Standard league PoE currency exchange rates:

Standard Orb of Alteration Orb of Fusing Orb of Alchemy Chaos Orb Gemcutter's Prism Exalted Orb Chromatic Orb Jeweller's Orb Orb of Chance Cartographer's Chisel Orb of Scouring Blessed Orb Orb of Regret Regal Orb Divine Orb Vaal Orb Glassblower's Bauble Orb of Transmutation Orb of Augmentation
Chaos Orb 5:1 9:5 5:2 1:1 2:3 1:147 5:1 7:1 5:1 7:5 1:1 4:1 9:10 13:10 1:33 5:11 20:1 310:1 50:1

Common Currency

Scroll of Wisdom

Scroll of Wisdom

Scroll of Wisdom is the most common PoE currency that can be used to identify an unidentified item. The drop level is 1. It is recommended to identify any above magic items before selling to a vendor.

Portal Scroll

Portal Scroll can create a Portal that you return to the town of the current act. It will disappear when you return to the map. Portal skill gem is the spell version and can save a lot of Portal Scroll.

Valuable Trading Currency

Valuable Currency

These orbs play an important role in the trading economy. Chaos Orbs are the "silver standard" in the trade marketplace and are the most common trading currency. Exalted Orbs are high-value currency and regarded as the "gold standard" currency for trading. Mirror of Kalandra is an extreme rarity and regarded the most valuable PoE currency.
1x Mirror of Kalandra = 220x Exalted Orb
1x Exalted Orb = 150x Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb re-rolls a rare item with new random modifiers. The currency also rerolls the number of modifiers. The results are unpredictable. Therefore, getting the desired affix is not easy.

Exalted Orb

Exalted Orb adds a new random modifier to a rare item. It is mainly used to craft high-valuable rare items.

Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra often referred to Mirror. The mirror creates a duplicate of an item. The duplicate is as same as the old item. Since the price of Mirror of Kalandra is the most expensive, it is only applied for the best value items.

Quality Increased Currency

Quality Increased Currencies

These currencies improve the quality of normal items by 5%, magic items by 2%, and rare and unique items by 1%. Maximum quality is 20%.

Armourer's Scrap

Armourer's Scrap increases the quality of a piece of armour and the value of Armour. It can apply for Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Shield.

Blacksmith's Whetstone

Blacksmith's Whetstone increases the quality of a weapon and the value of Physical Damage. Weapons include Axe, Claw, Dagger, Mace, Staff, Sword, Wand.

Gemcutter's Prism

Gemcutter's Prism abbreviates as GCP and improves the quality of a gem. Different gems have different effects.

Glassblower's Bauble

Glassblower's Bauble improves the quality of a flask and extends its duration.

Cartographer's Chisel

Cartographer's Chisel improves the quality of a map and increases the map's item quantity.

Magic Item Crafting Currency

Magic Item Crafting Currency

Orb of Transmutation

Orb of Transmutation upgrades a normal item to a magic item with random modifiers.

Orb of Alteration

Orb of Alteration re-rolls a magic item with new random affixes.

Orb of Augmentation

Orb of Augmentation adds a new modifier to a magic item. The currency can be only used on items with one modifier.

Crafting PoE Currency

Crafting PoE Currency

Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance upgrades a normal item to a random rarity, most commonly a magic item, uncommonly a rare item, has the low chance to obtain a unique item.

Orb of Alchemy

Orb of Alchemy upgrades a normal item to a rare item with random modifiers.

Regal Orb

Regal Orb upgrades a magic item to a rare item and adds a new random modifier.

Property Range Currency

Property Range Currency

Orb of Scouring

Orb of Scouring remove all modifiers from a magic or rare item and degrade into a normal item. The original implicit modifier, quality, sockets, and links are retained.

Blessed Orb

Blessed Orb re-rolls the implicit modifier of an item. It cannot be used on items without implicit modifiers or whose implicit modifiers do not have a range of values.

Divine Orb

Divine Orb re-rolls the values of explicit values of modifiers. This can only be used on magic, rare, or unique items. Only the values of affixes that have a range of values will be randomized. A Divine Orb will not change the tier of the affix; it will only re-roll within its current tier.

Socket PoE Currency

Socket PoE Currency

Jeweller's Orb

Jeweller's Orb reforges the number of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour. More quality, more chance to have more sockets. Body Armour and two-handed weapons have up to 6 Sockets. Gloves, Boots, Helmet have up to 4 sockets. One-handed weapons or shields have up to 3 sockets.

Orb of Fusing

Orb of Fusing re-rolls the links between sockets on an item. The number and color of sockets are unchanged. Quality increases the chance to get more links.

Chromatic Orb

Chromatic Orb re-rolls the color of sockets on an item. Color corresponds to the attributes of the equipment: red sockets for Strength, green sockets for Dexterity, and blue sockets for Intelligence. For example, obtaining green sockets on an item requiring high Dexterity.

Special Use Currency

Special Use Currency

Orb of Regret

Orb of Regret grants a passive skill refund point for skill tree.

Vaal Orb

Vaal Orb corrupts an item with an unpredictable result. The new item may be more powerful, maybe degrade into a new item. Once the item is corrupted, it can not be modified again.

Silver Coin

Silver Coin is not a crafting currency and can be exchanged for prophecies with Navali.

Cartographer's Currency

A Cartographer's Sextant is a currency item that can be used to add an atlas modifier to the Atlas of Worlds.

  • Apprentice Cartographer's Sextant: Low-tier maps (Tier 1 to 5)
  • Journeyman Cartographer's Sextant: Mid-tier maps (Tier 1 to 10)
  • Master Cartographer's Sextant: Top-tier maps (Tier 1 to 16)

A Cartographer's Seal is a currency item that can be used to respec the completion of a map on the Atlas of Worlds.

