Torchlight Infinite Ranger of Glory Hero Memory

Ranger of Glory Hero Memory

Icon Description
Ranger’s Last Journey
Require lv 1

Lessons Under the City at Sunset
Require lv 1

  • (12–18)% Critical Strike Damage for every (20–25)% chance you have to Reload Special Ammo
Wiping Family Silver Bullet
Require lv 1

  • +30% Reload Speed for every Wiping Family Silver Bullet engraved
Royal Silver Bullet
Require lv 1

The bullet that Carino secretly hid on his body before leaving the Imperial Capital was said to be a gift from the former king who came to see him on his fifth birthday.

Hermann Family Medal
Require lv 1

Even though the Hermann family is a royal family, it still regards awards gained through military service as the highest honor. Carino naturally thinks the same.

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