Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity Release Date & Patch Notes

The release date of Torchlight Infinite: Cube of Rapacity is May 9th at 5:00 PM (PDT)!

"Torchlight: Infinite" is a Season-based game, featuring a major Season update approximately every three months. Each Season presents its own theme and Season-exclusive Gameplay, as well as regularly enriched new content. This season is named "Cube of Rapacity". In this season, Hunters can activate the Cube at the end of each Stage for a round of randomly surprising loot lottery.

Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity Release Date

Torchlight: Infinite New Season "Cube of Rapacity" will start in May 9th! By defeating exclusive monsters, players can acquire "Desire Crystals" that can be used to claim amazing rewards from the "Cube of Rapacity"!

Torchlight Infinite Season 3 Release Date

Will you be content with your rewards, or will you take the chance of doubling them, even if it means risking it all? Your greed will be the deciding factor!

Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity Patch Notes

1. Updated Gameplay and Content

1.1 Season-Exclusive Gameplay: Cube of Rapacity

In the new season, players will encounter the Cube of Rapacity at every stage. Defeating the monsters influenced by the Cube, known as Malice Incarnations, will grant players Desire Crystals. By spending a specific amount of Desire Crystals, players can obtain various rewards from the cube. If fortunate enough, players can draw the Cube of Craving and receive even more valuable rewards. With a touch of greed and luck, it's possible to double the rewards, but if luck isn't on your side, you might lose everything.

Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity

The new season introduces a unique Season Talent: Avarice Code. By altering the Talent Node method, players can have a completely different season experience: they can choose to have the entire map filled with Malice Incarnations or opt to increase their luck and further pursue the Cube of Craving.

Torchlight Infinite Avarice Code

A new supreme boss, The Law Bearer, has been added to the new season. Defeating Malice Incarnations has a chance to drop the ticket needed to encounter The Law Bearer: the Desire Core. Although The Law Bearer is incredibly powerful, the rewards for defeating it are quite substantial.

Torchlight Infinite Law Bearer

1.2 New System: Divinity Slate and Statue of the New God

In the new season's adventure, Hunters have the opportunity to obtain a unique item called Divinity Slate.

Each Divinity Slate is associated with a deity and can hold up to 2 random Talent Affixes from the corresponding god.

The new god offers Hunters a fresh Talent Panel, the Statue of The New God. Unlike previous Talent Panels, Hunters can combine and place multiple Divinity Slates on the Statue of The New God to gain potent buffs. This feature enables Hunters to bridge the gap between divine Talents and utilize the power of the six gods more flexibly.

Torchlight Infinite Statue of The New God

Furthermore, Hunters can enhance the Divinity Slate through a special branding process, but this will render the Divinity Slate untradeable. Each successful branding attempt will either add a new Affix or level up an existing one.

Torchlight Infinite Brand Divinity Slate

Additionally, when enhancing a Divinity Slate successfully, there is a small chance to transform a powerful, leveled-up Affix into the new god's exclusive Talent Affix, "Divine Entropy." Divine Entropy empowers Hunters with the ability to control "Order and Chaos."

It is important to note that each Divinity Slate has a limit on the number of branding attempts, which significantly increases the challenge of obtaining Divine Entropy. If you manage to acquire enough Divine Entropy, you may be considered the chosen one of the new god.

Valuable rollback materials will also be provided to enable players to make multiple branding attempts on their most valuable base items.

Unifying Wedge: can be used on the Divinity Slated to remove all the Brands on it and restore Brand Attempts.

1.3 New Hero: Escapist Bing

Escapist Bing will be available in the new season in May and can be unlocked by purchasing the season pass. Keywords: #Bomb, #Projectile, #Explosion.

