Torchlight Infinite Supported By The Masses

Supported by the Masses

Icon Description
Hero Specialization:Order Calling

  • -30% Overload Duration
  • (40–50)% chance to gain a stack of random Blessing when Minions deal Double Damage
  • Adds (20–23)(25–27) Physical Damage to Attacks and Spells for every 1 stacks of Blessing that your Minions have

Flavour Text: “Who is that man?” “He is Moto! The pride of our Hermann Empire, the famous general! He just led us to a great victory in the Black Pass!”

Dropped By

  • Has a chance of dropping after defeating Void Pirates in Netherrealm
  • Global Drops
  • Mob instant kill
  • Chest Mimic – Temporary

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