Torchlight: Infinite Mechanics Guide

List of Torchlight: Infinite Mechanics Guide

Name Description
every enemy
  • Each normal or magic enemy counts as 1 enemy. Each Rare enemy counts as 2 enemies. Each Legendary enemy counts as 5 enemies
Elemental Ailment
  • Ignite, Frostbite, and Shock
  • Within 6 meters
  • Within 4 seconds
  • Helmet, chest armor, gloves, and boots
Fatal Damage
  • The instance of damage that kills the target
  • Upon hitting a target, a parabolic Projectile Splits into multiple secondary Projectiles
  • Upon hitting a target, a horizontal projectile or chaining skill leaps to another target nearby, dealing reduced damage after each leap
  • Chance to perform an additional attack when using attack skills. If the chance exceeds 100%, one additional attack will be performed with every 100% of the chance. Multistrikes consume skill resource as normal and will be interrupted if there are insufficient resources. Moving or using other non-instant skills will interrupt multistrike. Unable to use multistrike while moving or channeling
  • Horizontal projectiles pass through the targets they hit, continuing along their original trajectory until reaching the piercing limit.
Main-hand weapon
  • The weapon held in your right hand
Off-hand Weapon
  • The weapon held in your left hand
  • Reflects negative effects back to the attacker. You will still be affected by the reflected effects
  • -20% extra attack speed to the target, and +20% attack speed to the caster. Each target can only be raided once
Freezing Physique
  • When an enemy hits you, it gets slowed for 2 seconds
  • Performs a random check or random roll twice and picks the result that benefits you the most
  • Fire, cold, and lightning
Low Life
  • When current life is under 35% of maximum life
  • Kills enemies under 10% maximum life on hit
Legendary Boss
  • These rarest enemies are most challenging and provide the best drops.
  • Elite enemies include Rare and Legendary enemies
  • Kill Frostbitten enemies
Severe Injury
  • When a single instance of damage applied exceeds 35% of the sum of maximum life and maximum energy shield
Sunder Armor
  • Your armor no longer provides physical damage mitigation, but instead increases melee physical damage equal to 1% of armor.
Low Mana
  • When current mana is under 35% of maximum mana
  • Energy shield starts to charge after the character hasn’t taken any damage for 2 seconds at the rate of 20% of maximum energy shield per second and stops charge if the character takes damage
Sealed Mana
  • A portion of mana is reserved to maintain persistent effects such as auras
Sealed Life
  • A portion of life is reserved to maintain persistent effects such as auras
Dual Wielding
  • When using two one-handed weapons, one in each hand
  • When the character has no weapons equipped
Balance of All Things
  • Increases an enemy’s resistance against an element by 25% after dealing damage with that element, but reduces their resistance against other elements by 50%
Steep Strike
  • Chance to gain 1 Steep Strike attempt when using Slash-Strike skills’ Sweep Slash form.
  • When a Slash-Strike skill have Steep Strike attempts, it will be cast in Steep Strike form
  • Shadow Strike creates a Shadow that strikes at other targets with the same attack. If no other targets are present, it will strike the character’s target
  • When the Affliction inflicted per second is not 0, the DoT dealt will continuously inflicts Affliction on the target
  • Enemies take 0.5% more DoT per Affliction
  • The maximum Affliction is 100
  • Removes a certain value of Life from the target. The value is equal to the damage of all DoT within a certain time
Injury Buffer
  • Delays a portion of incoming Damage in the next 4 seconds.
  • Gains extra life restoration but cannot use skills or be targeted. Loses this status once fully healed
  • Minions become more aggressive and will target enemies within a greater area
Enemy Count
  • Each normal or magic enemy counts as 1 enemy
  • Each Rare enemy counts as 2 enemies
  • Each Legendary enemy counts as 5 enemies
One-Handed Melee Weapon
  • One-handed sword, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, claw, and dagger
One-Handed Ranged Weapon
  • Wand and pistol
Two-Handed Melee Weapon
  • Two-handed sword, two-handed axe, two-handed hammer, and staff
Two-Handed Ranged Weapon
  • Bow, crossbow, cannon, and musket
  • Necklace, ring, and belt
Craft Commodity
  • Including Embers, Fuel, Fossils, and Energy Cores
Demolisher Charge
  • Impact skills gain 1 Demolisher Charge at regular intervals.
  • Using an Demolisher skill will consume its charges and convert it into a stronger form.
  • 6 meters away
Terra Charge
  • Ground skills gain 1 Terra Charge at regular intervals.
  • Using an Terra skill will consume all of its charges, and every consumed charge will enhance the skill.
Full Life
  • When the current Life is above 95% of the Maximum Life.
Double Damage
  • Chance to deal Double Damage On Hit
  • Increase extra critical strike chance, critical strike damage, and extra melee skill area
Weapon Amplification
  • Increases weapon Physical Damage and Attack Speed.
  • Increases base life restoration
Electric Conversion
  • A percentage of physical damage added as lightning damage. Deals extra lightning damage
Frigid Domain
  • Affected enemies take increased cold damage. Aura effect increases persistently, up to 4 seconds
  • Increases base evasion
Elemental Amplification
  • Extra elemental spell damage
Energy Fortress
  • Increases base energy shield
Magical Source
  • Increases base mana restoration
Precise Projectiles
  • Extra projectile damage; increases projectile speed; extra accuracy
Elemental Resistance
  • Increases elemental resistance
  • Increases movement speed and base accuracy
Deep Pain
  • Increases extra persistent damage and extends the duration
Erosion Amplification
  • Increases Erosion Damage and deals extra Damage to Life.
Charged Flames
  • Attacks add extra fire damage; spells cause fire flat damage
  • Increases base armor
Shadow Swamp
  • Erosion Spell. Conjures a Shadow Swamp at the target location to deal Damage and Weaken enemies. Shadow Swamp can be moved with Shadow Shot. Each time it is moved, its Damage and Radius will increase.