Torchlight Infinite Escapist Bing

Escapist Bing

Name Level Description(class: Escapist Bing)
Blast Nova 1
  • When casting a Non-channeling Projectile Skill, you'll throw 1 bomb that will automatically detonate after it lands.
  • Bomb throwing speed is fixed to 1.5 times per second.
  • The bomb will automatically detonate 1s after landing, firing Projectiles in all directions.
  • Click the Trait Skill to manually detonate all bombs on the ground.
  • There can be up to 10 undetonated bombs at the same time. Exceeding the limit will detonate the bomb that landed first.
  • When bombs detonate, there is a 60% chance to +1 Projectile Quantity and a 40% chance to +2 Projectile Quantity.
  • +40% additional Projectile Damage.
  • -10% Parabolic Projectile Skill Area.
  • -10% Vertical Projectile Skill Damage.
Doom Shot 13
  • +40% additional Bomb Damage.
  • When using an Attack Projectile Skill, +1 bomb thrown for every +100% Attack Speed.
  • When using a Spell Projectile Skill, +1 bomb thrown for every +100% Cast Speed.
  • The amount less than 100% has a chance to grant +1 bomb thrown upon using an Attack or Spell Projectile Skill.
  • +2% additional Projectile Damage for every +1% additional Attack Speed.
  • +2% additional Projectile Damage for every +1% additional Cast Speed.
Dangerous Runaway 32
  • +4% Movement Speed for each bomb thrown for 3s. Stacks up to 20%.
  • For every 1m moved, gains 1 stack of Runaway upon the next bomb throwing. Lasts 3s. Max stacks: 15.
  • Runaway: Bombs deal +2% damage.
Quick Processing 32
  • Bomb throwing speed is fixed to 2 times per second.
  • Projectiles cannot Jump.
Aggregation Load 50
  • When throwing bombs, +24% additional bomb damage for every +1 bomb thrown, up to +240%.
  • -30% Projectile Range.
Tactical Detonation 62
  • Click the Trait Skill to manually detonate all bombs on the ground.
  • +1s detonation time and +100% additional damage if there is a Boss within 500m around bombs when they land
Doomsday Fission 62
  • Upon using an Empower Skill, gains Fission for 3s. Cooldown: 6s.
  • Upon losing Fission, the bomb throwing speed will be fixed to 0.5 times per second until the Trait is fully cooled down.
  • -30% Projectile Range.
  • Fission: Doubles the bombs thrown. +20% additional Bomb Damage.
Radiation Effect 80
  • For every +3% Projectile Speed, +1% additional damage taken for enemies within 500m of the bombs when they land. Lasts 2s.
Frenzy Hound 80
  • +1s bomb detonation time.
  • Click the Trait Skill to manually detonate all bombs on the ground.
  • Upon landing, bombs will automatically stick to the nearest enemy within a range of 300. Bombs will stick to the enemy with the highest Rarity within range.
  • Bombs on the enemies will not be counted in the total bomb quantity.
  • +12% additional damage for every bomb on the battlefield when the bombs on enemies detonate, up to +180% additional damage.
  • -1 Projectile Quantity for every bomb on the battlefield when the bombs on enemies detonate, up to 1 bomb.

1.4 Oracle Thea new trait: Incarnation of the Gods

Incarnation of the Gods is Thea's second Hero Trait. It can be obtained for free during the global launch in May by exchanging 100 Hero Emblems or by purchasing it with 980 Primocrysts.

Torchlight Infinite Incarnation of The Gods

Gain a Divine Blessing every 2s in the following order: Focus Blessing - Agility Blessing - Tenacity Blessing.

Divine Realm (Radius: 600): Consumes all Focus Blessings, Agility Blessings, and Tenacity Blessings to cast Divine Realm for 3s. Cooldown: 6s.

+15% damage for every stack of blessing consumed by the Divine Realm when the Divine Realm is active. Stacks up to 150%.

+8% chance to gain 1 stack of Focus Blessing, Agility Blessing, or Tenacity Blessing when using a skill. Cooldown: 0.3s.

