PoE Orb of Augmentation Value, VS Orb of Alteration, Farming & Recipe

An Orb of Augmentation is a currency item that can be used to enhance a piece of magic equipment with an additional random affix. This can only be used on an item with one affix, since magic items can have at most one prefix and one suffix.

Orb of Augmentation

Orbs of Augmentation are most often used to add an additional affix to a magic item with only one affix. Unlike its much rarer cousin the Exalted Orb, Orbs of Augmentation are commonly and frequently used by all players, often in conjunction with an Orb of Transmutation and Orbs of Alteration. At low levels or in races, they may be used to quickly craft useful magic items before stronger rare items can be found to replace them. They are also used on strongboxes to potentially improve the items dropped. At high levels, Orbs of Augmentation are used in conjunction with Orbs of Alteration to craft magic items with top-tier affixes as the first step in a long crafting process to produce a high-end rare item. They are also used to craft desirable affixes on maps.

Orb of Augmentation VS Orb of Alteration

(1) They both apply on magic items, which can have up to 2 random modifiers. Orb of Augmentation can only be applied on a magic item with 1 modifier. However, Orb of Alteration can apply for any magic items.
(2) For a magic item with 1 modifier, Orb of Augmentation add a new random modifier. Orb of Alteration reroll the item randomly, and the new magic item may have 2 mods or only has 1 modifier.
(3) If Orb of Alteration reforges a magic item with one awesome affix, you can apply Orb of Augmentation to enchants a new random modifier.

Orb of Augmentation VS Orb of Alteration

Orb of Augmentation Value

(1) The best value of Orb of Augmentation is to add a new modifier on a magic map or flask.
(2) Crafting items: use Orb of Alteration reforge a magic item with one mod you want, then try to get a second mod with Orb of Augmentation. Upgrade the item to a rare item with a piece of Regal Orb.
(3) Trade for other PoE currency items with players. 38 Orbs of Augmentation can exchange for one Chaos Orb.
(4) Exchange 4 Orbs of Augmentation for an Orb of Alteration with Neesa(Act 1)

Orb of Augmentation Value Pay Get Orb of Augmentation
Orb of Alteration 1 1
Orb of Fusing 1 4
Orb of Alchemy 1 3
Chaos Orb 1 15
Gemcutter’s Prism 1 15
Exalted Orb 1 1650
Chromatic Orb 1 2
Jeweller’s Orb 5 6
Orb of Chance 1 2
Cartographer’s Chisel 4 15
Orb of Scouring 2 15
Blessed Orb 11 30
Orb of Regret 2 15
Regal Orb 2 15
Divine Orb 1 210
Vaal Orb 1 15
Glassblower’s Bauble 24 9

Orb of Augmentation Recipe

The best recipe for Orb of Augumentation is vendor a rare item with 6 mods.

(1) 1x Orb of Augmentation = item with six affixes
If you need lots of Orb of Augmentation, the best strategy is to farm rare items with 6 mods. You can also vendor corrupted items with 6 mods to obtain this currency.

Orb of Augmentation recipe

(2) 1x Orb of Augmentation = 1 x normal, 1 x magic, 1 x rare item of the same base type
(3) 2x Orb of Augmentation = 1 x normal, 1 x magic, 1 x rare (all unidentified) of the same base type

(4) 1x Magic Boots with 10% increased Movement Speed = 1x White Boots + 1x Any rarity Quicksilver Flask + 1x Orb of Augmentation
(5) 1x Magic Boots with (X+5)% increased Movement Speed = 1x Magic Boots with X% Movement Speed + 1x Any rarity Quicksilver Flask + 1x Orb of Augmentation
(6) 1x Weapon with x added damage = 1x Weapon ×1 or Weapon with x added damage + 1x Granite Flask + 1x Orb of Augmentation
(7) 1x Ring or amulet with +x to Chaos Resistance = 1x Ring or amulet + 1x Amethyst Flask + 1x Orb of Augmentation

Orb of Augmentation Farming

Orb of Augmentation use to craft magic item with only 1 affix. You can farm the currency by slain enemies, vendor rare items with 6 mods, purchase from the Nessa, or trade currency with other players.

  • Farm Orb of Augmentation by slain monsters.
  • Do recipe: vendor a rare item with 6 mods(recommend).
  • Purchases from Nessa(Act 1)
  • Trade currency in exchange for Orb of Augmentation.

Orb of Augmentation Farming

(1) Obtain Orb of Augmentation by Slain Monsters

More Orb of Augmentation = slain more monsters
Orb of Augmentation item level is 1, so you can farming lots of this currency by kill enemies in any act. Orb of Augmentation drop rate is 10.328%. Increasing efficiency of clearing map, you have a higher probability to farm more currency items.

Orb of Augmentation Drop Rate

(2) Using Orb of Augmentation Recipe

1x Orb of Augmentation = vendor item with 6 mods
Pick up any rare items with 6 mods, using the recipe to obtain Orbs of Augmentation. Since no divination card or prophecy for this orb, this recipe is the best way to farm hundreds of Orbs of Augmentation.

(3) Purchase from Vendor

1x Orb of Augmentation = 4x Orb of Transmutation
Nessa lives in Act 1, who sells 1 Orb of Augmentation in exchange for 4 Orbs of Transmutation.

Buy Orb of Augmentation

(4) Trade PoE Currency

1x Chaos Orb = 60 x Orb of Augmentation
Exchange currency items for Orb of Augmentation with another player.

Trade Orb of Augmentation

(5) Buy Orb of Augmentation from Seller

1,000x Orb of Augmentation = $1.1
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