PoE Heist Artifacts Guide

What do Artifacts do?

Artifacts are the main objective from a (non-Grand) Heist. The Artifact you’re seeking will be shown on the contract before the Heist commences. If you complete the Heist successfully with Artifact in hand, you can turn it into Faustus, the Fence at the Rogue Harbour in exchange for a sum of markers greater than you paid to run the Heist. Artifacts do not have any other gameplay function.

The Artifact

The important things related to Artifacts

The main thing you need to do is complete regular Heists by reaching the Artifact and turning it in for profit.

  • The main thing you’ll need to consider is how much loot you’ll want to gather before you reach the Artifact.
  • When you steal the Artifact, you’ll automatically trigger the alarm.
  • There’s no timer on your way to the Artifact and no timer in your escape.
  • If you don’t reach the Artifact, the Heist will fail.
  • If you didn’t manage to get the Artifact but still managed to escape, then you won’t be able to turn a profit on your markers but you’ll still get to keep the other goods you stole.
  • When you run a Heist in a party, multiple Artifacts will be available to steal, assigned to each party member.

PoE Heist Artifacts

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Can I still get the Artifact if I cap the alert level?

When you trigger the alarm, you’ll have a short window to continue stealing things before the facility goes into lockdown. If you’re close enough to the Artifact, this means that you can still grab it before lockdown goes into full effect. There are also mechanisms in play that can extend or modify the amount of alert required to reach the maximum alert level.

Get Markers

If you successfully complete a Heist and turn in the Artifact, you’ll also receive a sum of Markers greater than you paid to run the Heist.

Can I escape the Heist by simply logging out?

Yes, you can but you won’t be considered to have completed the Heist unless you escape legitimately with the Artifact. Your contraband (and Artifact) will be dropped on the ground as you log out.

If you’re running a Heist in a party, at which point do you trigger lockdown?

This happens when you smash the case that contains the Artifact so it’ll apply equally for all party members even though multiple Artifacts are dropped if you have multiple party members. Your alert level is also shared between all party members.

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