How to Improve DPS Damage – Torchlight Infinite

How to Improve DPS

Damage types

There are currently 5 types of damage in Torchlight: Infinite: Physical, fire, cold, lightning, and chaos.

Open your character stats menu in the game and tap the “DPS” button to view your current damage for each type. (Note: This damage calculation only includes active skills, excluding damage from both ailments and triggered skills.)

How to Improve DPS Damage - Torchlight Infinite

Higher Damage Limit

Season 3 updated. We've changed the number of digits in underlying calculations, meaning that the single-hit damage limit can now exceed 2.1 billion.

How to increase damage

Damage is calculated in three steps: base damage; damage increase; extra damage.

1. Base damage includes basic damage values.

    – Examples:Gear affixes: 216-256 added gear physical damage

    – Active skill: Split Firebolt – deals 235-352 fire damage

     – Support skill: Added Fire Damage – supported skills deal 94-174 extra fire damage

2. Damage increases include affixes which boost stats on a percentage basis and are somewhat common. Examples:

     – Gear or talent affixes: +15% fire damage, +30% spell damage, etc.

3. Extra damage affixes are far more rare and grant even stronger damage improvements. They are usually seen within support skills. Examples:

     – Support skill: Fire Explosion – supported skills deal 26% extra fire damage.

Final Thoughts

When looking to increase your DPS, determine your main skills and damage types before selecting corresponding affixes for the most efficient improvements. Examples:

1. Your main skill is Split Firebolt, which is tagged with #spell, #projectile, aoe, and #linear. As most damage from a spell skill comes from the skill itself, upgrading the skill will increase its base damage. Talents with affixes such as “increase spell damage”, “increase fire damage”, increase projectile damage”, and “increase AoE damage” are solid choices to improve Split Firebolt.

2. Your main skill is Focused Impact, which is tagged with #melee, #aoe, and #impact. Most damage from attack skills is derived from the equipped weapon, making weapon selection your most important choice. Other DPS improvements may be found by choosing affixes such as “increase melee damage”, “increase attack damage”, “increase AoE damage”, and anything relating to “impact”.

Affixes are rare and hard to find in the early stages of the game, so begin improving your DPS by increasing base damage. Impressive damage boosts can be gained by crafting one weapon with multiple affixes that directly increase its damage.

How to Improve DPS Damage - Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Some builds are reaching 63B DPS or more. What is the acceptable amount of dps a build should have before it is nerfed, if any?

A:We keep our eyes on any abnormal damage data on our backend,and if we spot anything unusual, we'll double-check to see if it's reasonable. If the data is reasonable, we're okay with it, but we can't share specific numbers publicly."

Attack based builds are capable of reaching 63B DPS because they can increase attack speed to 30 attacks per second. Spell based builds are weaker, especially due to the 2.1B hit cap. Are there any plans to bridge this gap?

A:It's true, there is a 2.1 billion single damage per hit limit, it will be changed in the next season. It will reduce that gap to some extent. Spells will also be tweaked and enhanced in the new season.

I believe you are planning to remove the damage cap, which is good news for builds that don't hit as rapidly as attack based builds. Are there concerns that damage numbers will go too high, especially if there are limitations to the game engine? If so, what are the plans for fixing it?

A:Next season, we will increase the damage cap by changing the game engine, and we will continue to monitor damage data. If there are abnormally high damage values, we will investigate them.

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