The Taming Prismatic Ring - Path of Exile

The Taming Prismatic Ring

The Taming

The Taming is a unique Prismatic Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 30.

  • +(8–10)% to all Elemental Resistances

  • 20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments per Freeze, Shock or Ignite on Enemy
  • +(20–30)% to all Elemental Resistances
  • 30% increased Elemental Damage
  • 10% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite
  • 30% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
  • (Freeze lowers Enemy Action Speed to zero, preventing them from acting. Duration is based on the Cold Damage of the Hit)
  • (Shock increases Damage taken by up to 50%, depending on the amount of Lightning Damage in the hit, for 2 seconds)
  • (Ignite deals Fire Damage over time, based on the base Fire Damage of the Skill, for 4 seconds)
  • (Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned)

Flavour Text: 'Moon after moon did Berek make fools Of the great and Untamed Three Until malice for a Brother Slew the hatred of the Other And Berek did hunt Alone and free.' - Berek and the Untamed

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% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments per Freeze, Shock or Ignite on Enemy only applies to active ignites, shocks and freezes on individual monsters. Characters have a maximum of 1 active ignite, shock and freeze on each monster.

Item acquisition

The Taming has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. The Taming is a vendor recipe item.


The Taming can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
1 Berek's Grip Using alternate art versions will create an an alternate art The Taming; same rule applies to influenced rings as ingredients
1 Berek's Pass
1 Berek's Respite
3 Hunter's Reward The Taming
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange