Torchlight Infinite Desire Crystals

Desire Crystal: currency used to make demands to the Cube of Rapacity.

Desire Crystal

Desire Crystal: could be granted by defeating the Malice Incarnations in the stage. Can be used to covet items from the Cube of Rapacity that appears after the defeat of the boss of this stage.

Torchlight Infinite Desire Crystal

Desire Crystals are a special drop in the Cube Season. They could be granted by defeating Normal Malice Incarnations. You can use them to activate the Cube of Rapacity.

Season-Exclusive Gameplay: Cube of Rapacity

First up, let's talk about the Cube of Rapacity season's gameplay. In both the main story and Map stages, you might run into monsters that Mark with greed by the Cube of Rapacity. When you defeat these unique mobs, you will receive a Desired Crystal and item exclusive to that map and can be taken out of the map.

Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity

Once you've taken down the stage boss, the Cube of Rapacity will make its appearance. It offers a specific number of desired crystals to receive random rewards. But beware, don't get carried away by greed or you might anger the cube and lose all the rewards you've collected so far.

The Cube of Rapacity will also attract unique and Powerful bosses and special monsters.

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Related Pactspirits

Name Category Description
Heart-binding Rose Season-Exclusive Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Minor Node: +3% drop quantity, +5% Desire Crystal drop quantity, +5% Desire Bead drop quantity
  • Medium Node: +6% drop quantity, +10% Desire Crystal drop quantity, +10% Desire Bead drop quantity
  • Major Node: 14% chance to 2x the items in the Cube of Rapacity
  • Additional Node: When the items are doubled, 50% chance to 3x the items in the Cube of Rapacity

Lucky Draw

Defeat the new season monster malice incarnation to get desire crystals. After the cube of rapacity appears, spend a certain amount of desire crystals to draw amazing rewards from it.

Torchlight Infinite Desire Crystals

"Oh greedy one, it seems that the cube has answered your plea. It shall descend upon us when expanding desires coalesce into reality."

Torchlight Infinite Desire Crystals

By defeating exclusive monsters, players can acquire “Desire Crystals” that can be used to claim amazing rewards from the “Cube of Rapacity”!

Will you be content with your rewards, or will you take the chance of doubling them, even if it means risking it all? Your greed will be the deciding factor!

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