PoE Algor Mortis Build – Carnal Mitts Gloves

Algor Mortis Algor Mortis is a pair of unique Carnal Mitts. Carnal Mitts are a glove base type. It was introduced from PoE 3.10.0(Delirium League). Popularity: 0.6%.

It will enable new cold/lightning combos.

The Algor Mortis Algor Mortis: These gloves are caster-themed, and they open up new hybrid cold/lightning builds. They’d make a Force Lightning-wielding Sith Lord jealous!

With the new skill tree jewels, it will take a long time to really optimize the tree. That is to say, I am looking for at least one external jewel socket (possibly the node by Acro/Phase Acro) for future use. Assuming we can work in a way that creates a “chilling area,” the new algor mortis gloves look interesting (Cold Snap Cold Snap/Frost Bomb Frost Bomb?). We need to wait and see what we can do.

PoE Algor Mortis Build

Character: 99 Inquisitor

Life: 6218 Strength: 416
Energy Shield: 2089 Dexterity: 128
Mana: 1233 Intelligence: 357
Evasion Rating: 1047 Charges: E: 3 / F: 4 / P: 3
Armour: 3916

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Main Skills Build

Main skill: Cyclone Cyclone(DPS 28K) + Ball Lightning Ball Lightning(DPS 49K0. These are the support skill gems for it:

Skill Gems Build

Body Armour: Ball Lightning Ball Lightning, Increased Area of Effect Increased Area of Effect Support, Awakened Added Lightning Damage Added Lightning Damage Support, Inspiration Support, Awakened Cast While Channelling Support, Cyclone Cyclone

Weapon: Ball Lightning Ball Lightning, Slower Projectiles Slower Projectiles Support, Awakened Added Lightning Damage Added Lightning Damage Support

Offhand Weapon: Shield Charge Shield Charge, Fortify Fortify Support, Faster Attacks Faster Attacks Support

Helmet: Zealotry Zealotry, Precision Precision, Enlighten Enlighten Support, Summon Skitterbots, Aspect of the Spider

Gloves: Dash Dash, Second Wind Support, Vortex Vortex, Arcane Surge Arcane Surge Support

Boots: Immortal Call Immortal Call, Cast when Damage Taken Cast when Damage Taken Support, Ball Lightning Ball Lightning, Slower Projectiles Slower Projectiles Support

Passive Skill Build

Algor Mortis Build

Equipment Build

Body Armour: Cataclysm Salvation Vaal Regalia

Weapon: Mjölner Mjölner Gavel

Offhand Weapon: Dread Star Chiming Spirit Shield

Helmet: Woe Horn Hubris Circlet

Gloves: Algor Mortis Algor Mortis Carnal Mitts

Boots: Fenumus’ Spinnerets Assassin’s Boots

Belt: Demon Harness Stygian Vise

Amulet: Victory Beads Turquoise Amulet

Ring: Skull Loop Diamond Ring, Corruption Grasp Prismatic Ring

Algor Mortis

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