Diviner’s Incubator PoE – Divination Card

Diviner’s Incubator Diviner’s Incubator is an incubator. Incubator is a new item class introduced in the legion league. They are PoE currency items which can be applied to a piece of equipment to guarantee an item drop of a specific type after the specified amount of monsters has been killed. Each equipment can incubate one item at a time.

How to use Diviner’s Incubator?

Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

Diviner's Incubator

PoE Diviner’s Incubator Effects

Adds an incubated Divination Card to an equippable item

Item drops after killing 3240 monsters

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Incubation Effect: Divination Card

A divination card is a type of item that can be collected to exchange for a reward. There are many different cards, each one dropping in a different part of the game and granting a different reward.

Divination Card Stack Effect(s)
A Dab of Ink 9 The Poet’s Pen The Poet’s Pen
A Mother’s Parting Gift 6 Fertile Mind Fertile Mind
Abandoned Wealth 5 3x Exalted Orb Exalted Orb
Alluring Bounty 7 10x Exalted Orb Exalted Orb
Alone in the Darkness 5 Delve Item
Anarchy’s Price 13 Voltaxic Rift Voltaxic Rift
Arrogance of the Vaal 8 Item
Assassin’s Favour 9 Dagger
Atziri’s Arsenal 4 Weapon
Audacity 5 Doryani’s Fist Doryani’s Fist
Beauty Through Death 5 Queen’s Sacrifice
Blessing of God 3 Elreon’s Jewellery
Item Level: 85
Blind Blind Venture 7 Ring
Boon of Justice 6 Offering to the Goddess
Boon of the First Ones 6 Bestiary Item
Boundless Realms 4 Map
Bowyer’s Dream 6 Six-Link Harbinger Bow
Item Level: 91
Buried Treasure 3 Sulphite Scarab
Burning Blood 6 Xoph’s Blood Xoph’s Blood
Call to the First Ones 5 Tier 1 Talisman
Cartographer’s Delight 3 Map
Map Tier: 5
Chaotic Disposition 1 5x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Coveted Possession 9 5x Regal Orb Regal Orb
Dark Dreams 4 Bone Helmet
Elder Item
Dark Temptation 5 Obliteration Obliteration
Death 4 Mon’tregul’s Grasp
Demigod’s Wager 7 Orb of Annulment Orb of Annulment
Destined to Crumble 5 Body Armour
Item Level: 100
Dialla’s Subjugation 7 Superior Support Gem
Quality: +23%
Doedre’s Madness 9 Doedre Item
Earth Drinker 5 Granite Flask
Echoes of Love 3 Fidelitas’ Spike
Emperor of Purity 7 Six-Link Holy Chainmail
Item Level: 60
Emperor’s Luck 5 5x Currency
Forbidden Power 4 Balefire Balefire
Gemcutter’s Promise 3 Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
Gift of the Gemling Queen 9 Level 20 Support Gem
Glimmer of Hope 8 Gold Ring
Grave Knowledge 6 Summon Raging Spirit Summon Raging Spirit
Quality: +20%
Harmony of Souls 9 9x Shrieking Essence
Her Mask 4 Sacrifice Fragment
Heterochromia 2 Two-Stone Ring
Hope 5 Prismatic Ring
House of Mirrors 9 Mirror of Kalandra Mirror of Kalandra
Hubris 5 Ring
Humility 9 Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
Hunter’s Resolve 8 Bow
Hunter’s Reward 3 The Taming The Taming
Immortal Resolve 6 Fated Connections
Imperial Legacy 22 Six-Link Imperial Bow
Item Level: 100
Jack in the Box 4 Item
Lantador’s Lost Love 7 Two-Stone Ring