Name Level Description(class: Oracle Thea, trait: Incarnation of the Gods)
Divinity 13
  • Deals +15% additional damage to Full-Life enemies for every stack of Agility Blessing.
  • +6% additional damage against enemies at Low-Life for every stack of Tenacity Blessing.
  • Converts all Tenacity Blessings to Agility Blessings when outside the Divine Realm.
  • Converts all Agility Blessings to Tenacity Blessings when within the Divine Realm.
Might Flow 32
  • +4% Movement Speed for every stack of any blessing when outside the Divine Realm.
  • +2% additional damage for every stack of blessing consumed by the Divine Realm when within the Divine Realm. Stacks up to +8 times.
Born Might 32
  • Always attempts to auto cast Divine Realm upon hitting an Elite enemy who is not at Full Life.
  • Gains one stack of Agility Blessing or Tenacity Blessing for every enemy within the Divine Realm when using a Divine Realm.
  • Gains one stack of Agility Blessing or Tenacity Blessing for every enemy within the Divine Realm when using a Divine Realm.
Ingenuity 50
  • +0.3s Divine Realm Duration for every stack of blessing consumed by the Divine Realm.
  • The increase/decrease in Max Tenacity Blessing Stacks is also applied to Agility Blessing when outside the Divine Realm.
  • The increase/decrease in Max Agility Blessing Stacks is also applied to Tenacity Blessing when within the Divine Realm.
Divine Realm Balancing 62
  • Loses 0.5% of current Life and 1.2% of current Energy Shield for every stack of Agility Blessing. +6% Attack and Cast Speed.
  • -3% Movement Speed and -3% Attack and Cast Speed for every stack of Tenacity Blessing. -8% damage taken.
Divine Realm Power 62
  • -50% additional Blessing Duration.
  • +4% additional damage for every stack of blessing consumed by the Divine Realm when the Divine Realm is active.
Incarnation of God 80
  • -25% additional Divine Realm Duration.
  • +7% additional damage for every stack of blessing when in the Divine Realm.
Divine Spirit 80
  • -50% Divine Realm skill radius.
  • Loses all Blessings after leaving a Divine Realm.
  • +1% additional damage taken for every 4% of Missing Life when outside the Divine Realm.
  • When dealing damage outside the Divine Realm, enemies with a higher percentage of Life than you will be considered Full-Life enemies.

1.5 New Gameplay: Hunter's Forge

Added a new challenge system called Hunter's Forge. Players will now need to clear Hunter's Forge to obtain Hero Traits.

1.6 New Mechanic: Spell Burst

Torchlight Infinite Spell Burst Guide

  • When Spell Burst is fully charged, casting a Spell Skill will activate Spell Burst. When Spell Burst is cast, it will consume all stacks charged and cast the Spell Skill a number of times equal to the number of stacks consumed.
  • Skills that have a cooldown, Summon, Sentry, and Channeled Skills cannot activate Spell Burst.
  • The Spell Skill that activates the Spell Burst is considered a skill cast by Spell Burst.
  • Spell Burst Charge cannot go beyond Spell Burst's upper limit.
  • At least 1 Max Spell Burst is required before Spell Burst can be cast.
  • Spell Burst Charge will be fully charged in 2s.
  • Spell Burst Charge Speed will increase the restoration speed of Spell Burst Charge.

1.7 New Mechanic: Command

Torchlight Infinite Command Guide

Command is gained after equipping a skill that summons Minions.

Command ranges from -100 to 100. Every point of Command additionally grants +2% Minion Damage, and Minions have a bigger tracking area. Synthetic Troop Minions will not naturally vanish when Command is a positive value.

Command increases or decreases by a certain amount every second until it returns to 0. This is the regression value of Command.

1.8 New Skills

  • Thunder Core - Place Lightning Sentry. Sentry makes thunderstrikes fall around the target, dealing damage to enemies within a small area. Thunderstrikes can jump.
  • Thunder Spike - It is a Shadow Strike Skill. When the true body deals critical strikes, the shock will spread to enemies in a wide area. When the shadow strikes, it will deal an additional shock to the enemies hit.
  • Frost Core - Place Ice Sentry. Sentries shoot Projectiles that can jump at the specified enemies and deal additional damage by consuming their Frostbite Rating.
  • Ghost Blade Einherjar - Place Ghost Blade Einherjar. Sentries shoot Projectiles at the specified enemies and can Multistrike. After Multistrike ends, Projectiles that hit enemies create an explosion that deals lots of damage to enemies.
  • Arrow Einherjar - Place Arrow Einherjar Sentries shoot 3 Falling Arrows at specified enemies, dealing Area Damage around them. The longer Sentries exist, the more damage they do.
  • Summon Grim Phantom - Automatically summons a Grim Phantom that can use high-energy beams next to you. Grim Phantom's damage and Skill Area increase with the player's Command. Actively use the summoning skill to teleport the Grim Phantom under your control to the target location, then use Destructive Light Cannon there to deal even higher Area Damage.
  • Magic Dash - +1 Supported Skills Charge. Increases Movement Speed when casting a Mobility Support Skill.
  • Psychic Surge - After casting a Mobility Support Skill, additionally increases the Spell Skill Damage dealt the next time Spell Energy is used.
  • Psychic Burst - Additionally increases the Spell Damage dealt when a supported skill casts Spell Burst. Reduces the supported skill's Cast Speed.

