The Offering Divination Card PoE – Farming Shavronne’s Wrappings

The Offering The Offering is a divination card. A set of eight can be exchanged for Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings.

Outcome Amount Divination Card Drop Location
Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings 8 The Offering The Offering The Rotting Core(Act 9) • Cells Map • Core Map • Scriptorium Map • Tower Map

How to get The Offering

1. Farming Drop Location

  • Cells Map. Atlas Region: Glennach Cairns.
  • Core Map. Atlas Region: Lex Ejoris.
  • Scriptorium Map. Atlas Region: Valdo’s Rest.
  • The Rotting Core. It is an area in Act 9. It is connected to The Belly of the Beast.
  • Tower Map. Atlas Region: Lex Proxima.

It drops from Shavronne of Umbra and her map boss variants. The drop rate is random.

2. Buy it from other players

The price of The Offering The Offering is about 1 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

3. Stacked Deck: random divination card

A Stacked Deck Stacked Deck is a currency item that can be used to gain one random divination card.

4. The Gambler: random divination card

The Gambler The Gambler is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random divination card.

The Offering

Price: ~ 1 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

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Shavronne’s Wrappings

Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings is a unique Occultist’s Vestment.

Item Price
Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings 40 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

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