Torchlight Infinite Defensive Stats: Improve Your Survivability

How to Improve Your Survivability

Defensive stats include the following: Life, energy shield, resistance, armor, evasion, and block.

1. Life and energy shield determine how much total damage you can withstand.

2. Resistance lowers damage taken from a corresponding type of damage.

3. Armor lowers damage taken from physical damage.

4. Evasion grants a chance to evade an attack all together. Spells cannot be evaded unless you have special affixes or talents.

5. Upon successfully blocking an attack, the overall damage dealt by that attack is reduced.

What defensive stats should I focus on?

Life and energy shield directly influence how much damage you can withstand. Their importance cannot be understated.

Resistance is valuable as it directly reduces damage taken of a specific type. Fire resistance lowers fire damage taken; chaos resistance lowers chaos damage taken; etc. As you level up and progress through the main story, your character’s resistance will grow in importance. Remember to keep an eye on your survivability menu and ensure that your elemental resistance and chaos resistance aren’t falling behind.

Armor, evasion, and block may be improved as you see fit and can be based more on your playstyle. Typically speaking, armor is provided through strength gear, evasion through dexterity gear, and block through wielding a shield in your offhand. The lower half of talent trees also grant a great deal of stats. Remember – while improving your DPS, don’t forget to increase your defenses to survive whatever Torchlight: Infinite throws at you!


Compound Potion, an active skill, will cover your healing needs in most situations. If you require persistent healing, the affix “Regeneration” provides life over time.

“Life Regain” and “Shield Regain” are also useful mechanisms for recovery. On hit, you will recover a portion of your lost life or energy shield. Both skills are highly dependent on attack frequency and, as such, should only be considered in later stages of the game.

Of course, the best defensive tactic is always simply choosing to flee with your life intact! Beauty begets danger – avoid strange objects on the ground to sidestep most of the damage in-game.

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