Torchlight Infinite Skill System Guide

In Torchlight: Infinite, skills are divided into Active Skills, Support Skills, Passive Skills, and Triggered Skills.

Active Skills: These are skills that are actively cast by tapping the button.Example: The attack skill “Groundshaker”, recovery skill “Compound Potion”, and mobility skill “Frigid Transmission” are all Active Skills.

Support Skills: These are skills that are used to support Active Skills. Linking them with Active Skills changes the form, characteristics, and stats of Active Skills. They are used to strengthen Active Skills.Example: “Greater Multiple Projectiles” can increase the number of projectiles of the supported Active Skill by 4.

Passive Skills: These skills include Imbue Skills and Aura Skills. They provide steady enhancements to the character at the cost of sealing a portion of their Mana or Life. After they are equipped, Passive Skills need to be activated in the skill panel to take effect.

Torchlight Infinite Skill System Guide

Triggered Skills: Triggered Skills are more special and are only accessed in the middle stages of the game. After equipping a Triggered Skill and linking it with an Active Skill/Passive Skill, it changes the way in which the supported skill is triggered. Similarly, a portion of Mana or Life will be sealed after activation.Example: After linking “Cast on Critical Strike” and “Chromatic Shot”, landing a critical strike when attacking with another attack skill will also trigger “Chromatic Shot” once.

Skill Linking

By linking Active Skills and Support Skills, you can change the form, power, and even skill effects of Active Skills.

Tag Principles: Each skill has a tag. Linking an Active Skill and Support Skill that has the same tag will create a new skill.Example: The Active Skill “Ring of Ice” has three tags: “Spell”, “Cold”, and “Area”. This means you can link it with the Support Skills: “Efficient Cast” (Spell), “Increased Area” (Area), or “Added Cold Damage” (Cold) to reduce the Mana cost of “Ring of Ice”, increase its skill radius, or increase its Cold Damage.

Skill Energy: Energy determines the number of skill slots that can be activated. The more Energy, the more skill slots that can be activated and the more skills that can be linked.

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