Shadow Shot
  • Erosion Spell. Fires a Projectile of shadow that travels forward and detonates on hit, dealing Damage to Nearby enemies. Moves the existing Shadow Swamp to the target hit. Each move refreshes the Shadow Swamp Duration and increases its Damage and Radius.
  • Status effects provide different buff effects to different skills. Stacks up to 5 times.
Frost Pool
  • Conjures a frost pool at the target location, dealing persistent damage and inflicts slow periodically
Flame Pillar
  • Installs a fire beam at the target location that throws flames at enemies nearby to deal damage.
Elemental corrosion
  • Elemental corrosion
  • Despair
  • Inertia
Armor Break
  • Armor Break
Elemental Destruction
  • Curse. Reduces elemental resistance
  • Curse. Increases extra physical damage taken and chance to be inflicted with bleeding
  • Curse. Increase extra lightning damage taken and chance to be shocked
  • Curse. Increase extra fire damage taken and chance to be ignited
Biting Cold
  • Curse skill. Reduces Cold Resistance and increases the chance to Frostbite
  • Curse. Reduces Erosion Resistance and increases chance to Wilt
Entangled Pain
  • Curse. Increases extra persistent damage taken
  • Curse. [Blinded] and reduce extra damage dealt
  • Increase persistent damage taken
Aimed Shot
  • Fires a bullet that pierces 2 enemies, dealing physical attack damage.
  • Deals physical attack damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
Onslaught Punch
  • Charges the target, dealing physical attack damage to enemies in the path. At the end of the charge, throws a powerful punch to deal physical attack damage to enemies in front of you.
Frost Strike
  • Deals cold spell damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
Frozen Breath
  • Deals Cold Spell Damage to enemies nearby, increasing the duration they are Frostbitten and the radius of all the caster’s skills.
Absolute Zero
  • Deals Cold Spell Damage to enemies nearby with an additional chance to Frostbite. Enemies affected by crowd control take even higher damage and have a greater chance to be Frostbitten.
Ablaze Punch
  • Deals fire spell damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
Eternal Sacrifice
  • Deals high fire persistent damage to nearby enemies per second.
Frenzy Flames
  • Increases extra damage dealt at the cost of taking secondary fire damage per second. Increases life restoration speed.
Quick Electrocute
  • Fires an lightning bolt that travels forward, dealing lightning attack damage.
Lightning Punishment
  • Fires a swift project that jumps 4 times, dealing lightning attack damage. Chance to reduce extra damage dealt by enemies on hit.
Lucky Strike
  • Critical strike grants a buff that increases projectile speed and attack speed. Stacks up to 4 times
Shotgun Effect
  • Projectiles can hit multiple times. Returning projectiles deal less damage.
Thunderlight Field
  • Places a Sentry on the spot. The Sentry creates a Thunderlight Field. Ally within the field gains Lucky Damage and deals additional Secondary Lightning Damage equal to a percentage of Hit Damage once on hit.
Souleating Circle
  • Creates a Souleating Circle that surrounds you. Every enemy that enters the circle for the first time will grant you additional Spell Damage, and every enemy killed within the circle will allow your Spells to pierce through All Resistance.
Safeguard Ring
  • Place a Sentry on the spot. The Sentry creates a Safeguard Ring. Enemies within its radius are Knocked Back periodically. Allies receive less damage in its radius and take additional less damage from enemies outside the ring.
Marked Rain of Arrows
  • Launches a Projectile that travels forward and deals Weapon Damage. The Projectile has a chance to Mark the enemy on hit. When Projectiles hit a Marked enemy, calls down multiple waves of Rain of Arrows on the enemy, dealing Weapon Damage.
  • Calls down multiple waves of Blizzard that deal Spell Cold Damage and reduce enemy’s Cold and Lightning Resistance.
Frost Touch
  • Deals Spell Cold Damage once to the nearby enemies and inflict negative effects to them. Records the next several times of Cold Damage taken. Explodes as the recording effect ends and deals Secondary Erosion Damage equal to a percentage of the recorded damage.
Secret Origin Unleash
  • Increases Cast Speed while the skill is active, and further increases Cast Speed based on the stacks of Focus Blessing owned when casting the skill. When the skill’s duration draws to an end, Focus Blessing will be consumed to extend the duration.
Black Hole
  • Creates a Black Hole at the target location, dealing Erosion DoT to enemies within it and knocking them back. Black Holes can Knockback reversely.
Ice Bond
  • Places a Sentry at the target location. The Sentry continuously launches Cold Laser Beams to enemy units, dealing Spell Cold Damage and inflicting Frostbite upon hitting enemies, and deals additional Cold Damage to Frostbitten enemies.
Scorching Pulse
  • Deals Spell Fire Damage once to nearby enemies and Reaps DoT
Fire Burst
  • Deals Spell Fire Damage to enemies within range. Deals extra Damage to enemies at the center of the area.
Flame Jet
  • Conjures a flame pool at the target location at regular intervals. Eruptions lock onto enemy units in a radius hurl a Projectile at the targets. The Projectile that falls on the ground forms a small flame pool on the spot.
Bull’s Rage
  • While the skill is active, increases Melee skill Attack Speed and Skill Radius.
Frigid Transmission
  • Blinks a distance to the target location, inflicting 1 stack of
    on enemy units at the blink starting point and target location. Refreshes cooldown when causing
Ice Imbue
  • Under the Imbue buff, your Attacks and Spells gain additional Cold Damage with a chance to
    enemies. Defeating a
    target deals damage to enemies in a radius.
Thunder Imbue
  • Under this Imbue, attacks and spells gain additional Lightning Damage with a chance to
    enemies. Hitting a
    enemy will trigger a Thunder Strike and deals damage to the enemy once.
  • 8 cannon shells land within a area of 4 meters, each dealing 160% physical damage to enemies within 1.6 meters.
  • Deals 160% physical damage to targets within a area of 2 meters. Cooldown: 0.35-second
Fire Tornado
  • Deals persistent fire damage to enemies in a circle, reducing their fire resistance by 10%. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Ring of Lightning
  • A lightning skill similar to frost bomb centered on the caster
Storm Shield
  • Target’s block chance increased. Fires chain lightning on block
  • Punishment deals 5 times strength as physical damage and applies secondary damage.
  • The sum of armor, evasion, and energy shield
Block Ratio
  • By default, blocks absorb 35% damage. Increase block ratio to increase the damage absorption proportion.
Maximum Resistance
  • By default, the maximum resistance is 75%. This limit can be increased.
  • Bleed, Ignite, Frostbite, Shock, and Wilt
Ailment Damage
  • Bleed, Ignite, and Wilt. Shock excluded for now.
All Stats
  • Strength, dexterity, and intelligence
Stats Required
  • The strength, dexterity, and intelligence required to use a gear or skill
Drop quantity
  • Affects the quantity of items dropped (all types)
Drop rarity
  • Affects rare drops (Gear only)
Drop quantity
  • Affects the quantity of items dropped (all types)
  • Each Base affix increases drop quantity bonus by a certain value. Drop quantity increases with the number and danger of the Base affixes.
Drop rarity
  • Affects rare drops (Gear only)
  • Each Base Affix increases the chance of rare drops by a certain value. Drop quantity increases with the number and danger of the Base Affixes.
Fire Energy
  • +10% Fire Damage and +3% chance to Ignite per Energy
Cold Energy
  • +10% Cold Damage and +2% chance to Frostbite per Energy
Fire Pulse
  • A fire pulse spreads from the caster, dealing fire spell damage increased with character level. Cooldown: 2 seconds.
Cold Pulse
  • A cold pulse spreads from the caster, dealing cold spell damage increased with character level. Cooldown: 2 seconds.
Fire Domain
  • Upon entering the Fire Explosion, your Fire Domain deals fire damage to enemies persistently, reducing their fire resistance
Ice Domain
  • Upon entering the Ice Explosion, your Ice Domain slows enemies within range, reducing their cold resistance
Lava Form
  • While in [Lava Form], you ignite nearby enemies, reducing their fire resistance. Ignite damage increases with your fire energy bars. Enemy fire resistance is further reduced as the ignite duration increases.
Crystal Form
  • While in [Crystal Form], slow nearby enemies, increasing their cold damage taken. The effects of slow and cold damage bonus increase with the cold energy bars.
  • Explosive units will leave 2 sparks within 3 meters upon death. When any unit approaches a spark, the spark explode in 0.5 seconds, dealing the host’s 3% maximum life as fire damage to nearby units caught in the explosion. Sparks deal secondary damage. Sparks last for 5 second and explode when they expire.
  • Explosive units will leave 2 sparks within 3 meters upon death. When any unit approaches a spark, the spark explode in 0.5 seconds, dealing the host’s 3% maximum life as fire damage to nearby units caught in the explosion. Sparks deal secondary damage. Sparks last for 5 second and explode when they expire.
Energy Gauge
  • You have two energy gauges, respectively for your cold and fire energy
  • Each gauge stores up to 3 bars of the corresponding energy
  • When you are holding cold (fire) energy, using a fire (cold) skill consumes all of your cold (fire) energy and will not grant fire (cold) energy as it does otherwise
  • When you haven’t used any cold (fire) skill recently, the stored cold (fire) energy diminishes
  • After not casting fire or cold skills, fire and cold energy will deplete. The higher the bars, the shorter the depletion time.
Frostfire Rampage
  • +100% Fusion Energy effect for 5s during which Fusion Energy won’t deplete. Loses all Fusion Energy when the duration ends. Cooldown: 11s.
  • A special Berserker resource.
  • Gains 8 rage during melee attacks
  • Gains 1 rage after taking damage equal to the sum of 1% of maximum life and maximum energy shield
  • If no rage is gained within the last 3 seconds, rage depletes at 2 per second
  • Increases attack speed by 2% per 5 rage
  • Enters berserk at maximum rage
  • During berserk, gain bonuses twice the maximum rage. berserk expires when you run out of rage.
  • When triggered, a powerful blast damages enemies within 3 meters. While dual wielding, the base damage is the average damage of both weapons.
  • Creates a persistent cyclones that deals damage to enemies periodically. The damage dealt and ticking interval of the cyclone is based on your base damage and attack speed.
Special Ammo
  • Adds a Support Skill to the bottom left corner of the Hero Trait menu. There is a chance to reload the special ammo of the added Support Skill.
  • The special ammo will be successfully consumed and effects of the added Support Skill will be granted if the added Support Skill is not on the skill panel and able to support Projectile Skills.
Explosive Rounds
  • Explosive rounds grant +2 projectiles but reduce the projectile base range to 5 meters. Multiple projectiles may hit the same target at once. Explosive rounds no longer have the base ammo effects and reduce 20% extra damage dealt.
Speed Round
  • When firing Speed Rounds, +3% attack speed, cast speed, and projectile speed for 4 seconds. The effect is stackable
  • Projectile skills consume ammo. When you are out of ammo, you must reload to use these skills again.
  • Fill the magazine by reloading ammo for a certain time. Unable to use Projectile Skills during the reload.
Magic Shot
  • While magic shot is active, each projectile skill used or triggered consumes 3 ammo. When multiple special ammo is consumed, projectile skills will gain corresponding effects of the support skills. As long as magic shot is on, reloading is instant.
Blank Firing
  • Projectile skills can be used without ammo. In such a case, no ammo benefits are applied.
Auto Reload
  • When no projectile skills have been used recently, the character will start reloading automatically. When a fixed quantity of ammo is auto-reloaded, it will complete instantly. Auto-reloading can be interrupted.
Spacetime Illusion
  • Spacetime Illusion can only use spells but not any channeled and summoning skills.
  • Only 1 [spacetime Illusion] may exist at a time. After reaching the summoning limit, clickping on the Hero Trait will resummon a new [spacetime Illusion].
  • Provides buffs for your minions
Increasing Damage
  • Gains additional bonuses for this time’s Multistrike based on the current Multistrike Count
Multistrike Count
  • Records the current attack’s number of attacks during Multistrike when a Multistrike is triggered. The next attack’s count during Multistrike +1 for each attack made
Frost Recovery
  • Regenerates 1.2% of Life per second;
  • Regenerates 1% of Mana per second;
  • +18% Energy Shield Charge Speed.
Spacetime Turbulence
  • Removes Life equal to the shared damage for 2s, up to 3 stacks
Part of Skills
  • Corrosive Throw’s diminishing ratio is 58%. Split Arrow’s diminishing ratio is 33%
Twisted Spacetime
  • Gives buffs to allies within range
  • Gains great buffs while inside Twisted Spacetime
Twisted Spacetime
  • Increases DoT taken by nearby enemies
Divine Punishment
  • Consumes Tenacity Blessing, Agility Blessing, and Focus Blessing to send down Divine Punishment and gain Explosion for a short time
Cat’s Agility
  • Gains Movement Speed bonus
  • The Movement Speed bonus gained will improve other stats
Feline Figure
  • Inflicts Shock on the enemies in the path and settles Shock Damage
Seething Spirit
  • A Divine Ruin disguised as the ancestral spirit. Casts Non-Mobility and Non-Channeled Main Melee Skill that the player carries upon appearance
Self-Destruct Protocol
  • Self-destruct after 1s
  • Fired Projectiles fly abrest
Secondary Skill
  • The second skill on the Skill Wheel (bottom left)
Shotgun Effect
  • Multiple projectiles fired by a projectile skill can hit the same enemy. The first projectile deals 100% damage on hit. The subsequent projectiles deal less damage on hit.
  • Cannot act
  • Reduce extra damage dealt by 10%
  • Damage has a 20% chance to miss before addressed
  • Forced to move back by a short distance
  • Increase damage taken by an extra 10%
  • Each stack reduces attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed by 6%. Stacks up to 5 times
  • A unit will be frozen once it has more than 100 Frostbites. Frostbites are cleared once the unit is Frozen and rendered immobile.
  • Recovering from the Frostbite status and returning to normal speed
  • An Ailment that may be triggered on hit, dealing Erosion Damage per second for 1s based on Base Wilt Damage. Stacking limit: none
  • There’s a chance to trigger Ailment on hit, dealing Fire Damage per second for 4s based on Base Ignite Damage. Unable to stack
  • +30% additional Affliction Effect when dealing Ignite Damage
  • There’s a chance to trigger an Ailment on hit, dealing Physical Damage per second for 4s based on Base Bleed Damage. Unable to stack
  • +30% Reaping Time when Reaping Bleed Damage
  • There’s a chance to trigger an Ailment on hit. Shocked enemy units take Secondary Lightning Damage equal to Base Shock Damage when hit.
  • Characters gain Base Shock Damage equal to 5% of the Lightning Damage on hit
  • Shock Damage is not affected by bonuses
  • One Shock can be triggered up to 12 times
  • Forced to attack the taunting unit
  • Cannot cast spells and warcries
  • Cannot perform attacks
Agility Blessing
  • Every stack of Agility Blessing grants +6% Attack Speed, Cast Speed, and Movement Speed. Initial maximum stacks: 4.
  • Increases Mana Restoration speed and deals extra spell damage based on the effect level
  • Target is locked. Evasion reduced and critical strike damage taken increased
Tenacity Blessing
  • Every stack of Tenacity Blessing grants additional 4% Damage reduction. Initial maximum stacks: 4.
  • Gain a shield with a capacity of 15% of the sum of Maximum Life and Maximum Energy Shield, absorbing 50% of the Damage taken. Cannot gain the shield when Barrier is present.
  • Allows you to move through units. Once 100 Blur Rating is gained, 10% of Blur Rating is lost per second. Blur status is lost once Blur Rating drops to 0. +3% Evasion and +3% chance to avoid damage per Blur Rating. Maximum Blur Rating is 100.
  • Cannot move (including walking, sprinting, blinking, and knockback)
  • +4% persistent damage dealt to the target. Stacks up to 10 times
  • Restores 2% maximum life and mana. Multiple [rejuvenation] effects are calculated independently. Stacks up to 5 times
Life Regain
  • Based on the missing life (including sealed life), restores a portion of life on hit. This effect may only appear once every 0.5 seconds.
Shield regain
  • Based on the missing energy shield, restores a portion of energy shield on hit. This effect may only appear once every 0.5 seconds.
  • Frostbite is a type of Ailment that may be triggered on Cold Damage hits. Frostbitten enemies -10% Attack, Cast and Movement Speed. If damage exceeds a certain threshold, Frostbites will be accumulated on the target. The target will be Frozen once they have more than 100 Frostbites.
  • When Cold Damage inflicts Frostbite, 2 points of Frostbite is accumulated if the damage inflicted is at least 0.2% of the target’s Maximum Life and Maximum Energy Shield. Every point of Frostbite increases Frostbite’s effects by 1% and grants an additional 1% increase in Frozen duration.
  • Frostbite is limited only for boss enemies, and the Frostbite limit is 100. Other units don’t have a Frostbite limit.
  • Every Frostbite will cause reduced Movement Speed and increased Frozen duration on the target. Frostbites are cleared once the Frostbite status ends.
Focus Blessing
  • Every stack of Focus Blessing grants +4% chance to deal Double Damage. Initial maximum stacks: 4.
Knockback direction is reversed
  • Inverts the Knockback direction
Fighting Will
  • Accumulates Fervor when you defeat enemies or hit Elite enemies while having Fervor Rating. +2% Attack and Spell Critical Strike Rating per point of Fervor Rating. The maximum Fervor Rating is 100.
