Torchlight Infinite Overall Difficulty

Season 2 Overall Difficulty Changes

We have introduced a new development system to this season: Hero Relics and Memories. This has increased your combat capability, so we have adjusted the overall difficulty of the game and added the new seasonal boss. Detailed difficulty adjustments are as follows:

  • After the season game mode appears in chapter 4, the overall HP of monsters has increased by approximately 15% and their overall damage by approximately 10%.
  • Timemark 6 Traveler’s HP has been increased by about 26%, Timemark 7 Traveler’s HP by about 40%, and Timemark 8 Traveler’s HP by about 187%.
  • HP of Tidemasters summoned with the three Edicts has been increased by about 42%, and Tidemasters summoned with the four Edicts by about 64%.

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