Last Hope 3 Mortal Hope
Left to Fate 4 Map
Map Tier: 16
Unidentified Corrupted
Light and Truth 2 Crystal Sceptre
Lingering Remnants 16 Vaal Temple Map
Item Level: 83
Lost Worlds 8 Map
Map Tier: 15
Loyalty 5 3x Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing
Lucky Connections 7 20x Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing
Lucky Deck 9 10x Stacked Deck Stacked Deck
Lysah’s Respite 6 Agate Amulet
Mawr Blaidd 16 Eyes of the Greatwolf Eyes of the Greatwolf
Merciless Armament 4 Merciless Two-Hand Weapon
Item Level: 100
Might is Right 9 Trypanon Trypanon
Mitts 5 Gloves
Monochrome 3 10x Cartographer’s Sextant
No Traces 9 30x Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring
Perfection 5 Jewellery
Item Level: 100
Shaper Item
Pride Pride Before the Fall 8 Kaom’s Heart Kaom’s Heart
Pride Pride of the First Ones 7 Farrul’s Fur Farrul’s Fur
Prosperity 10 Perandus’ Gold Ring
Rain of Chaos 8 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Rain Tempter 9 Strand Map
Item Level: 73
Rats 8 Rat’s Nest Rat’s Nest
Rebirth 27 Charan’s Sword
Sambodhi’s Vow 3 Mortal Fragment
Scholar of the Seas 7 Mao Kun Mao Kun
Seven Years Bad Luck 13 Mirror Shard Mirror Shard
Shard of Fate 4 Vivid Jewel
Struck by Lightning 3 Electrocuting Jewellery
Item Level: 76
The Admirer 9 Atziri Item
The Aesthete 8 Shavronne Item
The Archmage’s Right Hand 7 Glyphic Prophecy Wand
Item Level: 100
The Arena Champion 10 Colosseum Map
The Army of Blood 6 Bloodbond Bloodbond
The Artist 11 Level 4 Enhance Enhance
The Avenger 12 Mjölner Mjölner
The Battle Born 5 Axe
The Beast 6 Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast
The Betrayal 9 Maligaro’s Virtuosity Maligaro’s Virtuosity
The Blazing Fire 6 Chin Sol Chin Sol
The Body 4 Body Armour
The Breach 4 Breach Item
The Brittle Emperor 8 Voll’s Devotion Voll’s Devotion
The Cacophony 8 3x Deafening Essence
The Calling 6 Beyond Item
The Carrion Crow 4 Life Armour
The Cartographer 1 10x Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel
The Cataclysm 13 Level 21 Spell Gem
The Catalyst 3 Vaal Orb Vaal Orb
The Celestial Justicar 6 Six-Link Astral Plate
The Celestial Stone 10 Opal Ring
Item Level: 100
Shaper Item
The Chains that Bind 11 Six-Link Body Armour
The Coming Storm 8 Lightning Coil Lightning Coil
The Conduit 9 Doryani’s Fist Doryani’s Fist
The Cursed King 8 Rigwald’s Curse Rigwald’s Curse
The Dapper Prodigy 6 Six-Link Body Armour
Item Level: 100
The Dark Mage 6 Six-Link Staff
Item Level: 55
The Darkest Dream 6 Severed in Sleep Severed in Sleep
The Deceiver 4 Belt of the Deceiver Belt of the Deceiver
The Deep Ones 5 Tidebreaker Tidebreaker
The Demoness 5 Death’s Hand Death’s Hand
The Doctor 8 Headhunter Headhunter
The Doppelganger 2 Superior Mirror Arrow Mirror Arrow
Quality: +20%
The Dragon 4 Coruscating Elixir Coruscating Elixir
The Dragon’s Heart 11 Level 4 Empower Empower
The Dreamer 6 Chayula Item
The Dreamland 8 Poorjoy’s Asylum Poorjoy’s Asylum
The Drunken Aristocrat 8 Divination Distillate Divination Distillate
The Encroaching Darkness 8 Map
The Endless Darkness 9 Voidforge Voidforge