Fervor rating
  • +2% Attack and Spell Critical Strike Rating per point of Fervor Rating. The maximum Fervor rating is 100.
Blur Rating
  • +3% Evasion and +3% chance to avoid damage per point of Blur rating. The maximum Blur rating is 100.
Crowd control effects
  • Including Frostbite, Paralysis, Knockback, Weaken, Slow, Taunt, and Blinding.
Origin of Spirit Magus
  • Buff effect gained after summoning a Spirit Magus.
  • Damage taken -25%
Origin of Fire
  • Increases Attack and Spell Critical Strike Rating
Origin of Thunder
  • Increases Attack and Cast Speed
  • Immunity to Frostbite. 20% of Physical or Lightning Damage taken will be converted to Cold Damage.
Icebound 2
  • Immunity to Frostbite. 40% of Physical or Lightning Damage taken will be converted to Cold Damage.
Icebound 3
  • Immunity to Frostbite. 60% of Physical or Lightning Damage taken will be converted to Cold Damage.
Fire Strike
  • 20% of physical damage added as fire damage to attacks. Damage pierces 10% fire resistance
Fire Strike 2
  • 30% of physical damage added as fire damage to attacks. Damage pierces 15% fire resistance
Fire Strike 3
  • 40% of physical damage added as fire damage to attacks. Damage pierces 20% fire resistance
  • Cannot deal fire damage. Lightning damage against shocked enemies triggers lucky
Poison Lord
  • 60% chance to cause Wilt. Wilt Damage increases by 20%.
Poison Lord 2
  • 60% chance to cause Wilt. Wilt Damage increases by 30%.
Poison Lord 3
  • 60% chance to cause Wilt. Wilt Damage increases by 40%.
Genius of Chaos
  • Added 20% non-Erosion Damage as Erosion Damage
Genius of Chaos 2
  • Added 30% non-Erosion Damage as Erosion Damage
Genius of Chaos 3
  • Added 40% non-Erosion Damage as Erosion Damage
Thawing strike
  • When Frostbite is caused by monsters, inflicts 1 stack of [Slow]. Each stack of [Slow] caused by monsters reduces your Cold Resistance by 6%.
Aember Blast
  • Aember energy gathered on the ground. Causes damage when it takes shape.
Devouring Black Hole
  • A force of the Black Hole gathered on the ground. Absorbs surrounding units and deals DoT.
  • As damage and speed increase, the damage taken goes up.
  • Reduces half Damage and Speed but grants double Defense.
  • 15% enlarged physique; +40% skill area; 5% reduced extra physical damage taken
Master Sniper
  • +100% extra projectile damage; +30% projectile speed; projectiles pierce all targets. Lasts for 1 second
Spell Overload
  • For the next 8 second, each spell cast grants +1% cast speed and increases mana cost by 5%
Arcane Focus
  • For 4 seconds, skill area of AoE spells fluctuates between a 60% increase and a 30% decrease
  • Each stack provides 10% critical strike rating, 10% critical strike damage, +5% chance to shock. Limited to 1 stack per second and lasts for 8 seconds
Frost Advent
  • Each attack hit reduces enemy attack speed and movement speed by 3% and increases your attack speed and movement speed by 3%. Stacks up to 30% and lasts for 8 seconds
  • Each point of forbearance provides 1 life regeneration per second, 0.1% life regeneration per second, and 1% armor. Each point of forbearance lasts for 8 seconds.
Murderous Intent
  • Each murderous intent grants 0.5% attack speed, 0.5% movement speed, and 1% skill area for 8 seconds.
  • Each Confusion grants 0.5% Life Regain, 1% Critical Strike Damage, and Erosion Damage equal to 1% of Physical Damage for 12 seconds.
Void Orb
  • Each Void Orb adds 100-200 Physical Damage to Spells, +10% Armor, and deals 50-100 damage to self for 5s when using skills
Combo Lightning
  • Reduces enemy lightning resistance by 10% on hit for 8 seconds, dealing minor damage. Projectile may chain up to 3 times
Emperor’s Wrath
  • Immune to Curses; +30% Attack and Spell Block; -50% skill cost
  • +10% Chaos Damage taken, -8% Movement Speed
Thrill Barrier
  • While Barrier is active, +20% Elemental Damage, and Reflect 100% Elemental Damage
Hardened Barrier
  • While Barrier is active, +20% Physical Damage, and Reflect 100% Physical Damage
Dragon’s Heart
  • +50% skill cost, Main Skills gain +30% chance to deal Double Damage
Corroded Gear
  • Consumes 2% of Life to restore 8% of Maximum Life when hit. Interval: 1s.
Life Corrosion
  • Consumes 2% of Life to restore 8% Maximum Life when hit. Interval: 0.2s.
Corroded Mana
  • Consume 2% of Mana to restore 8% Maximum Mana when hit
Corroded Energy Shield
  • -20% Energy Shield Charge Speed to restore 8% Maximum Energy Shield when hit. Interval: 0.2s.
Corrosion Shield
  • -20% Energy Shield Charge Speed to restore 8% Maximum Energy Shield when hit. Interval: 1s.
