Torchlight Infinite Law Bearer

Law Bearer is the boss of Torchlight Infinite season 3.

Law Bearer

A new supreme boss, The Law Bearer, has been added to the new season. Defeating Malice Incarnations has a chance to drop the ticket needed to encounter The Law Bearer: the Desire Core. Although The Law Bearer is incredibly powerful, the rewards for defeating it are quite substantial.

Torchlight Infinite Law Bearer

Law Bearer: you have violated the will of the Code. I will preside over your trial.

Law Bearer ticket: Desire Core

Desire Core is a ticket to encounter the season 3 boss, The Law Bearer.

Desire Core - RecordDesire Core - Creation

Torchlight Infinite Desire Core

Desire Core - Record: used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm to open a portal to challenge the Law Bearer.

Torchlight Infinite Desire Core Creation

Desire Core - Creation: used in the Great Void of the Netherrealm with Desire Core - Record to open a portal to challenge the Law Bearer at a higher difficulty level.

The Cube of Rapacity will also drop an item known as Desire Core. Desired cores serve as tokens to the challenge new supreme boss called Law Bearer, the Supreme judge of the high court of Desire. This formidable enemy presents a tougher challenge for hunters than ever before. Upon defeating the Law Bearer, players can expect to receive special and Incredibly attractive items. It includes a season's new precious item Unifying Wedge which can be used to restore Divinity slates.

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Drops & Rewards

Torchlight Infinite Law Bearer Rewards

Upon defeating the Law Bearer, players can expect to receive special and Incredibly attractive items. It includes a season's new precious item unifying wedge which can be used to restore Divinity slates.

  • Unifying Wedge
  • Desire Core - Creation
  • Desire Core - Devastation
  • Sparks of Moth Fire
  • Fallen Starlight
  • Residence of Stars
  • Rebuilding the Gods' Bodies
  • Wings of Light
  • Law of the Supreme Will
  • Tendency of Stars
  • Chopping off the Sublime Head
  • Antinomy

Season-Exclusive Gameplay: Cube of Rapacity

In the new season, players will encounter the Cube of Rapacity at every stage. Defeating the monsters influenced by the Cube, known as Malice Incarnations, will grant players Desire Crystals. By spending a specific amount of Desire Crystals, players can obtain various rewards from the cube. If fortunate enough, players can draw the Cube of Craving and receive even more valuable rewards. With a touch of greed and luck, it’s possible to double the rewards, but if luck isn’t on your side, you might lose everything.

The new season introduces a unique Season Talent: Avarice Code. By altering the Talent Node method, players can have a completely different season experience: they can choose to have the entire map filled with Malice Incarnations or opt to increase their luck and further pursue the Cube of Craving.


Whoever created the cube must have become a part of it too... according to the legends, this strange cube has been drifting through worlds, devouring everything it touches and converting them into something else. Some worship it because it grants all their wishes. Those who make a sacrifice to it will definitely receive something in return. But some also fear it because they know someone, such as their siblings, parents, or friends, who have never returned after approaching the cube. It has now come to the aember-ravaged Leptis. Here, it is absorbing aember and transforming it into horrific aember monsters never seen before. This has become a new problem for torchlight... of course, it is a problem that can be exploited.

Q:The s3 boss invite is shown as the same rarity as a tiermark 1 beacon. It is easily missable, the auto loot or adv auto loot doesn't pick it up. Make it show as a rare drop that we know to manually pick up or auto pick it up please

A:We have added a special marker and drop effect for boss Beacons in the update, ensuring that Hunters will not miss valuable boss Beacons.

"Cube of Rapacity" Season first kill Competition

"Cube of Rapacity" Season first kill Competition will commence following the global launch.

Regardless of the creator of the Cube of Rapacity, they must have become part of the cube itself by now. According to legend, this enigmatic cube drifts through The Realms, consuming everything it touches and transforming them into something different. Some individuals revere the cube for its ability to grant wishes; as long as they provide an offering, they will be rewarded. However, others fear the cube, as there are always those - perhaps their siblings, parents, or friends - who never return after encountering it.

The "Cube of Rapacity" first kill competition in Torchlight: Infinite will soon commence!

With the start of the new season, Hunters will sound the horn, resisting the cube's allure while progressing through the Netherrealm. In the end, they will vanquish the Season boss, The Law Bearer, and achieve the first kill of the new season!

Cube of Rapacity Season first kill Competition

Regarding Season-Exclusive Gameplay:

- Hunters may encounter the formidable monster "Desire Incarnation" in the Main Story and Netherrealm Stage, which possesses the "Cube of Rapacity";

- Defeating the "Desire Incarnation" offers a chance to obtain the "Desire Core";

- The "Desire Core" serves as the entry ticket for Hunters to challenge the ultimate boss, The Law Bearer. As the highest-ranking Judgment officer of the High Court of Desire, The Law Bearer provides an even more challenging experience than before.

Competition Rules:

- To complete the Season's first kill and qualify for the rankings, players only need to defeat the easiest difficulty of "The Law Bearer" (by selecting 1 "Desire Core"). Of course, we also encourage daring Hunters to challenge higher difficulties directly :)

- Note: The difficulty of "The Law Bearer" varies depending on the number of "Desire Cores" chosen by the player. One core is the easiest, and putting in three cores is the most difficult.

In this event, the rankings for each server and Hero Trait will be calculated separately. This means that players who prefer different Hero Traits can now compete with others who share the same preferences!

For more information about this first kill contest, please refer to the details below:

Q: How do I register for this event?

A: To participate in the event, create a seasonal server character and log in during the event period. This will automatically enroll you in the first kill event.

Q: What is the duration of this event?

A: The event will run from May 10th, 2023, 08:00 (UTC+8) to June 10th, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8).

Q: What are the rewards for this event?

A: The top ten players from each server and each feature will receive 500 Primocrysts and a Season-Exclusive avatar. Players who complete the objective during the event but do not make it into the top ten will receive 100 Primocrysts.

Q: What are the rules for distributing event rewards?

A: Event rewards will be distributed based on the player's participating account, and each player can only receive one event reward (calculated based on the best reward).

Q: When will the event rewards be distributed?

A: All event rewards will be distributed uniformly after the event concludes and player rankings are verified.

Q: How can the fairness of this event be ensured?

A: We will conduct data checks on all players who enter the rankings. If a player's character exhibits abnormal gaming behavior (including but not limited to using cheat scripts, RMT, exploiting malicious bugs, etc.), we will disqualify the player and impose penalties at our discretion. The "Torchlight: Infinite" official team reserves the right to the final interpretation.

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