Torchlight Infinite Item Rarity & Gear Guide

Item Rarity

There are 5 gear qualities:

  • Normal gear – Grey, with no affixes.
  • Magic gear – Blue, with 1-2 affixes.
  • Rare gear – Purple, with 3-5 affixes.
  • Super Rare gear – Pink, with 6 affixes.
  • Legendary gears have exclusive special affixes but can’t be used for crafting and enchanting.

Torchlight Infinite Item Rarity

How to pick which gear to use from the gear you pick up?

—The vast majority of gear you pick up will need to be identified to view their specific affixes and stats:

1. Look at how many affixes they have. The more affixes they have, the more likely they’ll have useful affixes.

2. Check the tier of the affixes. To view the tier of affixes, tap “Details” on the gear. The best affixes are T1 or even T0.

Torchlight Infinite How to Pick Gear

3. Check the type of the affixes and whether the stats granted by the affixes are compatible with your build and skills.

4. Even if you have Legendary gears you can’t use right now, keep them in your stash because your stash is shared between all the characters on the same account. Maybe one of your other characters can use them later.

You can sell gears you don’t need to the Trader at the Hideout for Flame Residues, which can be exchanged for Flame Dust. Flame Dust is a basic crafting material.

※ Tips:

Drop Quantity and Rarity

The drop quantity bonus applies to almost all drops except exclusive drops.

The drop rarity bonus only applies to gears. The rarity of the gear determines whether it is Normal, Magic, Rare, or Legendary.

The higher the drop rarity bonus, the better the quality of the dropped gear will be.

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Torchlight Infinite Energy On Gear

Energy determines how many Support Skills you can use on your Active and Passive Skills to deal more damage and have better defenses. Starting at item level 45 Energy starts appearing on gear. The maximum is scaled by the item level, NOT the level required to equip the item. This scaling caps out at item level 80.

Item Category Enerygy Caps
  • Chest Armor
  • 2-Handed Weapons
122 Energy
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Shields
  • 1-Handed Weapons
61 Energy
  • Amulets
  • Rings
  • Belts
  • Hero Relics
No Energy

You also gain 1 Energy per character level; this is 100 additional Energy by leveling up.

Energy Core: An item required to refine the gear energy value. Use Energy Core for Gear Empowerment to randomize the energy value on an item. When you have a good piece of gear with low Energy, empower it until you get near the maximum. Or alternatively, purchase a high energy base in the Trade House.

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