PoE Orb of Chance Odds Unique & Farming

Orb of Chance upgrades a Normal item to a random rarity. The new item may be a Magic item, a Rare item, or even a Unique Item. Therefore, many players use this orb to chancing a unique item. Does Orb of Chance change sockets? The sockets and links are unchanged.
There is a less than 0.01% odds of upgrading a normal item into a unique of the same base type when using an Orb of Chance. If you want to the Headhunter unique belt, then you should use an Orb of Chance on a Leather Belt of a normal rarity. Applying Orb of Chance on normal Glorious Plate item, you have a low probability to farm a Kaom’s Heart.

Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance Odds

In order to get Orb of Chance Odds, I have tested 2 hours in Act 8 and Act 9 to farm normal items and then apply Orb of Chance.
Act: Act 8, Act 9
Orb of Chance Number: 516
Get Magic Items: 436. The magic Orb of Chance odds is 84.4%.
Get Rare Items: 80. The rare Orb of Chance odds is 15.5%.
Get Unique Items: 0. Orb of Chance unique odds is least than 0.1%.
Orb of Chance Odds
In conclusion:
(1) Generally, Orb of Chance upgrades a normal item to a magic item.
(2) You have about 15% probability chancing a rare item.
(3) If you want to chancing a normal item to a unique item, generally, you may use at least 500 Orbs of Chance. So, do not waste this orb to chancing low-tier base item.

Orb of Chance Price

The price of 400 Orbs of Chance is $0.44. Aoeah offers cheap prices for PoE currency with coupon "AOE". In the trade marketplace, Orb of Chance price is either 1 Chromatic Orb, 1/6 Chaos Orb, or 1/660 Exalted Orb.

Orb of Chance Farming

You can farm Orb of Chance by kill enemies, purchase from the vendor, make vendor recipe, farm prophecy, or exchange currency items. Currently, there is no divination card for Orb of Chance.

  • Get Orb of Chance by slain monsters.
  • Purchase from the vendor(Clarissa, Act 3)
  • Recipe: vendor 1 to 59 full Rare set
  • Trash to Treasure is a Prophecy and will turn item into unique.
  • Trade currency in exchange for Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance Farming

1. Farming Orb of Chance by Slain Monsters

Orb of Chance item level is 2. Orb of Chance Drop Rate is 5.508%. Actually, slain monsters are the best way to farm Orb of Chance. The currency can be dropped in any Act and any map. Increasing your farming efficient, killing more monsters, the probability is you can obtain more currency.
Orb of Chance Drop Rate

Currently, there is no divination card and prophecy for the Orb of Chance. Emperor’s Luck is a divination card in exchange for 5 random currency.
In fact, using the recipe to farm Orb of Chance wastes lots of time. If you need farm hundreds of this currency, I recommend to kill monsters, exchange PoE Currency for it, or purchase from a seller.

2. Purchase Orb of Chance from Vendor

1x Orb of Fusing = 1x Orb of Chance(Clarissa, Act 3)
Clarissa lives in The Sarn Encampment in Act 3 and sells an Orb of Chance in exchange for one Orb of Fusing. You can buy Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Regret, Orb of Transmutation, and other PoE currency from Clarissa as well. One may exchange 4 Orbs of Chance to an Orb of Scouring with Yeena(Act 2).

Buy Orb of Chance

3. Make the Recipe

There are 5 recipes for Orb of Chance. You can see the information in the below.

4. Orb of Chance Prophecy: Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure is a prophecy. Objective: Use an Orb of Chance on any normal item. Reward: The item will turn into unique.

Orb of Chance Prophecy

5. Trade PoE Currency for Orb of Chance

1x Exalted Orb = 800x Orb of Chance
Farming Exalted Orb then trades for thousands of Orbs of Chance. In fact, trade PoE currency can get the desired currency fastly. At present, the price of Orb of Chance is 1/800 Exalted Orb, 1/7 Chaos Orb, 1/6 Vaal Orb. One can exchange other PoE currency items with another player as well.


