PoE Prime Sextant Mods, Price, VS Simple Sextant

Prime Sextant Prime Sextant is a sextant. A Sextant is a currency item that can be used on a Watchstone to add a special modifier to all the maps on the region where the Watchstone is socketed.

Three are three types of Sextant: Simple Sextant Simple Sextant, Prime Sextant Prime Sextant, and Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant. The main difference is the modifiers tier. A Simple Sextant Simple Sextant adds or rerolls a Common modifier on a Watchstone. A Prime Sextant Prime Sextant adds or rerolls a Normal modifier on a Watchstone. An Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant adds or rerolls a Rare modifier on a Watchstone. The price of Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant is the most expensive in the sextants, for it has the chance to get the best mods and then you can be rewarded for more valuable currencies and items.

How to upgrade Sextands – PoE Sextant Vendor Recipes

Sextant Recipe: sell 3 sextants of the same tier to a vendor for a sextant one tier higher.

Sextant Mods Tier Upgrade Recipe
Simple Sextant Simple Sextant Common modifiers 3x Simple Sextant Simple Sextant = 1x Prime Sextant Prime Sextant
Prime Sextant Prime Sextant Normal modifiers 3x Prime Sextant Prime Sextant = 1x Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant
Awakened Sextant Awakened Sextant Rare modifiers  

How to use Prime Sextant?

Right-click a Prime Sextant Prime Sextant then left click a Watchstone to apply it. It then adds or rerolls a Normal modifier on a Watchstone.

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PoE Prime Sextant Farming – How to get it?

  1. Sextant vendor recipe: 3x Simple Sextant Simple Sextant = 1x Prime Sextant Prime Sextant
  2. Sextant divination card: 3x Monochrome = 10x Sextant (random). The drop location: Maelström of Chaos Maelström of ChaosThe Vinktar Square The Vinktar SquareThe Coward’s Trial The Coward’s TrialPillars of Arun Pillars of ArunThe Twilight Temple The Twilight TempleWhakawairua Tuahu Whakawairua TuahuPoorjoy’s Asylum Poorjoy’s AsylumOba’s Cursed Trove Oba’s Cursed TroveVaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri.
  3. Obtain Prime Sextant Prime Sextant by killing monsters. The drop level of Prime Sextant Prime Sextant is 73.
  4. Exchange currency items for it. The price of Prime Sextant Prime Sextant is an Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

PoE Max Sextants

Sextants are used on the Atlas of Worlds to add a random mod to a Watchstone. This means that each region can be affected by up to four sextants at any one time. This effect will be applied to all the maps in that region. Sextant mods applied to the Atlas last a total of three uses of maps within the area. Duplicate sextant effects do not stack and will deduct a use from one of the Watchstones.

PoE Prime Sextant Mods

Sextant Mod Rating Tips to run effectively
Area contains Alva
Very good All master missions are good and profitable. Run less dangerous maps with Jun. Run High quantity(>100quant) and high tier maps(tier 16) with niko and add any of the tempest prophecies in hopes to trigger it. Alva and Einhar missions/sextants are good to trigger beyond.
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Monsters that deal Physical/Fire/Cold/Lightning/Chaos Damage
Players and Monsters take 10% increased Physical/Fire/Cold/Lightning/Chaos Damage
Decent Use any kind of maps. These sextants add more monsters and combine decently with all the other sextants
30% increased Quantity of Items found in Unidentified Maps
Found Items drop Identified in Identified Maps
15% increased Pack Size in Unidentified Maps
Very good Run with unidentified rare maps. There is a very noticeable amount fo difference in drops if you run unIDd maps. It is also very easily stackable with all good "special" map/sextant modifiers.

There are some people who deliberately run identified maps when this sextant rolls. They will pair this with more quant and good sextants, so there will be a lot of rare item drops. These guys have a pretty strict and customized filter so only good base rares will show up identified. When I talked to someone(the only one I could find) doing this strat in blight league, he said he would average around 1 ex from the rare drops and at worst it would be 50c. I don't recommend this to normal players.
Players deal 10% increased Damage for each Poison on them
Players have 5% increased Movement Speed for each Poison on them
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Poisonous Monsters
Use any kind of maps. These sextants add more monsters and combine decently with all the other sextants. Be careful here. Use upgraded "soul of shakari" pantheon to make yourself poison immune or run a poison removal flask if you have problems with this. 
25% increased magic pack size Good Any maps which have decent pack size on them. More magic monsters is good. Combines okayish with other good sextants.

You can use maps with bloodlines mod and combine with zana bloodlines map mod. I don't feel it adds much to keep tabs on another separate pool of maps/watchstones
Areas contain an additional Breach
Areas can contain Breaches
Bad Reroll
Magic Maps contain 4 additional packs of Magic Monsters
Rare Maps contain 4 additional Rare Monster packs
Normal Maps contain 4 additional packs of Normal Monsters
Use rare maps. Rare monsters have way more quantity and rarity than magic or normal monsters. Combines well with other sextants where you want more rare monsters like nemesis sextant
Strongboxes in Areas are Corrupted
Areas contain an extra Strongbox
Strongboxes in Areas are at least Rare Rarity
Very good Couple with maps with high pack size and quant. Use monstrous treasure, ambush zana mod and ambush scarabs. You can couple this with "unique monsters drop corrupted items" sextant and use waiting in ambush and the scout prophecies to hit 2 stones with 1 bird. Note that getting waiting in ambush prophecies in bulk is a pain in the ass and you won't proc monstrous treasure on every map. Use sextants that add pack size instead of adding monsters directly (like increased magic pack size)

You cannot reroll the div card strongboxes here but this mod is still worth it. If you proc monstrous treasure you will walk away with around an ex worth of divines from this. Be wary of pressing "alt" in this case if you have a potato.
Areas contain 30 additional Clusters of Mysterious Barrels Good Any maps.

