Torchlight Infinite Game Mode

Season 2 Game Mode Changes and Bug Fixes

[Treasure Chest] Increased the speed of opening Treasure Chests.
[God of Might] Reward of Floor 10 is currently the highest reward. Rewards will be settled once you clear Floor 10.
S1 season game mode [Dark Surge] has been added to the core gameplay and could appear in the [Netherrealm Invasion] phase. You can increase the chance of [Dark Surge] appearing through [Compasses] and [Chaos Invasion] in Netherrealm.
[Trial of the Six Gods] generation rules adjusted. The same [Trial of the Six Gods] won’t appear multiple times in the same stage. Multiple [Trial of the Six Gods] won’t be active at the same time. You will have to wait for one [Trial of the Six Gods] to end to start the next [Trial of the Six Gods].
Fixed the refresh location error and refresh failure of [Six Gods].
Adjusted the gameplay flow of [Path of the Brave], changes including:

  • Switching of maps happens every 10 floors instead of 5 floors to reduce the load frequency.
  • Map replaced with the venues of Netherrealm supreme bosses.
  • Adjusted the overall range of difficulty. The game mode is now accessible at Lv.85.
  • Adjusted gameplay of each floor, including elite battles, normal monster battles, and boss battles.
  • Adjusted method of settlement, making it more accurate.
  • Added Netherrealm area bosses as the end-of-the-stage bosses every ten stages. They could also appear on Floor 41-45.
  • Modified the names of the expected drop items in the Path of the Brave.

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