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Is there anything important to buy with Gil

  • You can get pretty good gear from the market board to help catch up in iLevels and avoid some tomestone grinding. That’s generally what I do for my secondary jobs.
  • Crafted gear and materia over melding are the main Gil sinks. Housing if you’re into that. Mounts, hairstyles, minions, glamour are also an option.
  • Gear, but you can make it by without buying it. Food for sure! But most importantly, if you plan on doing ARR relic of HW relic save your gill for one of those! Being able to buy mats for certain steps makes it weeks quicker!!
  • Glamours. What I find myself spending almost all of my gil on most of the time.
  • food if you want an extra boost to your stats.

How do you farm Gil?

Gil is best farmed by doing quests, guildleves, killing enemies in dungeons, selling items to NPCs, or selling items on the Market Board.

FFXIV getting rich and building wealth

Best ways to earn gil: Dungeon Roulettes

When you raid the underground city, grand adventure awaits you!

This particular approach is simple, though time-consuming, as it is in most cases in FFXIV. However, running in a dungeon will give you considerable gil rewards for other items and experiences. It’s not the most effective way, but it’s an effective choice for those who want to take more risks in coins .

How it works:

  • In the roulette game, when fighting with monsters, boss will get many Gil rewards in addition to completing the dungeon.
  • You must click the roulette option in the duty finder.
  • Even after the party, you have to play in the dungeon to finish, which is a bit time-consuming.
  • If you do it twice a week, it will bring you a lot of gil !

How can we get the cheapest gil without buying


Although there is no obstacle to cultivating Gil, you can earn 5K to 9K Gil on a regular basis. You only need to participate in various roulette to conduct dungeon test, and you can join 10000 FFXIV Gil to conduct the test.

  • Enter duty finder
  • Call up the main menu and select responsibility finder
  • Select the blue box and move to the next available party


Are you using the holder for storage? If you don’t, you’ll miss a lot of gil . Using fixed fees for personal tasks, known as ventures, will take you effortlessly from 5K to over 1 million gills.


There is no doubt that crafting is one of the best ways to master Gil. It provides players with the equipment, materials and furniture they want to add to their houses. Generally, your income will be six or seven figures. Among the craftsmen, the most valuable and profitable occupations are goldsmith, blacksmith, cook, etc.


When playing the game, you need to find an active linkshell to hunt. It will give you the opportunity to get a broken cluster that you can use to unlock level VI. This is considered to be the best way to earn Gil a lot of materials for sale.


If you’re looking for the most natural way to earn a lot of in-game coins , Fisher will be your best choice. Your only goal is to get close to 70 levels from one level, after which you need to get 20K Gil on the server.

Treasure hunt

Following the disciples of the land, the lucky goddess may be very beneficial to you, and will reward you through the treasure map. The map will highlight the items that cause the player to hunt for treasure. However, when you play in player and environment, you have many opportunities to discover hidden treasures and fight against the demons. After you defeat the monster, you will get some rewards, some of which can be sold to get a lot of gil .

Do you want to play FFXIV

I play FFXIV with a great LS every day. Still strong.

When it came out, I moved some link shells. We built camps, explored the world and upgraded. The battle position is very interesting. For example, I am an 11-year-old monk, so I want a 14-year-old monk. Some abilities suffer damage depending on where you attack the mob.

The reason why I like it is that the 11 year old monk only targets fist and increases buff.

Is it worth it? There’s a lot of work to do, 11 are still at the child level and are still being updated, so 14 will be the same.

If you like the FF game, you can really play it.

Have friends or find a guild. Without a link shell, 11 is too hard. You can solo a lot, but it’s better with friends.

The MMO market is full of free games, which may be better, but I’ve invested a lot of time in 11 and 14. I have to pay even every month.

Does anyone still play FFXI instead of FFXIV?

When you spend years developing a game, it’s hard to get rid of it. Compared with FFXIV, FFXI has added more than ten years of content, and FFXIV has just entered its first extension.

The style of the game is also very different. FFXI is modeled on EverQuest, so it has a slower pace of exploration and content. You will also encounter some WPG behaviors in early games, such as “killing rodents” and be severely punished for being sentenced.

FFXIV is closer to the classic FF head, because it is more directly driven by the story, and the character’s fight can scare the enemy faster, and recover faster from being killed. Unlike FFXI, any important content of FFXIV requires six people to participate, while FFXIV has more content to perform alone or in a small team of four people.

