Divine Orb PoE: Recipe, to Chaos, Divine Orb Price, Drop Rate, Farming

Divine Orb Divine Orb re-roll the values of all random explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. The currency can be applied on a normal, magic, rare, or unique item. It Randomises the numeric values of the random modifiers on an item.

Divine Orb

Does PoE divine orb change tiers?

Divine Orbs re-roll the values of explicit values of modifiers. Only the values of affixes that have a range of values will be randomized. A Divine Orb Divine Orb will not change the tier of the affix; it will only re-roll within its current tier.

When a Divine Orb Divine Orb is used on a legacy variant of a unique item, affixes will re-roll to the new range of values. When using on a magic or rare item, the affix will re-roll assuming the new range of the same tier.

If a new modifier was added to a unique item, the new modifier will not spawn. In cases where a modifier was removed, the affix will become disabled with a hidden value of zero. This also means that magic or rare items will have a hidden mod that will prevent new mods from being crafted.

A Divine Orb Divine Orb does not change a unique item’s Style Variant (for example, Doryani’s Invitation Doryani’s Invitation).

Divine Orb Farming Guide

Divine Orb Divine Orb Farming
1. Divine Orb Divine Orb Recipe
2. Farming Orbs by Kill Monsters
3. Divine Orb Divine Orb Divination Card
4. Divine Orb Divine Orb Prophecy
5. Trade currency items
6. Buy from U4GM

1. Divine Orb Recipe

  • 1x Divine Orb Divine Orb = a Six Linked item

Divine Orb Recipe
The recipe for Path of Exile Divine Orb Divine Orb is vendor a 6 linked item. These items are high valuable and are difficult to farm.

Mirror of Kalandra Downgrade Vendor Recipe

This is a downgrade recipe for Mirror of Kalandra Mirror of Kalandra and is not recommended.

2. Farming Orbs by Kill Monsters

The drop level of Divine Orb Divine Orb is 35 and the drop rate is 0.034%. It is an extremely rare currency item. You can slain monsters, destroy chests and open strongboxes.
Divine Orb drop rate

3. Divine Orb Divination Card

  • 11x The Sephirot = 10x Divine Orb Divine Orb. Drop areas: The Upper Sceptre of God(Act 3)• Palace Map

4. Divine Orb Prophecy

Fated Connections is a prophecy and rewards item six-linked. Divine Orb Prophecy

5. Trade currency items

In the trade marketplace, the price of Divine Orb Divine Orb is 33 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs. The following is the price list.

Divine Orb Price

Curency Pay Get Divine Orb Divine Orb
Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration 400 1
Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing 75 1
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 170 1
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 33 1
Gemcutter’s Prism Gemcutter’s Prism 37 1
Exalted Orb Exalted Orb 1 4
Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orb 290 1
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 350 1
Orb of Chance Orb of Chance 330 1
Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel 100 1
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 75 1
Blessed Orb Blessed Orb 170 1
Orb of Regret Orb of Regret 67 1
Regal Orb Regal Orb 84 1
Divine Orb Divine Orb 1 1
Vaal Orb Vaal Orb 25 1
Glassblower’s Bauble Glassblower’s Bauble 540 1

to Chaos

The ratio of Divine Orb Divine Orb to Chaos Orb Chaos Orb is 1:33. You can also sell 4 Divine Orbs Divine Orbs in exchange for 1 Exalted Orb Exalted Orb.
Divine Orb to Chaos

6. Buy from U4GM

With U4GM coupon code “Z123”, you can buy it for a 6% discount.

Divine Orb VS Blessed Orb

It is distinguished between implicit and explicit modifiers which are visually separated on items descriptions.
Implicit modifiers always spawn on entities before the addition or change of additional modifiers (for example by changing the rarity). Blessed Orb Blessed Orb rerolls the range of the stats found on the implicit modifiers.
Explicit modifiers are generally dynamically generated by changing the rarity of the entity or by other modification. Divine Orb Divine Orb rerolls the value of any stats on explicit modifiers on the item.

Divine Orb VS Blessed Orb

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