Torchlight Infinite Loot

Hunters, welcome to “Torchlight”! Here is some intel about loots. We hope this will teach you more about the various resources of Leptis.


This refers to the items and resources that drop after defeating monsters. Currently, drops include gears, commodities, fluorescent fragments, Beacons, Compasses, etc.

Torchlight Infinite Loot


Other than gears, loot also includes: Embers, crafting materials, Fossils, Elixir of Oblivion, Netherrealm Resonance, Energy Cores, Compasses, etc. We suggest you hold on to them for now in case you might need them later.


There are more than ten different types of Ember in the game. Ember is an essential material that is used for crafting. The type of Ember used determines the affixes in crafting. This characteristic can be used to make targeted improvements to certain stats.

Torchlight Infinite Ember


There are currently 3 types of crafting materials: Flame Dust, Flame Sand, and Flame Elementium.

They are also commonly circulated commodities used for trading, and the value of gear is measured in terms of these commodities.

Torchlight Infinite Flames


There are currently only 2 types of Fossils in the game.

Crafting with Acute Fossils makes it easier to increase the number of affixes by 1, while crafting with Spiral Fossils makes it easier to get a high-quality affix. Both types of Fossils are quite rare.

Torchlight Infinite Fossils

Elixir of Oblivion

It is free to reset Talent prior to Lv.80. After reaching Lv.80, you can use an Elixir of Oblivion to get 1 Talent Reset Node.

Elixir of Oblivion

Netherrealm Resonance

This item is used to refresh a Netherrealm stage’s base affixes. You will use lots of these in the late game.

Netherrealm resonance

Energy Cores

This item is used to reset the Energy of gears. You will use lots of these in the late game.

Energy Core

Fluorescent Memories

Fluorescent Memories are an extremely important type of loot. You can collect different types of Fluorescent Memories and exchange them for Embers, crafting materials, normal gears and Legendary gears at the Spacetime Wanderer.

Fluorescent Memories - Torchlight Infinite


Use Beacons to unlock the Netherrealm Challenge. Beacons are an extremely important type of loot in the mid to late game.

Netherrealm Beacon Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

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