5. Buy Orb of Chance from Seller

$2.2 = 2,000x Orb of Chance
Farming thousands of Orbs of Chance need many times. Purchase 2,000 Orbs of Chance for $2.2 additional 3% discount with coupon "AOE"

Orb of Chance Recipe

(1) 2x Identified rare items with same name = 1x Orb of Chance
(2) 1x normal, 1x magic, 1x rare, 1x unique with the same base item type = 5× Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance Recipe

This is one of my Orb of Chance Recipe list: Ruby Ring(Normal), Arcing Ruby Ring of Plunder(Magic), Kraken Hold Ruby Ring(Rare), Emberwake Ruby Ring(Unique). Base Name: Ruby Ring.

(3) Full rare set with lowest item level between 1 and 59 = 1x Orb of Chance
All unidentified OR all 20% quality = 2x Orb of Chance
All unidentified AND all 20% quality = 3x Orb of Chance

(4) Hyrri’s Bite Recipe
Vendor 1x white Sharktooth Arrow Quiver, 1x rare Onyx Amulet, 1x Rain of Arrows gem with at least 1% quality, and 1x Orb of Chance can exchange for a Hyrri’s Bite. Using an Orb of Chance on the base item "Sharktooth Arrow Quiver" cannot obtain this unique item directly. In other words, in odrer to get this item, you must use this vendor recipe.

Orb of Chance Recipe

PoE Orb of Chance Best Use

Orbs of Chance are primarily applied to particular base item types in the hopes of obtaining a particular unique item, a process referred to as chancing. However, the resulting item is most commonly a magic item, and uncommonly a rare item. Because of this, players should carefully weigh the cost of using up Orbs of Chance to obtain a specific unique against the cost of simply trading for that unique. The chance of creating a unique item is different for every unique and depends on the rarity of that specific unique. The base item’s item level doesn’t limit the type of unique items that can be obtained, so it is possible to obtain what are otherwise map-only unique items.

These unique items have high values and are worth to try: "Headhunter, Leather Belt", "Zerphi’s Heart, Paua Amulet", "The Pandemonius, Jade Amulet", "Atziri’s Reflection, Golden Buckler", "Farrul’s Fur, Triumphant Lamellar", "The Eternity Shroud, Blood Raiment", "Kaom’s Heart, Glorious Plate", "The Perandus Manor, Chateau Map", "Unnatural Instinct, Viridian Jewel", "The Green Nightmare, Viridian Jewel", "The Green Dream, Viridian Jewel", "Emperor’s Wit, Cobalt Jewel", "Inspired Learning, Crimson Jewel", "Soul Ripper, Quartz Flask", "Bottled Faith, Sulphur Flask", etc.

An Orb of Chance cannot create:

  • Unique items that are only available through vendor recipes
  • Event prizes
  • Unique items that exclusively drop from certain bosses or in certain areas
  • Upgraded versions of items, like blessed items, fated items or items only available through corruption

An item filter can highlight base items as they drop for use with an Orb of Chance.

Care should be taken to use an item with high enough item level to get a desired number of sockets or other effects based on item level such as a Vaal Orb corruption.

Notably, unique items specific to past temporary leagues, such as Headhunter or Voll’s Devotion, can be obtained with an Orb of Chance only while standing in a map to which the appropriate league’s mod has been added with the Map Device. Depending on the item, this can be one of the most profitable ways to use Orbs of Chance since they can be used to obtain items that are nearly unobtainable otherwise.

In races or at low levels, players may also find using Orbs of Chance on good base item types useful for quickly crafting a potentially usable magic or rare item.

One can sell 4 Orbs of Chance to Yeena in exchange for an Orb of Scouring. Orbs of Chance can also be sold to vendors in exchange for magic amulets.

Orb of Chance VS Orb of Alchemy

Orb of Chance upgrades a normal item to a random rarity, while Orb of Alchemy upgrades a normal item to a rare item. Orb of Chance apply for a normal item, 84.4% chance to Magic, 14.2% chance to Rare, Orb of Chance Unique Odds is less than 0.1%. Orb of Alchemy turns a normal item into a rare item guaranteed.
Because the price of Orb Chance is cheap, so you can chance valuable Unique items.

Orb of Chance VS Orb of Alchemy