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Icon Hero Traits
Cateye Erika|Wind Stalker
Season Pass
Deal with enemies through swift movements.
Gains great Explosion abilities and deals damage through Multistrikes after continuous movements.

How to get it: Golden Season Pass - Reward

Pass Level Sliver Season Pass Golden Season Pass
1 Hunter Supply Chest II Wind Stalker

Wind Stalker

Icon Description
Wind Stalker
Require lv 1
Gains Cat's Agility for 10 s after making 6 m of movement
Cat's Agility Effect:
While Cat's Agility is active, +20% Movement Speed
While Cat's Agility is active, 200% of the increase/decrease in Movement Speed is also applied to Attack Damage

You cannot gain Cat's Agility again by moving while Cat's Agility is active
Hot Pursuit
Require lv 13
+200% Multistrike Chance during Cat's Agility
Gains 1 stack of Stalker for every 2 m of movement during Cat's Agility, up to 2 stacks
Multistrike deals 20% additional damage with each strike
When Multistrike ends or you lose Cat's Agility, you lose all Stalker stacks
Have Fun
Require lv 32
+3% Attack Speed for every 1 m of movement made recently during Multistrike
+6% additional Attack Speed during Multistrike for every 1 stacks of Stalker you have
Require lv 32
Extends Cat's Agility's Duration by 3/2 s when Stalker is gained
+10% Movement Speed for every 1 stacks of Stalker you have
Cat's Punches
Require lv 50
Max Stalker Stacks +1
Each Multistrike deal 10% more damage for each 1 stack(s) of Stalker you have
Cat Walk
Require lv 62
Your Multistrike Count will not be interrupted during Cat's Agility
No longer loses Stalker after Multistrike ends
Stalker lasts for 3 s
Cat Dive
Require lv 62
During Multistrike, there is a +1% chance for this attack to deal damage equal to the Max Multistrike Count for every +5% Movement Speed you have
+1 Maximum Multistrike Count for every 1 stacks of Stalker you have
Cat's Scratch
Require lv 80
Every 1 stacks of Stalker +2% additional Attack Speed for 3 s when the Max Multistrike Count is reached
+10% additional Attack Speed for each attack during Multistrike until Multistrike ends
Cat's Vision
Require lv 80
During Cat's Agility, Max Stalker Stacks +1 upon reaching the Max Multistrike Count, up to +3 until Cat's Agility ends

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Wind Stalker

Wind Stalker is the hero trait of Cateye Erika. It specializes in rapid movement in combat dodging attacks and giving enemies the lethal blow. All the features will bring you a great battling experience.

Gains Cat’s Agility for 10s after making 6m of movement. Cat’s Agility Effect:

  • While Cat’s Agility is active, +20% Movement Speed
  • While Cat’s Agility is active, 200% of increase/decrease in Movemomt Speed is also applied to Attack Damage

You cannot gain Cat’s Agility agin by moving while Cat’s Agility is active.

Torchlight Infinite Wind Stalker

Cateye Erika

  • Cateye Erika, a girl from Ichi, has now joined Torchlight. She’s agile and good at dealing lethal blows to enemies when moving at high speed.
  • View detailed Hero Traits in the game. Purchase the Season Pass and unlock the hero at Lv.1.
  • Hero Trait: Wind Stalker

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