Torchlight Infinite Statue of The New God

Divinity Slate and Statue of the New God

In the new season’s adventure, Hunters have the opportunity to obtain a unique item called Divinity Slate.

Each Divinity Slate is associated with a deity and can hold up to 2 random Talent Affixes from the corresponding god.

The new god offers Hunters a fresh Talent Panel, the Statue of The New God. Unlike previous Talent Panels, Hunters can combine and place multiple Divinity Slates on the Statue of The New God to gain potent buffs. This feature enables Hunters to bridge the gap between divine Talents and utilize the power of the six gods more flexibly.

Torchlight Infinite Statue of The New God

Furthermore, Hunters can enhance the Divinity Slate through a special branding process, but this will render the Divinity Slate untradeable. Each successful branding attempt will either add a new Affix or level up an existing one.

Torchlight Infinite Brand Divinity Slate

Additionally, when enhancing a Divinity Slate successfully, there is a small chance to transform a powerful, leveled-up Affix into the new god’s exclusive Talent Affix, “Divine Entropy.” Divine Entropy empowers Hunters with the ability to control “Order and Chaos.”

Torchlight Infinite Brand Divinity Slate

It is important to note that each Divinity Slate has a limit on the number of branding attempts, which significantly increases the challenge of obtaining Divine Entropy. If you manage to acquire enough Divine Entropy, you may be considered the chosen one of the new god.

Valuable rollback materials will also be provided to enable players to make multiple branding attempts on their most valuable base items.

Related currency: Unifying Wedge

Unifying Wedge: can be used on the Divinity Slated to remove all the Brands on it and restore Brand Attempts.

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Season Character Build

A new god has been born, but the statue of the new gold has yet to be cast. We shall continue our adventures to collect souls in this world and offer them to cast a statue for the new gold. Only then will our faith be validated, and the god's will be carried out.

The 7th GodTalent Tangram
A new talent panel, statue of the new god, will be added in the new season. The birth of the new god has disrupted the existing system of the six gods, causing the powers of the six gods tot merge.

torchlight infinite The 7th God

"This is not the first time she has bid me farewell. The same farewell has taken place countless times."

We will introduce a new item called the divinity slate in the new season. The powers of different gods are recorded on this slate. Hunters can combine and place multiple divinity slates on the statue of the new god to gain powerful buffs.

torchlight infinite Talent Tangram

"It seems that in a past we shouldn't remember, we also activated the clockwork core and traveled across thousands of planes to find that girl."

System Optimizations

  • 【PC】Statue of The New God, Trade House, Crafting, Enchant, Gear Empowerment, Stash, Corrosion, and Hero Trait now support hover TIPS.
  • 【PC】New hotkey support added for: Hunters association, Hunters’ Forge, Statue of The New God, Cube of Rapacity, Avarice Code, and Auto Loot Toggle.
  • 【Controller】Added support for skills, Avarice Code, Cube of Rapacity, and Statue of The New God.

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