207 Time Lost Incubator Drops Results – Time-Lost Incubator PoE

Time-Lost Incubator Time-Lost Incubator is an incubator. An Incubator is a new item class introduced in the legion league. They are PoE currency items which can be applied to a piece of equipment to guarantee an item drop of a specific type after the specified amount of monsters has been killed. Each equipment can incubate one item at a time.

How to use Time-Lost Incubator? Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

Time Lost Incubator Effects: Adds an incubated valuable unique item to an equippable item. Item drops after killing at least 41427 monsters.

Time Lost Incubator PoE Drops Rewards

In PoE, “Valuable Unique Item” just refers to a league-specific unique item. These items are valuable because of they were available only in a specific challenge league and do not drop in permanent leagues now.

There are total of 207 valuable unique items can be dropped.

  • The most valuable item is Headhunter Headhunter, the price is 145 Exalted Orbs.
  • 9.5% drop items worth Exalted Orbs.
  • 18.9% drops items’ value between 10 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs and 1 Exalted Orb Exalted Orb.
  • 71.6% drop unique item are worth about 1 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

Since the price of Time-Lost Incubator Time-Lost Incubator is about 25 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs, it is up to you to take this gamble.

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The following is the Time-Lost Incubator Time-Lost Incubator possible drops:

Valuable Unique Item League(s) Found
Crown of the Pale King Crown of the Pale King Tempest
Bubonic Trail Bubonic Trail (1 Abyssal Socket) Abyss
Hyrri’s Truth Hyrri’s Truth Synthesis
Redblade Tramplers Redblade Tramplers Warbands
Honourhome Honourhome Legion
Mask of the Spirit Drinker Mask of the Spirit Drinker Incursion
Fury Valve Metamorph
Mutewind Whispersteps Mutewind Whispersteps Warbands
Mask of the Tribunal Mask of the Tribunal (Synthesised) Synthesis
Cowl of the Cryophile Blight
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness (Fire and Cold Resistance) Delirium
Wreath of Phrecia Wreath of Phrecia Legion
Mind of the Council Mind of the Council Prophecy
Brinerot Whalers Brinerot Whalers Warbands
The Devouring Diadem The Devouring Diadem Betrayal
Scold’s Bridle Scold’s Bridle Torment
Steppan Eard Steppan Eard Warbands
The Sorrow of the Divine The Sorrow of the Divine Legion
Victario’s Acuity Victario’s Acuity Onslaught Onslaught
Cowl of the Thermophile Blight
The Stampede Blight
Cinderswallow Urn Cinderswallow Urn Betrayal
Night’s Hold Night’s Hold Talisman
Blightwell Blightwell Talisman
The Gull The Gull Domination
Cowl of the Ceraunophile Blight
March of the Legion March of the Legion Synthesis
Ylfeban’s Trickery Ylfeban’s Trickery Tempest
Tavukai Tavukai Legion
Natural Hierarchy Natural Hierarchy Talisman
Assailum Assailum Delirium
Zerphi’s Last Breath Zerphi’s Last Breath Perandus
Dance of the Offered Dance of the Offered Incursion
Maloney’s Mechanism Maloney’s Mechanism Synthesis
Maw of Conquest Maw of Conquest Legion
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness (Cold and Lightning Resistance) Delirium
Bubonic Trail Bubonic Trail (2 Abyssal Sockets) Abyss
Beacon of Madness Beacon of Madness (Fire and Lightning Resistance) Delirium
Badge of the Brotherhood Blight
Sporeguard Blight
The Queen’s Hunger The Queen’s Hunger Betrayal