Corroded Heart
  • Unlucky Critical Strike, -30% nearby enemy Elemental and Erosion Resistance
Lord of the Void
  • 100% Physical Damage converted to Erosion Damage. -20% Erosion Damage taken for 5 seconds
  • +8% Skill Radius, +8% additional Spell Damage, and additionally -8% Movement Speed per stack of Throne, up to 10 stacks. Lasts 4s
Eternal Morale
  • +5% damage, +1% Attack and Cast Speed per stack of Eternal Morale. Lasts 200s
Eternal Nightmare
  • +5% Critical Strike Rating, +1% Critical Strike Damage per stack of Eternal Nightmare. Lasts 200s
Eternal Shadow
  • +5% Skill Radius, +1% chance to avoid damage per stack of Eternal Shadow. Lasts 200s
Eternal Guard
  • +5% Defense, +1% chance to avoid Ailments per stack of Eternal Guard. Lasts 200s
Eternal Simulacra
  • +5% Skill Duration, +1% Skill Cooldown Recovery Speed per stack of Eternal Simulacra. Lasts 200s
Eternal Reign
  • +1% Maximum Resistance, +10% additional damage per stack of Eternal Reign. Lasts 200s
  • Corroded gear cannot be corroded again and consume double materials during crafting
High Level Normal Gear
  • Crafting with high-item-level gears, an affix can be granted with a higher affix level. Crafting with normal gears can save you the costs of obtaining your desired affixes. Normal gears with high item levels can be purchased from Trade House or obtained from the exchange with the Fate Cards dropped by Netherrealm Watchers after you defeat them.
  • Each piece of gear can only possess 1 ominous or sleepless affix
  • Each piece of gear can only possess 1 ominous or sleepless affix
Short-term Inheritance
  • After clearing this stage, the card affixes will work on all stages in this plane
  • The inheritance effect vanishes after taking effect a few times or when this round ends
  • – Activating a stage is counted as one time
  • – The count is displayed after the colon
  • Cards can take effect multiple times in this stage
  • – Activating a stage is counted as one time
  • – The remaining count is displayed after the colon
Takes effect after clearance
  • The card affixes will only take effect after this stage is cleared
Offset Degree
  • +0.3% Monster Damage and -1% Monster Damage taken per Offset Degree
  • Eliminate enemies under 18% Life on hit
  • +30% Fire Damage
  • When causing Severe Injuries to enemies, give them +25% Fire Resistance for 1s
  • +15% chance to gain 1 stack of Tenacity Blessing on hit
  • Tenacity Blessing’s maximum stacks +1
Great Strength
  • -15% Attack Speed
  • +35% Main Hand Weapon Damage
  • Damage ignores enemy fire resistance
Blazing Fire
  • +20% additional Fire DoT
  • Inflicts 10 Affliction when dealing Fire Damage. CD: 0.1s
  • +100% chance to inflict Paralysis on hit
  • -50% Target Armor for 2 s on hit
  • Owns 2 additional stacks of Tenacity Blessing
  • +20% Armor per stack of Tenacity Blessing
Joined Force
  • Off-hand weapons do not participate in attacks while dual wielding
  • 50% of Off-hand weapon damage is added to the Main-hand weapon instead
  • +200% Multistrike chance when an elite enemy is Nearby
Ember Armor
  • 50% of Elemental Damage taken converted to Physical Damage
  • +1% chance to gain Double Armor per 10 Strength
  • +150% additional Warcry Skill effect
  • -30% Warcry Skill effect duration
  • +50% Attack Damage for the next 2 uses of Main Skill after being defeated. The effect can not stack
  • Converts 100% Mana Cost to Life Cost
  • +40% Maximum Life
  • Changes the effect of each stack of Tenacity Blessing to: +8% additional Attack Speed, +8% Skill Radius
No Lose Ends
  • +300 Attack Critical Strike Rating at Full Life
  • +35% Attack Damage on Low Life
Life Path
  • Life Regain doubles
  • Life Regain is only effective when Life is lower than 50%
Survival Will
  • +100% additional Life Regeneration Speed on Low Life
  • Restores 1% Life per second for 2s after taking damage. Stacks up to 15 times
  • +100% Fire Damage against Low Life enemies.
  • +100% Minion Fire Damage against Low Life enemies.
  • +15% chance for AoE skills to deal Double Damage
  • +10% Skill Radius per enemy recently killed, up to 100%
  • +2 maximum stacks of Tenacity Blessing
  • +15% Fire Damage per stack of Tenacity Blessing
True Flame
  • Enemies that die of Fire Damage will explode, dealing Fire DoT per second equal to 15% of the overflown damage for 4s to nearby enemies.
Focused Blow
  • Area Skills deal up to 40% more Area Damage to enemies at the center
  • +1 maximum Ignite effects
  • +50% Ignite Duration
  • +20% Attack and Cast Speed
  • +1% Attack and Cast Speed per 15 Dexterity
  • -4% Target Lightning Resistance for 2s on Lightning Damage hit. Stacks up to 8 times.
  • +100% extra Mobility skill Cooldown Recovery Speed
  • +20% additional Mobility skill Attack and Cast Speed
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +35% additional damage if moved more than 5 meters recently
  • -40% Minimum Damage
  • +40% Maximum Damage
Flash of Brilliance
  • Gains 1 stack of Agility Blessing when a Non-Channeled Mobility Skill is used
  • 25% chance to gain maximum stacks of Agility Blessing
  • 150% of the Projectile Speed bonus is also applied to Projectile Damage
  • +40% Projectile Speed
Mind Flow
  • +5% additional damage every 0.5s. Stacks up to 8 times and resets after taking damage
  • Agility Blessing’s maximum stacks +1
  • +5% additional Evasion per stack of Agility Blessing owned
Three Birds with One Stone
  • +2 projectiles
Master Escapist
  • You may evade spells
  • -35% additional Evasion against Spell Damage
Close Range Fire
  • Projectile Damage reduces with the distance traveled, dealing at most +35% Damage to enemies in proximity
  • Gain 3% of lightning damage on hit as base electrocution damage
  • +8% Attack and Cast Speed every 0.5 seconds while in Static, stacking up to 40%
  • +5% Life Regain and Energy Shield Regain when in Static
  • When using Lightning skills, +50% chance to deal 75% additional Critical Strike Damage
  • When using Lightning skills, +25% chance to deal 150% additional Critical Strike Damage
  • When using Lightning skills, +10% chance to deal 250% additional Critical Strike Damage
Queer Angle
  • Damage dealt by Minions and you against Shocked enemies triggers Lucky
Quick Advancement
  • Multistrikes deal 35% increasing damage
Waiting Attack
  • When using Main Skills, consume all Agility Blessing. Each stack of Agility Blessing consumed grants +10% additional Skill Damage. The effect can not stack.
