Buy wow classic gold? 5 ways to obtain it yourself

5 ways to obtain wow gold classic yourself:

5 ways to obtain wow gold

Mining. I find that most players are long-term and hang out in high-level zones, so low-level ore and ore rods are quite expensive on AH because people are not convenient to fly to low-level zones to mine low-level Mining is the most profitable industry I’ve tried.

Cooking. Invest in a delicious recipe that deviates from happiness, making and selling tons. That special food is really selling fast and well.

Buy more festival supplies throughout the year, people need to use them to gather achievements, and then sell them on the first day. For example, if you get an extra red Christmas hat or elf box, keep it in your bank until the next winter veil, and then put them all on the first day of the winter veil, in Azerbaijan. Admittedly, it’s not “fast”, but … big money!

Cat. This is so crazy, but I noticed … there is a small cabin outside the storm, with a weird Catwoman inside, selling all kinds of pet cats. These same cats can be bought at very cheap prices outside Stormwind and can be resold on AH for ridiculous profits. and so. Buy and sell pet cats.

Join a guild. Most guilds have a bank where players can donate gold and cool items that can be extracted.

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