1.9 New Legendary Gears

NameSlot Stat

Wings of Light

DEX Gloves

  • +(35 - 45)% Critical Strike Damage
  • +(40 - 50) Max Life
  • +10% chance to inflict Intimidated on hit
  • Intimidated gains additional base effect: +30% chance to be inflicted with an Ailment
  • Intimidated gains additional base effect: +6% additional damage taken for each type of control effect you're under

Flying Light at Daybreak

DEX Helmet

  • +(10 - 15)% Erosion Resistance
  • +(10 - 20)% Cold Resistance
  • Eliminate enemies under 8% Life on hit
  • Removes negative effects and DoT Damage on self upon defeating an enemy under a control effect. Cooldown: (3 - 3)s
  • Triggers Lv.(8 - 12) Recovery Potion upon defeating an enemy under at least 3 control statuses. Interval: (4 - 4)s
  • 5% chance to inflict a stack of Slow on hit

Arrival of the Polar Night

STR Chest Armor

  • +(40 - 50)% Intimidated Effects
  • +(10 - 20) Max Life
  • Enemies within 12m are Intimidated
  • +(5 - 6)% additional Life Regeneration Speed when at Low Life
  • Restores 2% Max Life every second for 4s upon hitting an enemy under at least 3 control effects.

Crow's Plume

DEX Boots

  • +1% Max Elemental Resistance
  • (-50 - -70)% Slow Effect Received
  • +(15 - 20)% Movement Speed
  • +(8-12)% Elemental Resistance
  • +10% chance to inflict Paralysis on hit
  • +10% chance to inflict Blind on hit

Rebuilding the Gods' Bodies

INT Chest Armor

  • +(70 - 100)% Gear Energy Shield
  • +(40 - 55) Gear Energy Shield
  • When Devouring, +50% Energy Shield Charge Speed for (2 - 3)s if at least (6 - 7) stacks of Blessing are devoured
  • When Devouring, immediately restores 30% lost Energy Shield if at least (8 - 10) stacks of Blessing are devoured
  • (-3 - -1)% Sealed Mana
  • You went against the will of the Gods
  • The new god is devouring Six Gods' blessings

Chopping off the Sublime Head

STR Helmet

  • (-60 - -40) Max Life
  • +(20 - 30)% Fire Resistance
  • Halves the Devour Interval
  • You went against the will of the Gods
  • The new god is devouring Six Gods' blessings
  • <Random Level 1 Six Gods Core Talent>
  • <Owns 1 additional stack of random Blessing>

Breaking the Eternal Wrist

DEX Gloves

  • +(4 - 6)% Attack and Cast Speed
  • +(10 - 15)% Elemental Damage
  • Gains Fervor after Devouring
  • When Devouring, randomly casts Lv.1 Fixate, Safeguard Field, and Blizzard if at least 70 Fervor Rating is devoured. Cooldown: 4s.
  • When Devouring, Critical Strike gains the Lucky effect for (1 - 2)s if at least 100 Fervor Rating is devoured.
  • You went against the will of the Gods
  • The new god is devouring Six Gods' blessings

Heels That Trap Illusions

DEX Boots

  • +(25 - 35)% Gear Evasion
  • When Devouring, (-20 - -40)% control effects received for (1 - 4)s if at least 2 types of Six Gods' Blessings are devoured
  • +(5 - 10)% Movement Speed
  • When Devouring, +90% additional Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed for (1 - 2)s if at least 70 Blur Rating is devoured
  • -90% Reaping Duration
  • You went against the will of the Gods
  • The new god is devouring Six Gods' blessings

Sage's Riddle

INT Helmet

  • +(30 - 40)% Gear Energy Shield
  • +(16 - 24)% Intelligence
  • +(0.1 - 0.2)% additional Sentry Damage for every point of Order
  • +(10 - 15)% Elemental Damage for every Sentry Nearby
  • <You can only deal one type of Elemental Damage>