The dungeons of FFXIV, for example, will be filled with villains and treasure chests, while the non dungeons of FFXI will be more scattered, while the enemy’s location will be less dense (partly because fighting two enemies at the same time is usually fatal). Riding a chocolate bike for a few minutes in the American style of the Midwest feels like a “waste of time”, but it has charm.

Why play Final Fantasy 14?

Because it’s hardly an MMO. Well, it’s all an MMO, you don’t have to play it. There are healers, tanks, weapons and armor. Dungeons, raids and hundreds of other players packed cities and villages. You can upgrade, unlock mounts, and all combat power lives in a hot bar that grows slowly until it covers the bottom third of the screen and sometimes climbs up the wall.

But I don’t play final fantasy 14. I’m involved. If you are the ultimate fantasy fan of narrative and hi-tech fantasy settings, stop eating and start playing. Stephen thinks it’s the best story in the whole series. The way I play “Final Fantasy 14” is more like a visual novel, which mainly tells the story, sits in the attractive transition animation and excellent dialogue, occasionally runs to the dungeon or kills some monsters to promote the story.

If you, like me, feel at first at a loss (or nothing), please wait patiently. “Final Fantasy 14” presents a very typical fantasy Narrative — the chosen warrior comes to purify the dark world, but still manages to subvert these metaphors in a very clever way. Often, the power to revive “evil” spirits is to do so out of despair. Class struggle, colonialism, religion, nationalism, capitalism, war, trauma: Final Fantasy 14 solves more contemporary problems than most of the games I’ve played, and usually does well.

The real villain of “Final Fantasy 14” is the people who use or try to manipulate bureaucracy. They insist on the civil structure and moral fiber of each culture. My once happy group of adventurers has now collapsed, questioning every dungeon that has been conquered and every village that has been saved from the threat of “evil.”. It will take a long time for the morality of fantasy 14 to fade to gray gradually, but when you start to understand the operation mode and reasons, each task line climbed in early games will become meaningful in a completely different way. Are you a hero or a dumb puppet? It’s not that simple.

The speech was great, too. The story of the basic game ends in 30 minutes, just like the animation in the second season of game of Thrones. You can expect leaping size jumps, regular chats with gods, dragon fights that look like Winamp’s music visualization program, and surreal battles between warriors with huge weapons and beautiful clothes.

Stories are not limited to games. If you don’t know everything about the final fantasy before this moment, the development story of ff14 will be confusing. As you can see, final fantasy 14 used to be a totally different game, but it sucks. Quite a lot. It’s hellish slow, contains incomprehensible system and UI design, and runs like garbage. As the number of players dwindles, square Enix introduces a new game director to recreate the game from scratch, while supporting existing MMOs with quality of life and story content.

In the wonderful, three-part noclip documentary, listen to the stories told by relevant people. These documentaries tell the strange development of Final Fantasy 14. This is an important reason for me to experience the development of ff14 from the beginning in the last six years, from complete rebirth to better, but the very typical MMO is identified as one of the best narrative games. It’s a trend for me.

How to upgrade fast in FFXIV

FFXIV beginners do not need to worry about options when upgrading. The game is full of them, each offering a slightly different way to get XP. While it may be the best way to mix all these factors together, players who like a particular approach often don’t need to branch, so there are many options. Here is a brief introduction to the different models:


Of course, for any MMORPG or FFXIV, the task is butter. The mission will advance important storylines, especially MSQ, which is needed to complete each expansion and reward equipment and items in the process. When players are upgrading for the first time, they usually don’t need too many auxiliary tasks, but they can pass the time well.


These are serious boss battles, with 8 and 24 player versions. New players really don’t need to worry about that.


Dungeons and dungeons of small replicas are a welcome breakthrough between regular tasks, because the main scene tasks usually require players to sneak in at some time. They are a well-designed instance environment for four players to explore and fight, and often provide huge XP rewards, as well as important trophies for early players, making upgrading easier.


The trial was an eight man fight with FFXIV’s most famous boss in the original competition. Stories will hype these creatures, and the trial is usually an exciting climax for a part of the story. Don’t count on them without spoiler, but don’t count on them to upgrade players too fast.


In the game world, there are different levels of rare creatures — B, a and s, the highest level — and players will be rewarded for killing them. Although the bonus is usually worth it, it almost always requires a participant and can only be solved through coordination.

In fact, the easiest way to quickly upgrade in FFXIV is to keep the player’s head down and move forward in the main scene task. After the on duty Roulette is unlocked, you can get rich rewards of XP and Gil by participating in every available mode every day. Otherwise, it’s very simple.

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