PoE Kaom’s Heart Farming Guides

What is Kaom’s Heart?

Kaom’s Heart is a unique Body Armours in Path of Exile, which can add 500 to your maximum Life and increase 20% – 40% Fire Damage. In order to equip with Kaom’s Heart(Glorious Plat), your character’s level must greater than 68, and strength must greater than 191. The armours’ quality is 20% and adds armour value 931 points. But it also has a disadvantage that it has no sockets.

In the process of build character, if you want to get more fire damage, then highly recommend you the Kaom’s Heart.

Kaom's Heart

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Buy Kaom's Heart

You can buy Kaom’s Heart from Mulefactory with coupon “CURRENCY” Saving 5%.

How to Get Kaom’s Heart

Although the chance is low, you still have opportunities to farm Kaom’s Heart directly. The drop location of the farm  glorious plate is the place where you have a chance to get a Kaom’sheart.
Absolutely, the most reliable way is using Kaom’s Heart Divination Card. You can farm orbs and items and sell it to get currency. Then exchange currency to the Divination Card below:

1. Guaranteed Methods:

  • A set of 8 “The King’s Heart” will exchange 1 “Kaom’s Heart”
  • A set of 8 “Pride Before the Fall” will exchange 1 “Corrupted Kaom’s Heart”

2. Not Guaranteed Methods:

  • A set of 4 “The Body” will exchange 1 random unique body armour.
  • A set of 4 “Jack in the Box” will exchange 1 random unique item.

Kaom's Heart Divination Card