PoE Orb of Alchemy Farming – Orb of Alchemy Recipe & Price

Orbs of alchemy upgrade items from Normal to Rare. Items are graded as normal, magic, rare and unique items. While rare item can have up to 6 modifiers, these items are more valuable. Furthermore, orb of alchemy can be used in various vendor recipes, purchase other currency or items, and crafting items at crafting bench in your hideout.

orb of alchemy

POE Orb of Alchemy Farming – How to Sustain Alchemy Orbs

(1) Farming orb of alchemy by slain monsters. When level your character to 2, you have a chance to acquire orb of alchemy. Kill Monsters of higher rarity will obtain a higher item level. Open more chests and strongboxes can acquire orbs of alchemy as well.
(2) The best way to farm Orb of Alchemy is to sell unique items to any vedor. 20 Alchemy Shards will combine to 1 orb of alchemy orbs automatically. In order to sustain alchemy orbs, pick up every unique item while farming Poe currency. I have farmed hundreds of orbs of alchemy using this strategy.
(3) Buy Orb of Alchemy from Clarissa(Act 3, The Sarn Encampment) for 1 orb of Regret.
(4) “The Alchemist” is the prophecy of an Orb of Alchemy.
(5) A set of 3 “The Survivalist” can exchange to 7 orbs of alchemy.

Orb of Alchemy Farming

Orb of Alchemy Price

The price of 200 Orbs of Alchemy is $0.66. The Orb of Alchemy price is equal to 4 Chromatic Orbs, or 2/5 Chaos Orb, or 1/378 Exalted Orb. With coupon “AOE”, you can obtain the currency at a cheap price.

Orb of Alchemy Price Pay Get Orb of Alchemy
Orb of Alteration 11 2
Orb of Fusing 2 1
Chaos Orb 2 5
Gemcutter’s Prism 14 30
Exalted Orb 1 380
Chromatic Orb 9 2
Jeweller’s Orb 10 1
Orb of Chance 9 2
Cartographer’s Chisel 4 3
Orb of Scouring 1 1
Blessed Orb 2 1
Orb of Regret 26 30
Regal Orb 1 1
Divine Orb 1 33
Vaal Orb 13 30
Glassblower’s Bauble 11 1

Orb of Alchemy to Chaos Ratio

The ratio of Orb of Alchemy to Chaos Orb is 5:2. These orbs are both crucial to players when leveling up one’s character. Orb of alchemy upgrades a normal item into a rare item, while Chaos Orb reforged a rare item with new random mods. Currently, one can sell 5 Orbs of Alchemy in exchange for 2 Chaos Orbs.

Orb of Alchemy to Chaos

Orb of Alchemy Recipe

One can farm hundreds of Orbs of Alchemy by using Alchemy Shards recipe, purchase from the vendor, Orb of Alchemy recipe, prophecy, and divination cards. Exchange PoE currency and items with other players can obtain lots of Orbs of Alchemy as well.

PoE Alchemy Orb Shards Recipe

  • 20 x Alchemy Orb Shards = 1 x Orb of Alchemy
  • Vendoring Unique items acquire Alchemy Orb Shards.

Orb of Alchemy Recipe

Alchemy Shard Recipe generally comes from items with corrupted and enchanted modifiers. More often, unique items have all had these mods and can vendor for alchemy shares with this recipe. 20 Alchemy shards combine to form an Orb of Alchemy automatically.

Generally, pick up every unique item and vendors for orbs of alchemy. I have farmed lots of alchemy with this means. The items with the following mods can also a vendor for alchemy shards as well:

Result Item mod
1× Alchemy Shard
  • +% Chaos Resistance

  • flask with “Surgeon’s” (Recharge on Critical Strike) prefix
2× Alchemy Shard (*)
2× Alteration Shard
  • +% Item Rarity/Quantity (*the 1st tier mods only provide Alteration Shards)

  •  % Chance to Shock

  •  % Chance to Bleed

  •  % Increased Bleeding Duration

  •  % Increased Burning Damage
3× Alchemy Shard
  • +% Chaos Resistance (with maxed value)
4× Alchemy Shard
  • +X Levels to X Gems

  •  % Chance to Poison on Hit

  •  % Chance to Freeze

  •  % Chance to Ignite

  •  % Increased Poison Duration
4× Alchemy Shard
7× Alteration Shard
  • +% Item Rarity/Quantity (with maxed value)

Alchemy Shards Recipe

Purchase Orb of Alchemy from Vendor

Orb Price Location
Orb of Alchemy 1× Orb of Regret Act 3 (Clarissa)

Purchase Orb of Alchemy

Clarissa lives in The Sarn Encampment of Act 3, sell an Orb of Alchemy for an Orb of Regret. One can purchases alchemy directly if have lots of Orbs of Regret.

Orb of Alchemy Vendor Recipes

Result Recipes
1× Orb of Alchemy 3 x Identified rare items with the same name
1× Orb of Alchemy 2 x Identified rare items with the same name and both 20% quality
1× Orb of Alchemy normal, magic, rare (all 20% quality)
2× Orb of Alchemy normal, magic, rare (all 20% quality and unidentified)

These poe currency recipes are difficult and cost much time to collect items. I recommend using Alchemy Shards recipe, which picking up unique items for vendor orbs of alchemy.

Orb of Alchemy Prophecy

“The Alchemist” is a prophecy, which rewarding an Orb of Alchemy. Farm “The Alchemist” by killing any “Undying Alchemist”. One can find in these areas: Act 3 – The Sewers, Act 8 – Doedre’s Cesspool (The Toxic Conduits), Map – Cells, Map – Toxic Sewer, Map – Shore (rare), Map – Channel (rare), and Olmec’s Sanctum.

Orb of Alchemy Prophecy

Orb of Alchemy Divination Card

A set of 3 “The Survivalist” can exchange 7 Orbs of Alchemy. One can obtain orb of alchemy by farming “The Survivalist” divination card in The Wetlands (Act 2).

Orb of Alchemy Divination Card

A set of 5 Emperor’s Luck divination card can exchange for 5 random currency. you may have chance to get 5 Orbs of Alchemy.

Orb of Alchemy vs Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance upgrades item randomly. The item may become Magic, Rare, or even Unique. In fact, the most commonly will be resulting in a Magic item, uncommonly a Rare item. However, Orb of Alchemy upgrades normal item to Rare item with 100% guaranteed. Orb of Alchemy is more valuable. At present, 5 Orbs of Chance can exchange 2 Orbs of Alchemy.

orb of alchemy vs orb of chance

Orb of Alchemy on Maps

  • Many players sell low-tier maps for Orb of Alchemy and high-tier maps of Chaos Orb. Such as buy Pen Map for an orb of alchemy.
  • Using Orb of Alchemy upgrade a normal map to a rare map. The map will have up to six affixes, one can take advantage of the large item quantity bonus. It is generally recommended to use Chisels + Alchemy on level 70+ maps.

Orb of Alchemy Value

  • Upgrades a normal item to a rare item, including maps, strongboxes.
  • Trade for other currency or items.
  • Purchases maps, items or gems from a vendor.
  • Orbs of Alchemy are also useful resources with a certain recipe at Crafting Bench.

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