There are different types of barrels and you only know what kind it is once you enter the map and break them. Regardless all of them are at least decent. Beware of explosive barrels though. In tier 16 maps if the map mod has -max res they can one shot you.
50% increased Duration of Shrine Effects on Players
Areas contain an extra Gloom/Resonating Shrine
Decent Shrines adds a lot of monsters in a packed area which makes it pretty fast to clear and the shrine explosions are good too.
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Corrupted Vaal Monsters
Area has 50% chance to contain Gifts of the Sacrificed per Sacrifice Fragment used
Area has 50% chance to contain Gifts of the Red Queen per Mortal Fragment used
Decent Add vaal fragments. Do not use mortal fragments. The chests will drop some vaal orbs and now seem to have a decent chance to drop maps too(although corrupted)
Player's Life and Mana Recovery from Flasks are instant
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Monsters that Heal
Decent Use any kind of maps. These sextants add more monsters and combine decently with all the other sextants.  This will mess up your "enduring" mana flasks if you are using those, so you might want to reroll this in that case.
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Corrupted Vaal Monsters
Players' Vaal Skills do not apply Soul Gain Prevention
Decent More pack size + almost perma vaal skill uptime so great for clear if you have a vaal skill that can clear well.
Players cannot take Reflected Damage
Areas contain 4 additional Packs with Mirrored Rare Monsters
Good Maps with reflect/any maps depending on your build

Very good if your build cannot do reflect maps. More rares is good too. Good to combine with nemesis sextant
Areas contain additional Monsters that Convert when Killed
contains 8 packs of monsters
Bad Reroll.

This is decent if you want to trigger beyond. The monsters(little totem guys) themselves seem to have very little IIQ/IIR so they won't help much by themselves. You should definitely reroll this if you have a PC that can't handle lots of calculations on screen.
Areas contain an additional Tormented Betrayer
The First 3 Possessed Monsters drop an additional Polished Scarab
Good Use a possessed foe prophecy(pretty cheap this league). add rouge exiles zana mod. if the prophecy procs you get 3 scarabs.

If it does not proc carry 3-4 forceful exorcism prophecies. Go very easy on the clearing and locate the ghost first, activate prophecy, kite ghost and kill the rare. A new ghost will spawn, activate prophecy and repeat those steps again until you get the 3 scarabs
Unique Bosses are accompanied by Bodyguards
An additional Map drops on Completing Areas
Good/Very good
twinned maps. Personal suggestion: use this on t15 maps

Currently, there is a "bug" where T16 map bosses don't seem to drop the expected number of t16 maps. I don't know if that is a real and valid point or not. Try this for yourself in both t15s and T16s and decide for yourself. If this works on t16 it is very good.
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Corrupted Vaal Monsters
Players gain an additional Vaal Soul on Kill
Better if you want a bit more vaal skill uptime in maps. otherwise identical to other sextants that add more monsters. Do keep in mind that shadow stalkers are a pain in the butt sometimes
Areas can contain Abysses
Areas contain an additional Abyss
Decent Keep if you like running abysses/rolling abyss jewels. If an abyssal depth spawns you will get a i86 stygian that you can craft for profit. If a boss spawns you can sell the spots for the boss kill challenge in trade 820. I sold them for 30c but I have seen 50c posts too. A decent amount of rares spawn from the cracks too.
Unique Bosses of Corrupted Maps drop an additional Vaal Item
Found Items have a 5% chance to drop Corrupted in Areas
Good Maps with high quantity and sextants that add more monsters.

5% chance to drop corrupted is decent odds for 1 or 2 six links if juiced enough. You can combine this with "unique monsters drop corrupted items" + "corrupted strongboxes" sextant for better odds.
Areas contain 8 additional packs of Corrupted Vaal Monsters
Items dropped by Corrupted Vaal Monsters in Areas have 20% chance to be Corrupted
Decent There are not enough vaal monsters in the map for the 20% chance to be corrupted to matter in terms of dropping 6-link items as far as I observed. 
Areas contain 2 additional Essences
Monsters Imprisoned by Essences have a 50% chance to contain a Remnant of Corruption
Bad Keep this if you like essence crafting. Otherwise reroll. They don't add much to the map and most of the times they are shit tier essences.
Unique Monsters drop Corrupted Items Very good Use twinned beyond maps. Use beyond mod on map device. Combine with beyond sextant if you have one(it is pretty rare). Use pack size sextant and combine with corrupted strongbox sextant if you can so you can down two birds one stone.

Use monstrous treasure and hope it procs. If you are not using "corrupted strongbox" sextant roll every strongbox to have contains a rogue exile with alterations(alternative is to use waiting in ambush prophecies before you open the strongbox) activate the scout prophecy and repeat. This will net you a fair amount of 6-links per map when monstrous treasure procs. Do this with an elder scarab if you can. The tentacle portals are also unique mobs that can drop corrupted items

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