Torchlight Infinite Desire Core

Desire Core

Desire Core is a ticket to encounter the season 3 boss, The Law Bearer.

Desire Core - RecordDesire Core - Creation

Torchlight Infinite Desire Core

Desire Core - Record: used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm to open a portal to challenge the Law Bearer.

Torchlight Infinite Desire Core Creation

Desire Core - Creation: used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm with Desire Core - Record to open a portal to challenge the Law Bearer at a higher difficulty level.

The Cube of Rapacity will also drop an item known as Desire Core. Desired cores serve as tokens to the challenge new supreme boss called Law Bearer, the Supreme judge of the high court of Desire. This formidable enemy presents a tougher challenge for hunters than ever before. Upon defeating the Law Bearer, players can expect to receive special and Incredibly attractive items. It includes a season's new precious item Unifying Wedge which can be used to restore Divinity slates.

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How to get Desire Core?

Defeating Malice Incarnations has a chance to drop it. (Season-Exclusive Gameplay: Cube of Rapacity)

In the new season, players will encounter the Cube of Rapacity at every stage. Defeating the monsters influenced by the Cube, known as Malice Incarnations, will grant players Desire Crystals. By spending a specific amount of Desire Crystals, players can obtain various rewards from the cube. If fortunate enough, players can draw the Cube of Craving and receive even more valuable rewards. With a touch of greed and luck, it’s possible to double the rewards, but if luck isn’t on your side, you might lose everything.

The new season introduces a unique Season Talent: Avarice Code. By altering the Talent Node method, players can have a completely different season experience: they can choose to have the entire map filled with Malice Incarnations or opt to increase their luck and further pursue the Cube of Craving.

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