Emperor’s Luck Divination Card PoE, 5 mirrors, chances, exalted

Emperor’s Luck Chances

According to the result of 19,995 Emperor’s Luck Emperor’s Luck divination cards, the most common result is Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap, Orb of Transmutation Orb of Transmutation, Blacksmith’s Whetstone Blacksmith’s Whetstone, and Orb of Augmentation Orb of Augmentation.

The chances of 5 Exalted Orb Exalted Orb is about 0.05%. Meanwhile, the chances of 5 mirrors are about 0%.

Currency Reward Total Chances
Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap 4095 20.48%
Orb of Transmutation Orb of Transmutation 4095 20.48%
Blacksmith’s Whetstone Blacksmith’s Whetstone 2165 10.83%
Orb of Augmentation Orb of Augmentation 2055 10.28%
Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orb 1170 5.85%
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 1065 5.33%
Orb of Chance Orb of Chance 1025 5.13%
Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration 970 4.85%
Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing 665 3.33%
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 645 3.23%
Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel 540 2.70%
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 320 1.60%
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 265 1.33%
Vaal Orb Vaal Orb 160 0.80%
Orb of Regret Orb of Regret 145 0.73%
Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant 125 0.63%
Prime Sextant Prime Sextant 125 0.63%
Glassblower’s Bauble Glassblower’s Bauble 110 0.55%
Gemcutter’s Prism Gemcutter’s Prism 65 0.33%
Regal Orb Regal Orb 60 0.30%
Simple Sextant Simple Sextant 55 0.28%
Blessed Orb Blessed Orb 55 0.28%
Divine Orb Divine Orb 10 0.05%
Exalted Orb Exalted Orb 10 0.05%
Mirror of Kalandra Mirror of Kalandra 0 0.00%
Stacked Deck Stacked Deck 0 0.00%
Orb of Annulment Orb of Annulment 0 0.00%

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Emperor’s Luck Emperor’s Luck is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a stack of 5 currency items of the same type. The type of currency item is chosen in a weighted random fashion. It is more likely to return common currency items like Orbs of Transmutation than rarer ones like Exalted Orbs.

Outcome Amount Divination Card Drop Location
5x currency (random) 5 Emperor’s Luck Emperor’s Luck The Imperial Gardens(Act 3) • The High Gardens(Act 8) • Courtyard Map • Orchard Map • Terrace Map

How to get Emperor’s Luck

1. Farming Drop Location

  • Courtyard Map. Atlas Region: New Vastir.
  • Orchard Map. Atlas Region: Glennach Cairns.
  • Terrace Map. Atlas Region: Lex Proxima.
  • The High Gardens. It is an area in Act 8 attached to The Bath House. It is a long road without branches located on the side of a cliff. At the end there is a small area called The Pools of Terror where Yugul can be found. The area layout is similar to Terrace Map what was introduced to the game before version 3.0.0 update.
  • The Imperial Gardens. It is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Ebony Barracks, The Library, and The Sceptre of God.

The drop rate is random.

2. Buy it from other players

The price of Emperor’s Luck Emperor’s Luck is about 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

3. Stacked Deck: random divination card

A Stacked Deck Stacked Deck is a currency item that can be used to gain one random divination card.

4. The Gambler: random divination card

The Gambler The Gambler is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random divination card.

Emperor's Luck

Price: ~ 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy

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