  • Apprentice Cartographer's Seal: Low-tier maps (Tier 1 to 5)
  • Journeyman Cartographer's Seal: Mid-tier maps (Tier 1 to 10)
  • Master Cartographer's Seal: Top-tier maps (Tier 1 to 16)

PoE Blessing Currency

Blessing currency obtained by defeating Breachlords. It can upgrade a breach unique item to a more powerful version.

  • Blessing of Chayula upgrades The Blue Dream to The Blue Nightmare, upgrades Skin of the Loyal to Skin of the Lords, upgrades The Red Dream to The Red Nightmare, upgrades Severed in Sleep to United in Dream, upgrades Eye of Chayula to Presence of Chayula, and upgrades The Green Dream to The Green Nightmare.
  • Blessing of Esh upgrades Esh's Mirror to Esh's Visage, upgrades Voice of the Storm to Choir of the Storm, upgrades Hand of Thought and Motion to Hand of Wisdom and Action.
  • Blessing of Tul upgrades Tulborn to Tulfall, upgrades The Snowblind Grace to The Perfect Form, upgrades The Halcyon to The Pandemonius.
  • Blessing of Uul-Netol upgrades The Infinite Pursuit to The Red Trail, upgrades The Anticipation to The Surrender, upgrades Uul-Netol's Kiss to Uul-Netol's Embrace.
  • Blessing of Xoph upgrades The Formless Flame to The Formless Inferno, upgrades Xoph's Inception to Xoph's Nurture, upgrades Xoph's Heart to Xoph's Blood.

PoE Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale Prophecy, Price & Divination Card

Belly of the Beast is unique body armour. The base type is Full Wyrmscale. In order to use it, your character level must be above 46 with 68 strength and 68 dexterity. The flavour text of this unique item is “There is no safer place Than the Belly of the Beast”. Why do people want to farm Belly of the Beast? At first, it can increase by 150% – 200% armour. Secondly, it will increase by 30% – 40% maximum life. Thirdly, the unique item adds 10% – 15% to all elemental resistances. Lastly, it increases 50% flask life recovery rate and extra gore. It also has a disadvantage with minus 3% movement speed.


PoE Currency Recipes, Vendor Recipe System

These PoE currency Recipes are very useful and can obtain lots of currency easily. Chromatic Orb is a currency that re-rolls the color of sockets on an item. You can obtain it by selling any item with linked Red, Green, and Blue.
Yeena(Act 2) also sells a Chromatic Orb in exchange for 3 Jeweller’s Orbs.


Skill Gem Recipe – PoE Skill Gems Vendor Recipes

Skill gems include active skill gems and support skill gems. First of all, you need to equip a skill gem into your item socket. Then the skill gem will grant you a certain ability. Your every skill come from gems.
Skill gems have levels and quality and it can increase the effect of the gem. There are many vendor recipes for skill gems.


Divine Orb Price & PoE Divine Orb Recipe

Divine Orb re-roll the values of all random explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. The currency can be applied on a normal, magic, rare, or unique item. It Randomises the numeric values of the random modifiers on an item.


PoE Cartographer’s Chisel Price & Vendor Recipe

The currency improves the quality of a map. 1 chisel increase 5% Normal map, or 2% magic map, or 1% Rare map, or 1% Unique map. The maximum quality is 20%. Added quality can increase the item quantity while you farm on the map.


PoE Blessing of Chayula Drop Chance & Price – Why is Blessing of Chayula so Expensive?

(1) Upgraded item is more valuable.
Blessing of Chayula upgrades a breach unique item to a more powerful version. For example, Presence of Chayula increases 30% Rarity of Items found additional +60% Chaos Resistance.
(2) Farming costs a lot of money and time.
Since farming cannot guarantee a 100% drop, one must purchase more Breachstone and farming more times.


PoE Tabula Rasa Price, Farming & Divination Card

How to Get Tabula Rasa PoE? Since there is no Tabula Rasa recipe, the simplest way is to farm “Humility” card. A set of 9 Humility can exchange one Tabula Rasa. One can obtain this item by farming Cleanser of Sins and acquiring prophecy reward.


Vaal Orb Price, on Unique – Vaal Orb Recipe & Farming

How to get Vaal Orbs? One can farm Vaal Orb by slain monsters, opening chests, destroying strongboxes. Also, using the recipe by farming Vaal skill gems is a good strategy. Meanwhile, Vaal Orb has various divination card and a prophecy that one can be farming. If you have Chaos Orbs or other currency items, exchange for Vaal Orbs is also applicable.


PoE Orb of Regret Farming, Vendor Recipe & Price

An Orb of Regret grants a passive skill refund point for passive skill tree. Item level is 2.
How to get lots of refund point in Path of Exile? You can farm Orb of Regret by using the recipe, slain monsters, destroy strongboxes, purchase from a vendor, farming divination card, or trade currency items for it. Over the playthrough, quest rewards up to 24 passive skill points and 20 skill refund points. You may be farming Orb of Regret directly, or do the quest for rewarding refund points.


PoE Orb of Scouring Price, on Unique, Recipe & Farming

Orb of Scouring removes all mods from magic or rare item, and make the item become a normal item. The normal item has the same implicit modifiers, quality, sockets, and links as the original item.
In many cases, you find a magic item or rare item with 4L or 6L, but it has bad mods. you can craft it with Orb of Scouring, removing all the mods and return it to a normal item. Use Blacksmith’s Whetstone or Armourer’s Scrap to increase quality to maximum, then apply Orb of Alchemy to turn it into a rare item with new mods. If the new rare item’s modifiers are not satisfied, you can repeat the steps again and again. This process is always called crafting spam.