Netherrealm resonance – Torchlight Infinite

Netherrealm resonance: refresh a Netherrealm stage’s base affixes.

  • Used in Netherrealm

This item is used to refresh a Netherrealm stage's base affixes. You will use lots of these in the late game.

Netherrealm resonance

How to get Netherrealm resonance?

Source: Drops everywhere in Netherrealm.

Netherrealm gameplay in Season 3:

1. It will be possible to collect cards faster in the Chaos Invasion gameplay to allow Hunters to use more card strategies.

2. It will be possible to end God of War early before the countdown ends if all rewards have been claimed.

Other Currency Items

Icon Name Description
Elixir of Oblivion A necessary item for adjusting Talent
Netherrealm resonance refresh a Netherrealm stage’s base affixes
Energy Core An item required to refine the gear energy value

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