Contract: The Twins

Contract: The Twins Contract: The Twins is a unique contract. The base type is Vengeful Contract.

It follows the questline of Kurai, the Administrator.
  • Requires Level: 83
  • Client: Kurai
  • Heist Target: The Vox Twins
  • Area Level: 83
  • Requires Lockpicking (Level 5)
  • Requires Kurai, the Administrator


The bosses (Vic Vox and Vinny Vox) would drop one of the following: Leadership's Price Onyx Amulet.

PoE 3.12.4: GGG lowers the Drop Level of The Twins Unique Contract from Level 83 to Level 81 to make it slightly more accessible. These changes aren't in patch 3.12.4 but will be deployed as soon as possible.

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Contract: The Twins

How to get Contract: The Twins?

  • Farm Location: Reward Room Chests in Heists and Grand Heists.

PoE 3.12.4b: currently, the only way to farm unique Contract: The Twins is through completing the appropriate questlines and then hoping that they drop from Smuggler's Caches within maps. GGG has seen feedback that the drop rate is too low and that for players that are predominantly running Heist content, they're not seeing any. To mitigate this, GGG is making it so that Unique Contracts can also drop from Reward Room Chests in Heists. This greatly increases their drop rate overall for players who are running both map content and Heist content.

Contract: The Twins Guide

PoE: Challenge Conditionally Explained--Contract: The Twins Vengeful Contract

List of Unique Contract

Name Stats
Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable
  • Client: Isla
  • Heist Target: Destroy “The Unbreakable”
  • Area Level: 80
  • Requires Engineering (Level 3)
  • Requires Isla, the Engineer
Contract: Death to Darnaw Contract: Death to Darnaw
  • Client: Faustus
  • Heist Target: Kill Admiral Darnaw
  • Area Level: 82
  • Requires Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 4)
Contract: Heart of Glory Contract: Heart of Glory
  • Client: Adiyah
  • Heist Target: Confront Nashta
  • Area Level: 81
  • Requires Perception (Level 4)
  • Requires Adiyah, the Wayfinder
Contract: Jamanra’s Rest Contract: Jamanra’s Rest
  • Client: Nenet
  • Heist Target: Jamanra, the Legendary Warrior
  • Area Level: 81
  • Requires Counter-Thaumaturgy (Level 2)
  • Requires Nenet, the Scout
Contract: The Slaver King Contract: The Slaver King
  • Client: Whakano
  • Heist Target: The Blood Idol
  • Area Level: 80
  • Requires Brute Force (Level 3)
Contract: The Twins Contract: The Twins
  • Client: Kurai
  • Heist Target: The Vox Twins
  • Area Level: 83
  • Requires Lockpicking (Level 5)
  • Requires Kurai, the Administrator

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