  • +3% Life and Mana Restoration Speed, up to 45%, for each skill used recently
  • +4% Cast Speed for each skill used recently. Stacks up to 15 times.
  • Restore 3% Life when regaining Life
  • Restore 3% Energy Shield while regaining Energy Shield
  • -50% Damage taken at Low Life and Low Energy Shield
  • +25% Damage taken at Full Life
  • +25% chance to trigger the skill again while using Core Spell skills
  • Converts 50% of Life Regain and Energy Shield Regain to Restoration Over Time
  • -25% additional Regain interval
Nowhere to Be Found
  • +2 maximum stacks of Agility Blessing
  • Remove negative effects and DoT on self upon gaining Agility Blessing
  • +25% Spell Damage
  • +25% skill cost
  • +20% additional Cold Damage taken by enemies nearby
  • Enemies nearby can’t restore Life over time
  • -5% enemy Cold Resistance every 0.2s, stacking up to 8 times. The effect resets after the enemy moves 2m
  • +45% Spell Damage
  • +1% Spell Damage per 5 Intelligence
Burning Touch
  • Immune to Frostbite
  • +20% additional Cold and Fire Damage
  • Gains 1 stack of Focus Blessing for every 10% Mana consumed.
  • +25% Mana Regeneration Speed per stack of Focus Blessing.
  • +1 maximum stacks of Focus Blessing
  • +3% additional Spell Damage per stack of Focus Blessing
Inner Side
  • Doubled energy shield regain
  • +30% Maximum Energy Shield
  • Your Maximum Life is set to 2
Play Safe
  • +40% Main Skill Spell Damage
  • -20% Cooldown Recovery Speed
Barrier of Radiance
  • Energy Shield Charge started recently cannot be interrupted by damage
  • +50% Energy Shield Charge Speed
Mind Blade
  • Main-hand weapon damage added to spells
  • +1% Cold Piercing per 5 Frostbites the enemy has when dealing damage.
  • Absorbs 20% of incoming damage is taken from Mana instead of Life
  • Regenerates 2% Mana per second
Full Load
  • Consumes 15% of the current Mana when using a skill.
  • +35% additional damage for the next skill when Mana reaches the maximum.
Extreme Coldness
  • +30% additional damage against enemies with maximum Frostbites
  • Inflicts Frostbite when dealing Cold Damage
Frozen Lotus
  • When defeating an enemy, deal Cold Spell Damage based on the Maximum Mana to its nearby enemies. The damage increases with character level.
Mind Focus
  • Changes the base effect of Focus Blessing to: Adds Cold Damage equal to 2% of Maximum Mana to attacks and spells
  • +2 to the maximum number of channeling stacks
  • For every 1 channeling stack, an additional +3% channeling skill damage
  • 25% of Physical Damage taken converted to random Elemental Damage
  • +4% Maximum Elemental Resistance
  • +20% additional Lightning Damage when dealing Fire Damage recently
  • +20% additional Cold Damage when dealing Lightning Damage recently
  • +20% additional Fire Damage when dealing Cold Damage recently
Quick Ritual
  • +1 minimum Channeled Energy
  • +15% Channeled Skill Cast Speed
  • +15% Channeled Skill Attack Speed
Peculiar Vibe
  • +30% chance to cause Elemental Ailment
  • +25% additional damage dealt to enemies under Elemental Ailment
  • +3.5% Elemental Penetration per 1 Blessing of Gathering
  • +100% Critical Strike Rating for the next Main Skill every 2 seconds
  • +35% extra physical damage
  • Cannot deal elemental damage
  • Upon taking fatal damage, you keep at least 1 life and become immune to persistent damage for 1 second. Cooldown: 8 seconds
Automatic Upgrade
  • +45% Spell Block Chance on recent attack block
  • +45% Attack Block Chance on recent spell block
Instant Smash
  • +100% additional Bleed Damage dealt by Critical Strike.
  • +125% Critical Strike Damage against Bleeding enemies.
Endless Fervor
  • Own Fervor
  • +45% Fervor effect
  • Damage ignores Armor
  • Damage dealt by minions ignores Armor
  • +250 Spell Critical Strike Rating for 4 seconds on Critical Strikes
  • Gains 10 Fervor Rating when a Rare or Legendary enemy is defeated.
  • Gains Fervor when there are enemies nearby.
Open Wounds
  • Adds 30% of the current Bleed Damage as additional Final Physical Damage when you hit a Bleeding enemy
Flash of Brilliance
  • +3% chance for Triggered skills to deal Double Damage per 4 Fervor Rating.
  • 100% of bonuses or reductions to cast speed also apply to attack speed
  • Grants 20% chance for Melee skills to increase 80% Skill Radius
  • +18% Melee Damage
  • Blocking has a 0.05s cooldown
  • +25% Block Ratio
  • Gains additional 25% of current Fervor Rating on hit with a cooldown of 0.3s.
  • Consumes half of the current Fervor Rating when hit, reducing 1% of the damage per 1 Fervor Rating consumed.
  • +25% additional Attack Speed when Dexterity is no less than Strength
  • +25% Attack Damage when Strength is no less than Dexterity
Full Defense
  • +2% Spell Block for every 3% of Attack Block
Falling Leaves
  • -30% additional Weapon Damage.
  • +60% additional Attack Damage.
  • Critical Strike has the Lucky effect while having at least 50 Fervor Rating
  • +20% additional Melee Damage
  • Melee Skills can Knockback reversely
Shooting Arrows
  • +20% additional Projectile Damage
  • +50% knockback distance
Keep It Up
  • Fervor rating gains additional base Effect: +2 Critical Strike Rating per Fervor rating
  • **Every 0.25 seconds, increase the damage received by enemies within 10 meters by +6%, this effect can be stacked up to 5 times
Rapid Shots
  • Projectile Damage increases with the distance traveled, dealing at most +35% Damage to Distant enemies.