The Endurance 4 Vivid Crimson Jewel
The Enlightened 6 Level 3 Enlighten Enlighten
The Ethereal 7 Six-Link Vaal Regalia
The Explorer 6 Map
The Eye of the Dragon 10 Jewel
The Fathomless Depths 8 Lightpoacher Lightpoacher
The Feast 5 Romira’s Banquet Romira’s Banquet
The Fiend 11 Headhunter Headhunter
The Fletcher 5 Drillneck Drillneck
The Flora’s Gift 5 Five-Link Staff
Item Level: 66
The Fool 4 20x Orb of Chance Orb of Chance
The Formless Sea 7 Varunastra Varunastra
The Forsaken 7 Umbilicus Immortalis Umbilicus Immortalis
The Fox 6 Level 20 Gem
The Gambler 5 Divination Card
The Garish Power 4 Jewel
The Gemcutter 3 Gemcutter’s Prism Gemcutter’s Prism
The Gentleman 4 Sword
The Gladiator 5 Nightmare Bascinet
The Golden Era 7 Flaring Eclipse Staff
Item Level: 100
The Hale Heart 4 Item
Item Level: 100
Elder Item
The Harvester 11 The Harvest The Harvest
The Hermit 9 Lifesprig Lifesprig
The Hoarder 12 Exalted Orb Exalted Orb
The Hunger 9 Taste of Hate Taste of Hate
The Immortal 10 House of Mirrors
The Incantation 4 The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice
The Innocent 10 40x Orb of Regret Orb of Regret
The Inoculated 4 Seraphim’s Armour
The Insatiable 3 The Harvest The Harvest
The Inventor 6 10x Vaal Orb Vaal Orb
The Iron Bard 9 Trash to Treasure
The Jester 9 Merciless One-Hand Weapon
Item Level: 100
The Jeweller’s Boon 5 The Jeweller’s Touch
The Journey 3 Harbinger’s Orb Harbinger’s Orb
The King’s Blade 5 Bloodthirsty Eternal Sword
Item Level: 66
The King’s Heart 8 Kaom’s Heart Kaom’s Heart
The Landing 5 The Beachhead The Beachhead
Map Tier: 15
The Last One Standing 10 Atziri’s Disfavour Atziri’s Disfavour
The Lich 12 Midnight Bargain Midnight Bargain
The Life Thief 6 Zerphi’s Heart Zerphi’s Heart
The Lion 5 Lioneye Item
The Lord in Black 6 Ring of Bameth
Item Level: 83
The Lord of Celebration 4 Sceptre of Celebration
Shaper Item
The Lover 2 Jewellery
Item Level: 79
The Lunaris Priestess 5 Sire of Shards Sire of Shards
The Mad King 7 The King’s Path
The Master 4 Bisco’s Collar Bisco’s Collar
The Master Artisan 5 20x Quality Currency
The Mayor 5 The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor
The Mercenary 5 Shield
The Messenger 4 Harbinger Fragment
The Metalsmith’s Gift 6 Prismatic Ring
The Nurse 8 The Doctor
The Oath 6 Death’s Oath Death’s Oath
The Obscured 7 Breachstone
The Offering 8 Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings
The One With All 6 Le Heup of All Le Heup of All
The Opulent 5 Ring
Item Level: 100
The Pack Leader 6 Alpha’s Howl Alpha’s Howl
The Pact 9 Pledge of Hands Pledge of Hands
The Penitent 5 Unset Ring
The Poet 9 Blood of Corruption Blood of Corruption
The Polymath 3 Astramentis Astramentis
The Porcupine 6 Six-Link Short Bow
Item Level: 50
The Price of Protection 5 Elder Chateau Map
Map Tier: 16
The Primordial 5 Jewel
The Professor 4 The Putrid Cloister The Putrid Cloister
The Puzzle 5 5x Breachstone Splinter
The Queen 16 Atziri’s Acuity Atziri’s Acuity
The Rabid Rhoa 4 Malicious Gemini Claw
Item Level: 83
The Realm 5 Superior Portal Portal
The Risk 3 Ventor’s Gamble Ventor’s Gamble