Law of the Supreme Will


  • +(10 - 15)% Erosion Resistance
  • +(600 - 1200) Armor
  • Gains 1 Order every 6s
  • +20% Cooldown Recovery Speed for 5s when having at least (70 - 80) Order
  • -20% Order Decrease Speed
  • +0.4% Movement Speed for every point of Order you have

Reverse of the Second Will


  • Triggers a Lv.1 Black Hole upon dealing Trauma Damage. Interval: 2s
  • (-10 - -5)% Elemental Resistance
  • Traumatized enemies deal (-12 - -16)% additional damage
  • -40% additional Trauma Duration
  • +(0.2 - 0.5)% additional Trauma Damage for every point of Chaos you have

Tendency of Stars

INT Chest Armor

  • +(10 - 15) Max Mana
  • +(5 - 10)% Cold Resistance
  • +1% additional damage and +0.2% additional Spell Damage for skills cast by Spell Burst for every point of Chaos you have
  • +1% Spell Burst Charge Speed and +0.2% additional Main Skill Damage for every point of Order you have
  • +(75 - 100) Spell Critical Strike Rating for 5s when Order is equal to Chaos



  • Gains 100 Order when having no more than 0 Order
  • Gains an Order Effect equal to +(140 - 140)% of current Order when Order is higher than Chaos
  • Gains a Chaos Effect equal to +(140 - 140)% of current Chaos when Chaos is higher than Order
  • -10% Elemental and Erosion Resistances when Order is higher than Chaos
  • Gains one of the following effects when Order is lower than Chaos: -10% additional Armor/-10% additional Energy Shield/-10% additional Evasion. Lasts for 5s
  • Loses 9 Order every second

Omniscient Prototype

INT Chest Armor

  • +(1 - 10) Gear Armor
  • +1 Max Life
  • +1 Max Mana
  • +(100 - 120) Energy

1.10 New Pactspirits

This season, we have added 3 types of Pactspirits: Attack, Survival, and Drops. There will also be a Legendary season-exclusive Pactspirit. Details of Pactspirits are as follows:

Name Category Description
Poisoned Omen Attack Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Minor Node: +10% damage, -2% damage received from Cursed enemies, +6% Curse Effects
  • Medium Node: +20% Damage, -4% damage received from Cursed enemies, +12% Curse Effects
  • Major Node: You can cast 1 additional Curse, +4% Movement Speed if you have cast a Curse Skill recently
  • Additional Node: +8% additional damage against Cursed enemies
Warbler of Plum Blossoms Survival Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Minor Node: +5% Elemental Resistance, +15% Mana Regeneration Speed, +3% XP gained
  • Medium Node: +10% Elemental Resistance, +30% Mana Regeneration Speed, +6% XP gained
  • Major Node: +30% Elemental Resistance, Converts 6% of Physical Damage taken to random Elemental Damage
  • Additional Node: Converts 15% of Physical Damage taken to random Elemental Damage
Kong Drop Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Minor Node: +3% additional Fluorescent Memory dropped, +3% drop quantity
  • Medium Node: +6% additional Fluorescent Memory dropped, +6% drop quantity
  • Major Node: Fluorescent Memories dropped have a 10% chance to be multiplied by 3
  • Additional Node: Fluorescent Memories dropped have a 10% chance to be multiplied by 2
Heart-binding Rose Season-Exclusive Pactspirit
(Legendary Pactspirit)
  • Minor Node: +3% drop quantity, +5% Desire Crystal drop quantity, +5% Desire Bead drop quantity
  • Medium Node: +6% drop quantity, +10% Desire Crystal drop quantity, +10% Desire Bead drop quantity
  • Major Node: 14% chance to 2x the items in the Cube of Rapacity
  • Additional Node: When the items are doubled, 50% chance to 3x the items in the Cube of Rapacity

2. Balancing Adjustments

The full list of Season 3 Balance Adjustment.

2.1 Crafting

To allow hunters to start crafting gear sooner and upgrade gear more frequently, we've essentially redesigned the existing crafting system and added 2 new crafting methods: Prototype Production and Targeted Processing.

Prototype Production

Torchlight Infinite Crafting System

Prototype Production can lock up to 2 affixes on a piece of gear to re-randomize the gear into a piece of Prototype gear with up to 4 fixes affixes. Prototype Production makes it possible to retain advanced affixes on gear, but the plasticity of the original gear decreases each time it is crafted. Prototype Production cannot be carried out on a piece of gear that has 0 plasticity.

