Torchlight Infinite Seething Silhouette Hero Memory

Seething Silhouette Hero Memory

Icon Description
Soul of Fury
Require lv 1

  • Max Rage (35–45)
Future Burnt Offering
Require lv 1

  • Seething Spirit will always exist and attack automatically while Berserk is active
  • (160–180)% additional Seething Spirit Damage if you are Disarmed while Berserk is active (engram 5 exclusive)
Ancestral Hate
Require lv 1

Ancestral Blood Drops
Require lv 1

The blood of our ancestors… continue to flow even now. Not even the snowfields of the north could freeze it.

Sullen Spirit
Require lv 1

A resentful, violent soul-that was the true face of the Ancestor Spirit that Rehan met in the Valley of the Ancestors.

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