Arsenal random corrupted Weapon Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri
10 Time-Lost Relic random league-specific item Excavation Map
4 Jack in the Box random item The Ebony Barracks • The Slums • The Docks • The Sarn Ramparts • The Imperial Fields • The Harbour Bridge • The Grand Promenade • The Lunaris Concourse • The Quay • The Grain Gate • Arsenal Map • Ghetto Map • Port Map • Precinct Map • Promenade Map
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted item Ancient City Map • Sunken City Map

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