Torchlight Infinite New Content Season 2

Season 2 New Content

[Hero Traits] Added a new Hero Item System.
[Netherrealm] Added a new quest system to the Netherrealm: Netherrealm Journey, which can help Hunters understand the various systems of the game and challenge the Netherrealm more purposefully.
[Controllers] Support for XBOX controllers, PS5 controllers, PS4 controllers, Steam Deck.
[Controllers] Support for adjustment of the sensitivity of the right joystick, swapping of confirm/cancel buttons, and changing of the positions of some buttons.
[Events] Added an event to bring back past card pools. The Divine Punishment Apocalypse, Savage Shadows, Abyssal Sin, Ember Matrix, and Falling Stardust card pools will return.
[Events] Added 2 new objectives to the Season Challenge event: Reach Lv.100 and defeat the Lord of the Void Sea. The reward will be a corresponding exclusive avatar.
[Character Creation] Added a season opening introduction.
[Character Creation] Added usable character creation slots.
[Shop] Added categories of exchangeable outfit coins.
[Shop] Added outfit coin shops in the Shop.
[Shop] Added packs that can be claimed for free every day.
[Shop] Added many event packs.
[Boons] Added card pools that free draws can be made from every day.

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