This means, gear drops with advanced affixes will become excellent crafting materials in the future, which will give hunters a richer treasure-hunting experice than before.

Targeted Processing

Torchlight Infinite Targeted Processing

Targeted Processing will replace the old crafting method. In other words, hunters can still use Ember to craft the affixes they desire, but the cost of reverting crafting results will be higher.

Therefore, we recommend that hunters use Prototype Production to craft good prototype gear and then use Targeted Processing to craft the other affixes.

We hope the combination of the new crafting craftsmanship and flexible crafting procedures will provide hunters with a more interesting crafting experience.

3. Gameplay Adjustments

3.1 Netherrealm Random Affix System Adjustments

  • In the new season, we have revamped and restructured the Base Affixes for the Netherrealm Stage to provide a more comprehensive assessment of character build and significantly influence players' combat experience within the Stage.
  • Netherrealm Random Affixes will either impose limitations on players' abilities or boost the abilities of monsters, evaluating character build from both survival and damage perspectives.
  • These Random Affixes will profoundly influence the intricacies of character build, aiming to offer more diverse combat experiences for players.
  • Upon entering Timemark 8, Netherrealm Random Affixes can summon formidable special monsters, presenting a considerable challenge to players' battles.
  • As the updated Base Affixes demand increased attention, we have altered the method for players to re-randomize these Affixes. Players will now utilize the "Add 1 Affix" and "Reset All" options to modify the Stage's Base Affixes. Starting with one Affix, players will progressively add Base Affixes to the Stage while also obtaining extra Drop Affix benefits. "Add 1 Affix" requires the expenditure of Netherrealm Resonance, while "Reset All" can only be used limited times. Please be cautious in balancing the difficulty and rewards of the Stage during gameplay.

3.2 Netherrealm Chaos Invasion Adjustments

New Method for Obtaining Trait Cards:

  • To enhance the gaming experience for early and mid-stage Netherrealm players, the Netherrealm Chaos Invasion system now includes a new way to acquire unowned Trait Cards, significantly reducing the time it takes to collect all the cards (excluding card upgrades).
  • Once Trait Cards are unlocked, unowned Trait Cards will appear in various Timemarks and dimensions as "Special Trait Cards." Besides the card effects, players can directly obtain the corresponding Trait Cards by clearing the stages where these Special Trait Cards are located.
  • It is important to note that the three-choice Trait Card selection after each Chaos Invasion remains the same, and players can still acquire unowned Trait Cards through this method.

3.3 Card Awakening

Previously, the Awakening probability of Trait Cards was fixed and hidden. To make "upgrading all cards to full stars" more meaningful, the Awakening probability will become a growable stat in the new season, increasing with the total star count of Trait Cards.

Simultaneously, we have optimized the related interface, adding UI displays for Trait Card Awakening probability and total star count, and improved the special effects after Card Awakening, making them more noticeable.

3.4 Card Adjustments

In the new season, Netherrealm Cards will undergo significant changes to adapt to the new Crafting system's item value system. Additionally, we have added many powerful but harder-to-find Confusion Cards and removed some less valuable ones, aiming to provide players with a stronger surprise experience through Confusion Cards.

Due to the numerous changes, please refer to the game for more specific numbers.

3.5 UI Performance Improvements

We have added borders to Trait Cards to distinguish them from Confusion Cards.

3.6 Compass Adjustments

Compass Effect Adjustment: Dazzling Prosperity Compass. The Ember Upgrade can no longer be performed,

  • The new effect provides an additional 150% increase in Ember Drop quantity
  • Embers dropped have a 54% chance to be doubled
  • Monsters Penetrate 8% Resistance
  • Offset Degree +48

3.7 Output Restriction

The following five types of Compasses will no longer drop:

  • Abundance Compass
  • Vanity Compass
  • Scouting Compass
  • Samurai Compass
  • General Compass

Previously obtained Compasses will remain unaffected.

