Kaom’s Sign PoE Price & Build Guide – Coral Ring

Kaom’s Sign Kaom’s Sign is a unique Coral Ring. Requires Level 0. Popularity: <0.1%.

Kaom’s Sign Build Stats

Name Kaom’s Sign Kaom’s Sign Total stats
BaseStats +(10-20) to Strength
  • +(20-30) to maximum Life
  • +(2-4) Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks
  • Charges +1 to Maximum Endurance Charges

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    Kaom’s Sign Price

    In the poe trade marketplace, the price of Kaom’s Sign Kaom’s Sign Coral Ring is an Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

    Kaom's Sign Price

    Kaom’s Sign Farming – How to get it?

    You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these are not guaranteed.

    Amount Ingredient General Notes
    5 Hubris random Ring
    7 Blind Blind Venture random corrupted Ring
    4 Jack in the Box random item
    8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted item

    Kaom’s Sign Upgrade PoE Vendor Recipes

    This item is used by upgrade paths or vendor recipes to create the following items:

    Outcome Amount Ingredient General Notes
    Kaom’s Way Kaom’s Way 1 The King’s Path Prophecy reward
    1 Kaom’s Sign Kaom’s Sign N/A


    Sell to Vendor Price:
    Item class: Rings

    Coral Ring Unique Versions

    Item Drop Level
    Kaom’s Sign Kaom’s Sign 1
    Bloodboil Bloodboil 24
    Sibyl’s Lament Sibyl’s Lament 45
    Kaom’s Way Kaom’s Way 32
    Winterweave Winterweave 53

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