Algor Mortis PoE Gloves – Carnal Mitts

Algor Mortis Algor Mortis is a pair of unique Carnal Mitts. Carnal Mitts are a glove base type. It was introduced from PoE 3.10.0(Delirium League).

It will enable new cold/lightning combos.

The Algor Mortis Algor Mortis: These gloves are caster-themed, and they open up new hybrid cold/lightning builds. They’d make a Force Lightning-wielding Sith Lord jealous!

With the new skill tree jewels, it will take a long time to really optimize the tree. That is to say, I am looking for at least one external jewel socket (possibly the node by Acro/Phase Acro) for future use. Assuming we can work in a way that creates a “chilling area,” the new algor mortis gloves look interesting (Cold Snap Cold Snap/Frost Bomb Frost Bomb?). We need to wait and see what we can do.

Algor Mortis

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