Mother’s Embrace Metamorph
Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler Torment
Redblade Banner Redblade Banner Warbands
Fenumus’ Toxins Bestiary
Saqawal’s Talons Saqawal’s Talons Bestiary
Breathstealer Blight
Tombfist Tombfist (2 Abyssal Sockets) Abyss
Trolltimber Spire Trolltimber Spire Tempest
Seven-League Step Seven-League Step Perandus
Second Piece of Brutality Brutality Harbinger
Third Piece of Directions Harbinger
Lavianga’s Wisdom Lavianga’s Wisdom Legion
Third Piece of Brutality Brutality Harbinger
First Piece of Time Harbinger
Second Piece of the Arcane Harbinger
Mutewind Pennant Mutewind Pennant Warbands
Craiceann’s Tracks Craiceann’s Tracks Bestiary
Tombfist Tombfist (1 Abyssal Socket) Abyss
Craiceann’s Chitin Craiceann’s Chitin Bestiary
Perepiteia Perepiteia (Synthesised) Synthesis
Second Piece of Directions Harbinger
Second Piece of Focus Harbinger
Asenath’s Gentle Touch Asenath’s Gentle Touch Legion
Sign of the Sin Eater Sign of the Sin Eater Legion
Lioneye’s Paws Lioneye’s Paws Legion
Saqawal’s Flock Saqawal’s Flock Bestiary
Null and Void Null and Void Rampage
The Infinite Pursuit The Infinite Pursuit Breach
Third Piece of the Arcane Harbinger
Apep’s Slumber Apep’s Slumber Incursion
Garb of the Ephemeral Garb of the Ephemeral (Synthesised) Synthesis
Nebulis Nebulis (Synthesised) Synthesis
The Beachhead The Beachhead (Mid Tier) (Betrayal) Betrayal
The Fracturing Spinner The Fracturing Spinner Harbinger
Storm’s Gift Storm’s Gift (Synthesised) Synthesis
Shadows and Dust Shadows and Dust Rampage
Brinerot Flag Brinerot Flag Warbands
Lightpoacher Lightpoacher (1 Abyssal Socket) Abyss
Third Piece of Storms Harbinger
The Primordial Chain The Primordial Chain Delve
Algor Mortis Algor Mortis Delirium
Machina Mitts Blight
Vaal Caress Vaal Caress Ambush,Invasion
Bitterbind Point Bitterbind Point Betrayal
Shroud of the Lightless Shroud of the Lightless (1 Abyssal Socket) Abyss
Offering to the Serpent Offering to the Serpent (Synthesised) Synthesis
Lightpoacher Lightpoacher (2 Abyssal Sockets) Abyss
Voice of the Storm Voice of the Storm Breach
First Piece of Storms Harbinger
First Piece of Brutality Brutality Harbinger
Flesh and Spirit Flesh and Spirit Rampage
Architect’s Hand Architect’s Hand Incursion
Aukuna’s Will Aukuna’s Will Legion
Third Piece of Focus Harbinger
The Rat Cage The Rat Cage Torment
Voll’s Protector Voll’s Protector Legion
Daresso’s Salute Daresso’s Salute Anarchy
Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe Legion
Second Piece of Storms Harbinger
Xoph’s Heart Xoph’s Heart Breach
Rotting Legion Blight
Second Piece of Time Harbinger
Fourth Piece of Focus Harbinger
First Piece of the Arcane Harbinger
First Piece of Focus Harbinger
Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Tempest
First Piece of Directions Harbinger
Hinekora’s Sight Hinekora’s Sight Prophecy
Perfidy Perfidy Delirium
Broken Faith Broken Faith Warbands
The Formless Flame The Formless Flame Breach
Fenumus’ Spinnerets Bestiary
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Life Mana) Beyond
Icefang Orbit Blight
Kitava’s Teachings Kitava’s Teachings Delirium
Demon Stitcher Demon Stitcher Delve
Feastbind Feastbind Talisman
Death Rush Death Rush Onslaught Onslaught
Gifts from Above Gifts from Above Anarchy
Warrior’s Legacy Metamorph
Rebuke of the Vaal Rebuke of the Vaal Legion
Fenumus’ Shroud Bestiary
Circle of Guilt Circle of Guilt (Synthesised) Synthesis
Saqawal’s Nest Saqawal’s Nest Bestiary
Al Dhih Al Dhih Legion
