PoE Orb of Regret Farming, Vendor Recipe & Price

An Orb of Regret grants a passive skill refund point for passive skill tree. Item level is 2. Orb of Regret is high value currency. Obtain 1 Orb of Regret cost 1 Chaos Orb.
How to get lots of refund point in Path of Exile? You can farm Orb of Regret by using the recipe, slain monsters, destroy strongboxes, purchase from a vendor, farming divination card, or trade currency items for it. Over the playthrough, quest rewards up to 24 passive skill points and 20 skill refund points. You may be farming Orb of Regret directly, or do the quest for rewarding refund points.

Orb of Regret

Right click on this item to use it. Shift click to unstack.

Orb of Regret Price

The price of 200 Orbs of Regret is $1.52. Aoeah offers cheap prices with coupon “AOE”. In the trade marketplace, the Orb of Regret price is either 4 Orbs of Fusing, 1 Chaos Orb, or 1/125 Exalted Orb.

Orb of Regret Price Pay Get Orb of Regret
Orb of Alteration 80 5
Orb of Fusing 4 1
Orb of Alchemy 5 1
Chaos Orb 1 1
Gemcutter’s Prism 5 4
Exalted Orb 1 125
Chromatic Orb 23 2
Jeweller’s Orb 37 2
Orb of Chance 13 1
Cartographer’s Chisel 23 5
Orb of Scouring 2 1
Blessed Orb 77 10
Regal Orb 31 10
Divine Orb 1 25
Vaal Orb 10 11
Glassblower’s Bauble 170 7

Orb of Regret Recipe

(1) 1x Book of Reform = 20x Orb of Regret.
Book of Reform is the Orb of Regret Vendor Recipe. You can exchange the item for 20 Orbs of Regret with any vendor. Book of Reform can also be obtained by using the following vendor recipes.

Orb of Regret Recipe

(2) 1x Amber Amulet + 20x Orb of Regret = Book of Reform(Grants Oak’s favour)
(3) 1x Jade Amulet + 20x Orb of Regret = Book of Reform(Grants Kraityn’s favour)
(4) 1x Lapis Amulet + 20x Orb of Regret = Book of Reform(Grants Alira’s favour)
(5) 1x Onyx Amulet + 20x Orb of Regret = Book of Reform(Grants Eramir’s favour)
Book of Reform Recipe

(6) 1x Orb of Regret + 1x skill gem = decrease the level of skill gem to 1
Since corrupted items cannot be altered, this recipe does not work with Corrupted gems.
Orb of Regret Recipe

(7) 5x Orb of Regret + 20x Cartographer’s Chisel = 1x Unshaping Orb
Unshaping Orb downgrades a map on the Atlas and can only be farmed by using this vendor recipe.
Unshaping Orb Recipe

Orb of Regret Farming

The passive tree is crucial to a player’s character building. An Orb of Regret is a currency item that can be used to gain one passive skill refund point. One can obtain the currency by using the following strategies.

  • You can farm Orb of Regret by kill monsters.
  • Purchase from Vendor(Yeena, Act 2).
  • Orb of Regret Divination Card: The Innocent, Vinia’s Token.
  • Trade currency in exchange for Orb of Regret.

Orb of Regret Farming

1. Farming Orb of Regret by slain monsters

Orb of Regret drop rate is 0.689% and item level is 2. One can get it by kill monsters, destroy chests and open strongboxes.

Orb of Regret drop rate

2. Purchase Orb of Regret from Vendor

1x Orb of Regret = 2x Orb of Scouring(Yeena, The Forest Encampment, Act 2)
Yeena lives in The Forest Encampment of Act 2, who sell 1 Orb of Regret in exchange for 2 Orbs of Scouring. Yeena also sells other currency, such as Orb of Scouring, Portal Scroll, Chromatic Orb, Orb of Fusing, Jeweller’s Orb.
Meanwhile, you can use 1 Orb of Regret purchase 1 Orb of Alchemy from Clarissa, who lives in The Sarn Encampment of Act 3.

Buy Orb of Regret

3. Orb of Regret Divination Card

(1) 10x The Innocent = 40x Orb of Regret
Drop Area: The Chamber of Innocence • Basilica Map
(2) 5x Vinia’s Token = 10x Orb of Regret
Drop Area: The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3) • The Crematorium
There is no prophecy for rewarding Orb of Regret. You can obtain lots of Orbs of Regret by farming divination cards. A set of 10 The Innocent can exchange for 40 Orbs of Regret. The Chamber of Innocence is an area in Act 5 and has a waypoint. Killing more monsters, destroying more strongboxes, you have more chance to farm the divination cards.

Orb of Regret Divination Card

4. Trade PoE Currency for Orb of Regret

1x Orb of Regret = 1x Chaos Orb
The price of Orb of Regret in the market is 0.67 Chaos Orb. One can also exchange 1 exalted orb for 170 Orbs of Regret with other players. PoE.Trade is a useful resource to discover information.

Trade Orb of Regret

5. Buy Orb of Regret from Seller

Need thousands of Orbs of Regret? Purchase 1,000 Orbs of Regret for $7.6 additional 3% discount with coupon "AOE".