3.8 Netherrealm Stage Adjustments

  • 10% of the damage types inflicted by monsters and bosses have been converted to Damage Over Time.
  • Path of the Brave will no longer close automatically after each battle round, enabling players to re-enter the battlefield to collect loot (while still consuming entry counts).
  • Players will receive a brief Invincibility effect after all Netherrealm Watcher and Realm Lord battles, preventing knockdowns from lingering skills.
  • A brief Invincibility effect will also be granted after completing each floor in Path of the Brave.
  • Damage sources within stages have been optimized to ensure that all lethal threats to players are accurately displayed.
  • The Netherrealm Treasure Chest has been revamped, enhancing the drop experience and introducing a Special Event.
  • Some Netherrealm stages now feature portals in their backtracking paths, allowing players to return to the fork in the road.
  • Most traps found in Story Stages have been removed from Netherrealm Stages.
  • The special gameplay locations in the Netherrealm have been optimized, appearing in more reasonable places.
  • Netherrealm Teleporters can now display the player's current Portal Skin.
  • The God of Machines boxer will now drop items according to the Rare monster bonus drop.
  • Three maps with fewer monster quantities have been replaced.
Original Map New Map

Ramparts of Belief

Deserted District

Wuthering Mining Track

Singing Sand

Ramparts of Justice

Wall of the Last Breath

  • We have added nine new Netherrealm map bosses, replacing the previous repetitive ones.
  • The spawn point rules for "God of Machines" monsters have been optimized, ensuring they do not spawn in areas where players cannot defeat them. If they do spawn, they will blink to the player's side, effectively resolving the issue of the God of Machines monsters getting stuck.
  • The impact of the Netherrealm map's Plane Watcher skills on performance has been optimized by reducing the intensity of some visual effects.
  • The frequency of Plane Watcher skills appearing in Netherrealm monsters has been slightly decreased
  • The difficulty of the Glacial Abyss Plane Watcher skills has been marginally lowered.

3.9 Story and Quest Modifications

  • Monster stats in Chapter 1 have been adjusted to make early-game battles more challenging.
  • A new Void Rift gameplay feature has been added to the Story stage, offering more dangerous battles but also granting players access to better early-game equipment and higher XP
  • Players can now repeatedly farm chapter bosses for powerful early-game Legendary items.
  • Upon defeating the Evil Dragon, the lava damage effect in Terra will be removed.
  • The issue with the Dwarf King's giant hand skill not casting correctly has been fixed.
  • Treasure Chests and Six Gods gameplay features will now appear in the Story, with the Six Gods gameplay unlocking progressively as players advance.
  • A new entrance animation for Daisley has been created in the Main Story Stage Skirthem of Goddess.
  • To enhance the player experience in the new Season, Zenoth the Lightless's position in Ember's Rest Hideout has been adjusted, and a new Season-related device, Heart of Rapacity, has been placed in its original location
  • Text descriptions for some Pactspirit, Outfit, Legendary Gear, Talent, monsters, and buffs have been revised. Please refer to the game for details.

4. System Optimizations

4.1 Newly Added

  • 【Association】Introduced the new Hunters Association System. This System is in its early stages, and more features will be progressively refined based on community feedback.
  • 【Shop】Added direct purchase options for Outfits.
  • 【Shop】Included Total Top-Up statistics, enabling users to claim additional rewards.
  • 【First Top-up】All accounts' First Top-Up Bonus eligibility has been reset.

4.2 Rules Changed

  • 【Season Pass】Upon purchasing the Season Pass, heroes included in the Season Pass can be obtained directly without completing the manual quest or claiming Level 1 reward.
  • 【Main Story】The quest skill rewards for the first three chapters of all heroes have been optimized, changing multiple-choice rewards to a single reward. Hunters can purchase other skills from the Skill Shop.
  • 【Main Story】Main Story skill rewards for all heroes have been optimized: all skill rewards now match the player's current level.

