Torchlight Infinite Order Calling Hero Memory

Order Calling Hero Memory

Icon Description
Eagle’s Fight to the Death
Require lv 1

Supported by the Masses
Require lv 1

  • -30% Overload Duration
  • (40–50)% chance to gain a stack of random Blessing when Minions deal Double Damage
  • Adds (20–23)(25–27) Physical Damage to Attacks and Spells for every 1 stacks of Blessing that your Minions have
Portable Wingman
Require lv 1

The Commander’s most trusted mechanical unit is always on standby in the machine nest, and the Commander affectionately calls them “his little birds.”

Mind Dock
Require lv 1

The Commander’s external mind-expanding device. It provides additional computing power, which allows the Commander to manipulate more Synthetic Troops at the same time.

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