The Pandemonius The Pandemonius Breach
Circle of Fear Circle of Fear (Synthesised) Synthesis
Fenumus’ Weave Bestiary
Circle of Anguish Circle of Anguish (Synthesised) Synthesis
The Formless Inferno The Formless Inferno Breach
Ngamahu’s Sign Ngamahu’s Sign Bloodlines
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Mana ES) Beyond
Rigwald’s Curse Rigwald’s Curse Talisman
Blood of the Karui Blood of the Karui Domination, Nemesis
One With Nothing One With Nothing Delirium
Kintsugi Kintsugi Prophecy
Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula Breach
Umbilicus Immortalis Umbilicus Immortalis Perandus
Kaom’s Primacy Kaom’s Primacy Legion
Divinarius Divinarius Legion
Tasalio’s Sign Tasalio’s Sign Bloodlines
The Anticipation The Anticipation Breach
Lavianga’s Spirit Lavianga’s Spirit Domination, Nemesis
Astral Projector Metamorph
The Red Trail The Red Trail Breach
Venopuncture Blight
Choir of the Storm Choir of the Storm Breach
Natural Affinity Natural Affinity Delirium
The Enmity Divine The Enmity Divine Harbinger
The Unshattered Will The Unshattered Will Harbinger
The Siege The Siege Delirium
Faminebind Faminebind Talisman
Saqawal’s Winds Saqawal’s Winds Bestiary
Circle of Regret Circle of Regret (Synthesised) Synthesis
Story of the Vaal Story of the Vaal Incursion
Calamitous Visions Calamitous Visions Delirium
Craiceann’s Carapace Craiceann’s Carapace Bestiary
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Life ES) Beyond
The Front Line The Front Line Delirium
The Interrogation The Interrogation Delirium
Marohi Erqi Marohi Erqi Legion
Voll’s Devotion Voll’s Devotion Anarchy, Onslaught Onslaught
Craiceann’s Pincers Craiceann’s Pincers Bestiary
Valako’s Sign Valako’s Sign Bloodlines
Trypanon Trypanon Perandus
The Beachhead The Beachhead (High Tier) (Betrayal) Betrayal
Uul-Netol’s Kiss Uul-Netol’s Kiss Breach
Varunastra Varunastra Perandus
Tulfall Tulfall Breach
The Pariah The Pariah Warbands
Rigwald’s Quills Rigwald’s Quills Talisman
Esh’s Visage Esh’s Visage Breach
Xoph’s Blood Xoph’s Blood Breach
Edge of Madness Edge of Madness Beyond
Redblade Band Redblade Band Warbands
Voideye Voideye Ambush,Invasion
Mutewind Seal Mutewind Seal Warbands
Vivinsect Vivinsect Betrayal
Xoph’s Inception Xoph’s Inception Breach
Rigwald’s Command Rigwald’s Command Talisman
The Perfect Form The Perfect Form Breach
Rigwald’s Savagery Rigwald’s Savagery Talisman
Soulwrest Soulwrest Delve
Esh’s Mirror Esh’s Mirror Breach
Maligaro’s Virtuosity Maligaro’s Virtuosity Legion
The Rippling Thoughts The Rippling Thoughts Harbinger
The Surrender The Surrender Breach
The Grey Spire The Grey Spire Delve
Brinerot Mark Brinerot Mark Warbands
Mark of Submission Mark of Submission Delve
The Blue Dream The Blue Dream Breach
The Green Dream The Green Dream Breach
The Red Dream The Red Dream Breach
Pledge of Hands Pledge of Hands Legion
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor (Legion) Legion
Rigwald’s Crest Rigwald’s Crest Talisman
The Green Nightmare The Green Nightmare Breach
Shavronne’s Revelation Shavronne’s Revelation Anarchy, Onslaught Onslaught
Hand of Wisdom and Action Hand of Wisdom and Action Breach
The Red Nightmare The Red Nightmare Breach
The Harvest The Harvest Beyond
Berek’s Grip Berek’s Grip Domination, Nemesis
Severed in Sleep Severed in Sleep Breach
Berek’s Pass Berek’s Pass Domination, Nemesis
Headhunter Headhunter Nemesis
Berek’s Respite Berek’s Respite Domination, Nemesis

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