Torchlight Infinite System Usability Optimizations

1. Key Optimizations

• Controller: Torchlight now supports the mainstream controllers on the market.
• Shop: Free packs and free Boons have been added to the Shop. Each Hunter can claim one free pack and one free Boon every day.
• Minimap: Minimap can now be fixed on the main screen and supports transparency and scaling adjustments.
• PC: An UI scaling feature has been added to the PC version with UI optimizations done for most pages.
• Panel: Minion info and DoT Damage are now displayed on the panel.
• Special Effect: Added a Skill Effect Brightness adjustment feature. Hunters can adjust the Skill Effect Brightness according to their needs to protect their eyes.

2. Usability Optimizations

[Minimap] Added a minimap that can be permanently displayed on the main screen for both the PC and mobile versions. On the PC version, this minimap is permanently displayed on the main screen by default. On the mobile version, the original setting is applied by default, and the display mode of the minimap can be changed in the screen settings. The settings can also be used to adjust the transparency of the minimap or to zoom in and out.
[Inventory] Added a Recycle feature to the Gear page and swapped the positions of the Identify and Sort buttons.
[Drops] Added 2 new drop sound effects to make it easier to tell when Memory Fragments, Beacons, Compasses, etc., have dropped based on the sound.
[Drops] Fixed an issue that caused some special gear to not have a special drop frame.
[Items] Added unique icons for all Enhancement Compasses.
[Crafting] Added a secondary confirmation window that appears when selecting crafted items to prevent Hunters from missing out on T1 affixes.
[Crafting] Hunters will not be able to keep using Empower when Empower is at max Energy.
[Trade House] Added a feature to set items with Highlight Prices in the Item screen.
[Trade House] Added a reminder that pops up when deleting transaction records.
[Trade House] Added Normal and Advanced search options for Hero Relics and Hero Memories.
[Trade House] To prevent everyone from choosing the wrong currency when listing items, changed the default currency when listing items from Flame Sand to Flame Elementium.
[Tips] Added a [Drop Source] option to the [More] menu in the item tips. This can be used to check where the item drops.
[Outfits] Optimized outfit tips and added a button that can be tapped to take Hunters to view the corresponding outfit.
[Settings] It is now possible to adjust the brightness of skill effects and enable/disable outfit effects in the Graphics settings.
[Settings] It is now possible to enable/disable Vertical Synchronization or adjust foreground and background frame limits in the Graphics settings of the PC version.
[Settings] It is now possible to adjust the zoom in/out settings of all screens in the Screen settings of the PC version.
[Settings] It is now possible to enable/disable the delayed appearance of main screen skill tops in the Screen settings of the PC version.
[Settings] It is now possible to adjust the overall volume and background volume playback method in the Sound settings of the PC version.
[PC] Optimized the main screen, making the visible area larger, which makes it less likely to make mistakes in battle.
[PC] Enlarged the text font of floating words on the PC version.
[Training Dummy] Increased the max per second injury record to 999,999,999.
[Panels] Added Summon, DoT Damage, and Ailment Damage display entries to panels.
[Panels] The stats parameters of Hero Traits will now be included in panel calculations.
[Panels] Due to dynamic calculations and performance consumption, it will take some time before the DPS comparison can be displayed on the screen.

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3. Other Optimizations

[Character Creation] Optimized the character creation scene.
[Main Screen] Optimized the unlock display method of the system menu.
[Minimap] Fixed an issue that caused the icon of dropped Memory Fragments to appear too small on the minimap.
[PC] [Tutorial] Optimized the tutorial tip effect when using Restoration skills.
[PC] [Tutorial] Fixed an issue that caused there to be no response after pressing the ESC button while channeling in some situations.
[Help] Optimized the description of the Fluorescent Memory – Exchange entry.
[Help] Optimized an error in the description of the Netherrealm – Map Affix entry. Base affixes do not affect the quantity of monsters.
[World Map] Optimized the unlock condition of the World Map so that it is now unlocked at Lv.3.
[Season Pass] Optimized the icon of Reward Chests.
[Navigation Bar] The feature entrances of the navigation bar will now be progressively unlocked according to Hunters’ game progress.
[Merits] Optimized the content of some ambiguous entry descriptions in the Achievement system.
[Netherrealm] Optimized some text in the Netherrealm system to make improve its accuracy and clarity.
[Outfits] Adjusted the description of how to obtain outfits.
[Boons] Added information about the Minimum Guarantee of the Pet card pool.
[Settings] The DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 graphic interfaces can be switched in the Graphics settings on the PC version.

4. Bug Fixes

  • [Crafting] Fixed some errors in the Help text of the Crafting system.
  • [Crafting] Fixed the icon of Ominous Ember.
  • [Trade House] Fixed a bug that caused Legendary gear to also appear when using the Advanced Search to search for Normal gear.
  • [Main Story] Fixed a bug that caused the Teleport point of the Ancient Battleground to unlock abnormally.
  • [Outfits] Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use all types of shields when wearing a Shield outfit.
  • [Panels] Fixed a bug that caused Panel survival values involving the portion exceeding Max Resistance to be calculated incorrectly.

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