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Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap is a currency that Improves the quality of an armour. Armour is a category of equipment worn on different parts of the body to provide protection and bonuses from magical properties. Types of armour: Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, and Shield.

As with other quality-increasing currency, consuming an Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap improves the quality of normal items by 5%, magic items by 2%, and rare and unique items by 1%. 

How to use Armourer’s Scrap?

Right click this item then left click an armour to apply it. Has greater effect on lower rarity armours. The maximum quality is 20%.
Shift click to unstack.

Why do you want to improve quality?

For armours: quality increases Armour / Evasion / Energy Shield. The quality is summed together with other increased stats. For example a piece of armour that naturally gives 100 armour that has +50 to Armour and 90% increased Armour would now, with 20% quality, give (100 + 50) * (100 + 90 + 20 )/100 = 315.

Quality on armours is also used to improve the chance of gaining sockets or links on an item using an Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb or Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing. Every 1% quality improves the chance of getting more sockets or links by 1%.

Armourer's Scrap

POE Armourer’s Scrap Farming – How to get lots of Scraps

Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap Farming
1. Obtain it by killing monsters
2. Purchase from vendor
3. Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap Recipe
4. Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap Prophecy
5. Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap Divination Card
6. Purchase from U4GM

1. Obtain it by killing monsters

This curency item can be dropped from slain monsters, open chests, and strongboxes.

2. Purchase from vendor

Tarkleigh(Act1, Lioneye’s Watch) sells an Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap for a Blacksmith’s Whetstone Blacksmith’s Whetstone.

3. Armourer’s Scrap Recipe

  • 1x Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap = 1x armour with 20% quality
  • 1x Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap = Nx armors at lease 40% quality

Armourer's Scrap Recipe

Use recipe farming lots of scraps. Vendor a piece of armour with 20% quality for one Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap. Or, sells pieces of armours whose total quality is at least 40% to any vendor for acquiring an Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap.

Armourer’s Scrap Downgrade Recipe

These is a downgrade for Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap to vendor 2 Scrolls of Wisdom.

Result Recipes
2× Scroll of Wisdom Scroll of Wisdom 1× Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap

4. Armourer’s Scrap Prophecy

The Hardened Armour is a prophecy.

Objective: Use Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap on any armour.

Reward: Increases armour’s quality to 20% with a single Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap.

5. Armourer’s Scrap Divination Card

  • 5x The Master Artisan = 20x quality currency (random)
  • 5x Emperor’s Luck = 5x currency (random)

These divination cards exchange random currency and cannot guaranteed.

6. Purchase from U4GM

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Exchange Armourer’s Scrap to other currency items

to Blacksmith’s Whetstone

Greust lives in Act 2. He sells a Blacksmith’s Whetstone Blacksmith’s Whetstone for 3 Armourer’s Scraps.

Orb Price Location
Blacksmith’s Whetstone Blacksmith’s Whetstone 3× Armourer’s Scrap Armourer’s Scrap Act 2 (Greust)

to Chaos Orb

Armourer's Scrap to Chaos

When having farmed hundreds of Armourer’s Scraps, one can trade from Chaos Orb Chaos Orb. Currently, the ratio is 400 Armourer’s Scraps in exchange for one Chaos orb.

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