  • DoT has a 40% chance to spread to targets nearby
  • +80% DoT Duration
  • Converts 50% of Physical and Elemental Damage into Erosion Damage
  • +100% chance to Paralyze the target when dealing damage
  • +1 Affliction inflicted per second for every 25 Dexterity
  • +1% DoT for every 40 Intelligence
Subtle Impact
  • Blur grants additional Effect: +30% additional DoT taken by Nearby enemies
Forbidden Power
  • +35% additional Erosion Damage
  • Cannot regenerate Life
Poisoned Relief
  • +30% injury buffer
Tainted Blood
  • +10% additional Erosion Damage
  • +10% additional damage dealt to Life
  • Adds Energy Shield equal to 15% of Sealed Mana
Stealth Stab
  • -20% damage taken while Blur is active
  • +20% additional damage for 3 seconds after Blur ends
Beyond Cure
  • -1% Erosion Resistance for enemies per stack of Wilt you’ve inflicted
  • You can stack Wilt up to 50 times
Twisted Belief
  • +3 Erosion Skill Level
  • -3 Elemental Skill Level
Blood Sacrifice
  • Converts Sealed Mana into Sealed Life
  • -15% additional Sealed Mana
  • +10 Affliction inflicted per second
  • +75% Affliction effect
  • Immune to Curse.
  • -20% additional damage dealt by Cursed enemies.
  • Blur gains additional effect: +100% control effects and +20% Ailment Damage.
More With Less
  • +40% DoT
  • -20% DoT duration
Verbal Abuse
  • You can cast an additional Curse.
  • +15% Curse effect.
Reap Purification
  • Additionally settles 80% of the remaining total damage when Reaping
  • Remove all of the target’s DoT when Reaping
  • Using a non-Main Skill will make the next Main Skill deal +30% damage. The effect can not stack
  • Duration of Ailment dealt by Critical Strike is doubled.
  • +1% additional Ailment Damage per 3% of Critical Strike Damage.
  • 15% of the increase/decrease on Attack Speed is applied to Cooldown Recovery Speed.
  • 15% of the increase/decrease on Cast Speed is applied to Cooldown Recovery Speed.
Off The Beaten Track
  • +3 support skill level
  • Support skill’s mana multiplier is set to 105%
Dirty Tricks
  • Guaranteed to inflict all types of Ailments on hit.
  • +7% additional damage on hit per Ailment on enemy.
Stab In The Back
  • While Blur is active, lose Blur after using a Main Skill, and the skill deals +35% additional damage.
  • +35% Minion Attack and Cast Speed
  • +100% Summon Skill Cast Speed
  • +1 Maximum Sentry Quantity
  • +100% Cast Speed when placing Sentries
Shrink Back
  • +35% chance to gain a Barrier when taking Damage.
Mighty Guard
  • +3 Minion Summoning skill level.
  • -25% Minion aggressiveness.
Overly Modified
  • +35% additional Sentry Damage; -50% Non-sentry Active Skill Damage
Isomorphic Arms
  • Main-hand weapon is applied to minions
  • +1 maximum Synthetic Troop Minion Quantity
  • +50% Synthetic Troop Minion Duration
Heat Up
  • +40% additional Sentry Damage if Sentry skill is no used in the last 1s.
Broken Shell
  • Barrier damage absorption ratio is set to 99%
  • Barrier can only take one hit
  • +200% Barrier damage absorption
Burning Aggression
  • +25% minion aggressiveness
  • 100% of the increase/decrease on Movement Speed is also applied to minions
  • Minions’ attacks have a 50% chance to ignore Armor
  • 80% of the increase/decrease on Cast Speed is also applied to the cast frequency of Sentries
Kinetic Conversion
  • -20% Damage taken while moving
  • Regenerate 1% Life per second while moving
  • +20% Aura effect.
  • +15% damage for each Aura effect you are affected by.
  • +3% Maximum Elemental Resistance
  • Damage Pierces 15% Elemental Resistance
  • +50% Barrier absorption.
  • Restores 40% of Missing Life and Energy Shield when losing Barrier.
  • +40% Inspiration skill effect
  • +40% Protection skill effect
Poison Immunity
  • +5% Maximum Erosion Resistance
  • 25% of Physical Damage and Elemental Damage taken converted to Erosion Damage
  • +50% Restoration effect for Restoration Skills
  • Restoration Skills’ Restoration effects won’t be removed
  • -100% Sealed Mana for Spirit Magus Skills
  • +1% Life Regeneration Speed for every 2% of lost Life
  • +1% Mana Regeneration Speed for every 2% of lost Mana
  • Adds 5% of Maximum Life as Barrier absorption.
  • Adds 15% Maximum Energy Shield as Barrier absorption.
  • Adds 1% Armor as Barrier absorption.
  • +100% Spirit Magus Skill Cooldown Recovery Speed
  • +25% Minion Attack and Cast Speed
Active Superflux
  • Overflown Mana Regeneration applies to Life
  • Regenerates 3% Mana per second
Talons of Abyss
  • +50% chance for Minions to cause Ailment
  • Minions are immune to DoT
Seething Spirit
  • Seething Spirit casts the Melee Main Skill that the player carries

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Life and Energy Shield

Life and Energy Shield are character's basic stats to survive.

Increasing Life and Energy Shield is the most effective and direct way to improve your survivability.


Monsters have five types of Damage: Physical, Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Erosion.
Fire, Cold, and Lightning Damage are collectively referred to as Elemental Damage.
The most dangerous skills of enemies are mainly Elemental. Thus, increasing your Elemental Resistance will effectively improve your survivability.

Spell Damage

Skills have two damage types: Attack and Spell.
Spell Damage is not affected by weapon's basic damage bonus. Pay attention to the bonus type when choosing affixes.