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Implicit Modifiers Guide

1. Implicit modifiers

On items, visible implicit modifiers are most commonly found on: Rings, Amulets, Belts, Quivers, Most weapons, Shields, Specific body armour (Astral Plate, Assassin's Garb, Occultist's Vestment, and Carnal Armour.) Shields and body armour also commonly have a hidden movement speed penalty modifier.

2. How to alter the value of implicit modifiers

The implicit modifiers on equipment can be by altered in various ways:

  • Blessed Orb - rerolls the range of the stats found on the implicit modifiers.
  • Vaal Orb - Corruption can add or replace an implicit modifier depending on the item type.
  • Enchantment - Enchanting gloves, boots or helmets can give them a new implicit modifier.

3. Blessed Orb

Blessed Orb Blessed Orb is a currency item that can be used to re-roll the values of the implicit modifiers on a piece of equipment (This means the top values of an item above the line and not the bottom 6 values). This can only be used on an item that actually has implicit modifiers that can have a range of values.

Blessed Orb

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How to use Blessed Orb

A Blessed Orb re-rolls the implicit modifier of an item. Blessed Orbs can not roll the same implicit value that the original item had. If the current implicit value is low, then on average you have better odds of rolling a high implicit value. And vice versa.

1. Blessed Orb could not reroll?

Sometimes, you find Blessed Orb could not reroll an item. It may be one of the following cases:

  • Item does not have implicit modifiers.
  • Implicit modifiers do not have a range of values.
  • The item is corrupted.

Blessed Orb Could Not Reroll

2. Blessed Orb on Uniques

Like a common item, if the unique item has implicit modifiers, it can be rolled by Blessed Orbs. For example, the implicit mods of Eye of Chayula are “+16 To All Attributes” and may reroll to “+14 To All Attributes” by Blessed Orb.
Likewise, if the unique items are Corrupted, or without implicit modifiers or the value of implicit mods have not ranged, Blessed Orb could not reroll it.

Blessed Orb on Uniques

3. Blessed Orb VS Divine Orb

  • Blessed Orb Blessed Orb – rerolls the range of the stats found on the implicit modifiers.
  • Divine Orb Divine Orb – rerolls the value of any stats on explicit modifiers on the item
  • 1x Divine Orb = 140x Blessed Orb

4. Blessed Orb vs Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb Chaos Orb rerolls the explicit modifiers on Rare items and is more expensive than Blessed Orb. One can sell a Chaos Orb for 29 Blessed Orbs.

Blessed Orb Farming

Currently, there is no vendor recipe or divination cards for Blessed Orb. The easy way to get it is by buying from sellers or exchanging currency items for it.

1. Slain Monsters

The drop level of Blessed Orb is 35. Killing more enemies, opening more chests and strongboxes, you will farm more Blessed Orbs. You can farm it in Arcanist's Strongboxes as well.

2. Buy Blessed Orb Cheap

The price of Blessed Orb is $0.13/100.

3. Trade currency items for it

You can trade currency items for it with other players. The ratio of Chaos Orb to Blessed Orb is 1:29.

Path of Exile Blessed Orb Price & Value

Currency Pay Get Blessed Orb Blessed Orb
Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration 23 4
Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing 5 4
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 2 1
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 1 29
Gemcutter’s Prism Gemcutter’s Prism 1 2
Exalted Orb Exalted Orb 1 391
Chromatic Orb Chromatic Orb 4 1
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 27 4
Orb of Chance Orb of Chance 17 4
Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel 7 5
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 1 1
Orb of Regret Orb of Regret 7 12
Regal Orb Regal Orb 33 40
Divine Orb Divine Orb 1 80
Vaal Orb Vaal Orb 1 4
Glassblower’s Bauble Glassblower’s Bauble 11 1

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