4.3 System Optimizations

  • 【Skills】A Reset Level feature for skills has been added, allowing you to reset skill above Level 1 to Level 1 in Inventory - Skills - Function Collection.
  • 【Skills】The Tips interface for skills has been redesigned, making it easier for players to view the details of each skill's values.
  • 【Pick Up】A Pick Up record feature and a highlight to show the next Pick Up target have been added.
  • 【Minimap】Icon HD upgrade has been implemented.
  • 【Hero Ranking】Pactspirit display has been added to Hero Ranking.
  • 【Hunter File】Complete information of other Hunters can now be viewed.
  • 【Main Screen】On the mobile version, the main screen will organize Season-exclusive gameplay icons when there are more than two.
  • 【Fluorescent Memory】Fluorescent Memory Exchange animation can be skipped in the current game with Skip All.
  • 【Pactspirit】Pact System now allows switching between multiple saved setups.
  • 【Inventory】All items within Inventory tags can be batch-selected when destroying.
  • 【Outfit】Navigation for obtaining outfit sources has been optimized: Outfits can now be linked to corresponding Past Memories and featured Boons.
  • 【Mail】Mail upper limit and corresponding prompt function have been added: when Mail reaches the upper limit, it will start deleting mail (when Mail reaches 80% of the upper limit, entering the Mail System will trigger a prompt).
  • 【Settings】Auto Guide, Auto Aim, and Instant Cast switches for skills have been added in Battle settings.
  • 【Settings】Skill translucency adjustment has been added in Graphics settings.
  • 【Season Pass】Season Pass display has been optimized, and shortcut functions such as Quest points, Reward Claim All, and one-click purchase of Season Pass Level have been added.
  • 【Trade House】Item category list has been updated to a 3-level list.
  • 【Trade House】A condition group feature has been added, allowing the creation of multiple condition groups for searching.
  • 【Trade House】Non-condition group search criteria will be cleared upon exit.
  • 【Trade House】Trade House now supports repeated condition searches.
  • 【PC】Improved sorting for multiple interaction buttons to reduce accidental scene switching.
  • 【PC】Press ESC to close the Crafting Result interface.
  • 【PC】Statue of The New God, Trade House, Crafting, Enchant, Gear Empowerment, Stash, Corrosion, and Hero Trait now support hover TIPS.
  • 【PC】Minimap now features a save offset function.
  • 【PC】New hotkey support added for: Hunters association, Hunters' Forge, Statue of The New God, Cube of Rapacity, Avarice Code, and Auto Loot Toggle.
  • 【PC】Show TIPS when hovering the mouse over dropped items in the scene.
  • 【PC】Inventory now supports hover TIPS and has reduced TIPS size, no longer blocking the item column when comparing multiple equipment.
  • 【PC】Skill casting targets are now closer to the mouse position.
  • 【PC】Vertical screen display support added.
  • 【PC】Season-exclusive gameplay hotkey integration, with the latest and necessary season-exclusive gameplay hotkeys fixed as V, previous season-exclusive gameplay defaults are empty and support key changes.
  • 【PC】Added an option to hide health and mana bars in screen settings.
  • 【PC】Top-left corner Minimap now supports expanded view of all map affixes.
  • 【PC】Added display selection feature in Graphics settings.
  • 【PC】Trait Skills that cannot be actively cast will no longer show its hotkeys.
  • 【Controller】Added support for skills, Avarice Code, Cube of Rapacity, and Statue of The New God.
  • 【Controller】Added vibration when valuable items dropped (XBOX Controller only).
  • 【Controller】Increased pick-up speed when continuously picking up items.
  • 【Controller】Added Vibration Strength setting.
  • 【Controller】Added support for Talent, World Map, Inventory (completion), Reward Claim, and Announcement interfaces.
  • 【Controller】Added Function Wheel, default press left joystick to open, supports adjusting which functions appear in the wheel.

4.4 Others

  • 【System】Season Pass can now be viewed and purchased during character creation.
  • 【System】Exchange System name changed to Recycle, consistent with Inventory name to avoid confusion.
  • 【Pick Up】Added a toggle for showing floating text for pick-up in mobile screen settings.
  • 【System】Added a recommended builds System for beginners, with some preset recommended build methods; accessible from the main interface after completing the prologue.
  • 【Fluorescent Memory】Cannot continue to exchange Fluorescent Memory when Mailbox and Inventory are full.
  • 【Pactspirit】Pactspirit List updated, new Pactspirits released with the season will be placed at the front.
  • 【Boon】Newly unlocked Boons will have an additional prompt on the tag page.
  • 【Shop】Pack page layout has been adjusted.
  • 【Price check】Improved the entrance style for the price check feature.
  • 【Item】Added a new icon in the top right corner of Item Tips to indicate non-tradeable items.
  • 【Settings】Added a toggle for special effect optimization in Graphics settings.

Torchlight Infinite Guide