The Rite of Elements 5 Level 21 Golem Gem
The Road to Power 7 Runic One-Hand Weapon
Item Level: 100
The Ruthless Ruthless Ceinture 7 Meginord’s Girdle Meginord’s Girdle
The Sacrifice 4 Six-Link Sacrificial Garb
Item Level: 100
The Saint’s Treasure 10 2x Exalted Orb Exalted Orb
The Samurai’s Eye 3 Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye
The Scarred Meadow 9 Wake of Destruction Wake of Destruction
The Scavenger 8 Carcass Jack Carcass Jack
The Scholar 3 40x Scroll of Wisdom Scroll of Wisdom
The Seeker 9 3x Orb of Annulment Orb of Annulment
The Sephirot 11 10x Divine Orb Divine Orb
The Sigil 3 Unassailable Amulet
The Siren 7 The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice
The Soul 9 Soul Taker Soul Taker
The Spark Spark and the Flame 2 Berek’s Respite Berek’s Respite
The Spoiled Prince 4 Dictator’s Prophecy Wand
Item Level: 100
The Standoff 3 Rustic Sash
The Stormcaller 4 Agnerod Staff
The Summoner 6 Superior Minion Gem
Quality: +20%
The Sun 7 Rise of the Phoenix Rise of the Phoenix
The Surgeon 4 Surgeon’s Flask
The Surveyor 4 Map
Map Tier: 14
The Survivalist 3 7x Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy
The Sword King’s Salute 7 Daresso’s Salute Daresso’s Salute
The Thaumaturgist 8 Shavronne’s Revelation Shavronne’s Revelation
The Throne 2 Kaom’s Roots Kaom’s Roots
The Tower 6 Staff
The Traitor 4 Wand
The Trial 7 Map
Map Tier: 15
The Twilight Moon 6 The Twilight Temple The Twilight Temple
The Twins 8 Gemini Claw of Celebration
Item Level: 83
The Tyrant 9 Merciless Weapon
Item Level: 100
The Undaunted 5 Nemesis Item
The Undisputed 8 Merciless Vaal Axe
Item Level: 100
Elder Item
The Union 7 10x Gemcutter’s Prism Gemcutter’s Prism
The Valkyrie 8 Nemesis Item
The Valley of Steel Boxes 9 Monstrous Treasure
The Vast 7 Song of the Sirens Song of the Sirens
The Visionary 6 Lioneye’s Vision Lioneye’s Vision
The Void 1 N/A
The Warden 4 Amulet
The Warlord 6 Six-Link Coronal Maul
Item Level: 83
The Watcher 12 Crown of Eyes Crown of Eyes
The Web 8 Weapon of Crafting
The Wilted Rose 7 Level 21 Aura Gem
The Wind 7 Windripper Windripper
The Witch 8 Kiara’s Determination Kiara’s Determination
The Wolf 5 Rigwald Item
The Wolf’s Shadow 3 Hyaon’s Fury Hyaon’s Fury
The Wolven King’s Bite 8 Rigwald’s Quills Rigwald’s Quills
The Wolverine 4 Claw
The World Eater 8 Starforge Starforge
The Wrath Wrath 8 10x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
The Wretched 6 Belt
Thirst for Knowledge 5 Gluttony Gluttony
Three Faces in the Dark 7 3x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Three Voices 3 3x Essence
Thunderous Skies 5 Storm Cloud Storm Cloud
Time-Lost Relic 10 League-Specific Item
Tranquillity 7 Voltaxic Rift Voltaxic Rift
Treasure Hunter 7 Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri
Turn the Other Cheek 3 Pacifism Pacifism
Vanity 9 Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
Vinia’s Token 5 10x Orb of Regret Orb of Regret
Volatile Power 9 Superior Vaal Gem
Quality: +20%
Wealth and Power 11 Level 4 Enlighten Enlighten


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