Scroll of Wisdom Farming PoE, Scroll of Wisdom Recipe

How to identify items in path of exile? Scroll of Wisdom Identifies an unidentified item. It can identify magic, rare, or unique items, and strongboxes. Meanwhile, the Scroll of Wisdom can be used to exchange other currency and items. Scroll of Wisdom is the most common currency in Path of Exile. It is recommended for players to keep 40 Scrolls of Wisdom in their inventory in order to identify strongboxes.
How to use scroll of wisdom poe? Right-click Scroll of Wisdom then left click an unidentified item to apply it.

scroll of wisdom

Scroll of Wisdom Farming PoE

(1) Slain monsters are the easiest ways to farm Scroll of Wisdom. When playing path of exile, one has the chance to obtain lots of Scrolls of Wisdom.
(2) Vendoring any items for currency. Vendor any low-level item may become Scroll of Wisdom or Scroll Fragment. 5 Scrolls Fragment automatically combines to form a Scroll of Wisdom.
(3) Through recipe farming hundreds of Scrolls of Wisdom.
(4) 3 The Scholar divination cards can exchange 40 Scroll of Wisdom.
(5) Lasting Impressions is a prophecy for 15 Scroll of Wisdom.
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Scroll of Wisdom Recipe

You can farm lots of Scroll of Wisdom by slain monsters, vendor any low-level items, trading currency, farming divination cards, or farming Prophecy.
In fact, you can sell any low-tier items to vendor for Scroll Fragment. 5 Fragments producing a Scroll of Wisdom.

Scroll Fragment Recipe

Result Recipes
1× Scroll Fragment
  • any item without a higher-value vendor recipe
  • 5x Scroll Fragment = 1x Scroll of Wisdom

scroll of wisdom recipe

Scroll of Wisdom Downgrade Recipe

It is not recommended to using these recipes, for these are actually penalty recipes.

Result Recipes
1× Scroll of Wisdom 1× Portal Scroll
2× Scroll of Wisdom 1× Armourer’s Scrap
4× Scroll of Wisdom 1× Blacksmith’s Whetstone

Scroll of Wisdom Downgrade Recipe

Book of Regression Recipe

  • Book of Regression: Character Level – 1
Result Recipes
Book of Regression
  • 1× Orb of Scouring
  • 1× Scroll of Wisdom

Book of Regression Recipe

Exchange Scroll of Wisdom to Portal Scroll

Scroll of Wisdom is a baseline currency. One can purchase a Portal Scroll for 3 Scrolls of Wisdom from Nessa(Act 1).

Portal Scroll 3× Scroll of Wisdom Act 1 (Nessa)
Scroll of Wisdom baseline currency

Scroll of Wisdom Divination Card

One can acquire hundreds of Scrolls of Wisdom by farming divination cards.

  • 3x The Scholar = 40x Scroll of Wisdom

Drop Area: The Library • The Archives • Academy Map (Betrayal) • Museum Map (Betrayal) • Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)

Scroll of Wisdom Prophecy

Lasting Impressions is a prophecy that rewards 15 Scrolls of Wisdom.

  • 1x Lasting Impressions = 15x Scroll of Wisdom