Torchlight Infinite Hero Memories

Hero Memories in Torchlight Infinite: Unveiling Hidden Potential

Hero Memories are powerful, customizable relics in Torchlight Infinite that enhance your chosen hero's traits and overall potential. Let's delve into these fascinating items:

What are Hero Memories?

  • Legendary sacred objects imbued with the will of ancient gods.
  • Each memory grants two powerful, random affixes related to your hero's specific traits or overall stats.
  • You can engrave up to three memories onto a Hero Relic, providing a significant power boost and customization options.

Benefits of Hero Memories:

  • Stat and Trait Buffs: Memories directly enhance your hero's attributes, damage output, survivability, and skill effectiveness.
  • Synergy and Specialization: Affixes can synergize with your build and playstyle, tailoring your hero to be a potent force.
  • Unique Combinations: The random nature of affixes creates a vast pool of possibilities, encouraging experimentation and discovery.

Engraving and Acquisition:

  • Hero Relics: Each Relic has multiple Engram slots where you can socket Hero Memories.
  • Finding Memories: They drop from various activities, including defeating Void Pirates, challenging bosses, and completing seasonal activities.
  • Rerolling Affixes: You can spend resources to reroll an affix on a memory if you're not satisfied with its effect.

Strategies for Utilizing Hero Memories:

  • Target Trait-Specific Memories: Certain memories directly boost your hero's specific traits, enhancing their unique abilities.
  • Prioritize Synergistic Affixes: Choose memories whose affixes complement your build and skill rotations for maximum effectiveness.
  • Experiment and Adapt: Don't be afraid to try out different combinations and refine your setup as you acquire new memories.
  • Resource Management: Rerolling affixes can be expensive, so use them wisely and prioritize memories with desirable base potential.

Additional Tips:

  • Check the TLIDB Hero Memory Database for detailed information on specific memories and their potential affixes.
  • Join the Torchlight Infinite community to discuss strategies, share builds, and discover hidden combinations.
  • Keep an eye out for seasonal content that might introduce new Hero Memories or unique acquisition methods.

Unleashing the power of Hero Memories is a continuous journey of discovery and optimization. Embrace the customization options, experiment with different combinations, and watch your hero reach their full potential in the thrilling world of Torchlight Infinite!

Hero Memories must be used with Hero Relics and can't be equipped unless the required Hero Relic has been equipped. Hero Memories may also have certain requirements that must be met before they can be equipped. At the same time, some affixes may only take effect if the Hero Memory is equipped in a corresponding slot.

List of Legendary Hero Memories

Icon Description
Chaotic Oracle
Require lv 1
Thunder Punishment Prayer
Require lv 1
  • (20–30)% Lightning damage for every Thunder Punishment Prayer engraved
Frozen Time
Require lv 1
  • (20–30)% Cold Damage for every Frozen Time engraved
Immolating World
Require lv 1
  • (20–30)% Fire Damage for every Immolating World engraved
Sun's Fall
Require lv 1
  • (14–18)% Fire Resistance for every Falling Sun engraved
Return Thunder to the Sky
Require lv 1
  • (14–18)% Lightning Resistance for every Return Thunder to the Sky engraved
Ruined Efforts
Require lv 1
  • (14–18)% Cold Resistance for every Flowing Waters engraved
Star Shooting
Require lv 1
  • (24–32) Dexterity for every Star Shooting engraved
Unfinished Creation
Require lv 1
  • (24–32) Intelligence for every Unfinished Creation engraved
Sol'Quinn's Roar
Require lv 1
  • (24–32) Strength for every Sol'Quinn's Roar engraved
Balancing Hypocrisy Before the Scales
Require lv 1
  • (18–25)% Strength and (-100–-80) Dexterity when engraved in an odd-numbered engram
    (18–25)% Dexterity and (-100–-80) Strength when engraved in an even-numbered engram
Ranger's Last Journey
Require lv 1
Lessons Under the City at Sunset
Require lv 1
  • (12–18)% Critical Strike Damage for every (20–25)% chance you have to Reload Special Ammo
Eve of the Kingslaying
Require lv 1
Wiping Family Silver Bullet
Require lv 1
  • +30% Reload Speed for every Wiping Family Silver Bullet engraved
Secret of Time
Require lv 1
  • Restore (10–15) Spacetime Energy every second for every Secret of Time engraved
Multidimensional Contact
Require lv 1
Pushing the Cogs of Fate
Require lv 1
Butterfly Hunting
Require lv 1
Cat's Night Safari
Require lv 1
The Place of Oracle
Require lv 1
Prayer for Grace
Require lv 1
  • (4–6)% additional Divine Punishment Cooldown Recovery Speed for every Prayer for Grace engraved
Eagle's Fight to the Death
Require lv 1
Supported by the Masses
Require lv 1
  • -30% Overload Duration
  • (40–50)% chance to gain a stack of random Blessing when Minions deal Double Damage
  • Adds (20–23) - (25–27) Physical Damage to Attacks and Spells for every 1 stacks of Blessing that your Minions have
Soul of Fury
Require lv 1
Future Burnt Offering
Require lv 1
  • Seething Spirit will always exist and attack automatically while Berserk is active
  • (160–180)% additional Seething Spirit Damage if you are Disarmed while Berserk is active (engram 5 exclusive)
Ancestral Hate
Require lv 1
Hero's Recklessness
Require lv 1
Silent Roar
Require lv 1
Two Extremes
Require lv 1
Ice Embraces Fire
Require lv 1
  • (-22–-18)% additional Fire Damage and Cold Damage if Max Fusion Energy is reached
Heart of the Snow
Require lv 1
Dominion of the Iron Pack
Require lv 1
Infinite Overload
Require lv 1
  • Overload gains an additional effect: +1200 Max Energy Shield

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Hero Memories Base Types

Icon Description
Aember Crystal
Require lv 1

The crystallized product of aemberized human souls. The Aemberized use them to fill their empty hearts.

Royal Silver Bullet
Require lv 1

The bullet that Carino secretly hid on his body before leaving the Imperial Capital was said to be a gift from the former king who came to see him on his fifth birthday.

Transition Memories
Require lv 1

Things change subtly when they travel through time and space. What about memories or souls then?

Guardian’s Key
Require lv 1

The cat always carries the key to the ancient city that she guarded back then, even though she has never opened that door with it.

Oracle Fragments
Require lv 1

Thea carved all the prophecies she had made onto slates… After the Aember spread, only fragments remain of those slates.

Portable Wingman
Require lv 1

The Commander’s most trusted mechanical unit is always on standby in the machine nest, and the Commander affectionately calls them “his little birds.”

Ancestral Blood Drops
Require lv 1

The blood of our ancestors… continue to flow even now. Not even the snowfields of the north could freeze it.

Frostfire Cinder
Require lv 1

An energy crystal that forms from the overflowing energy released when Gemma converts ice and fire energy. Ice and fire coexist wonderfully in this tiny crystal.

Excess Capacity
Require lv 1

The external capacitors the Commander installed on his mechanical units to allow them to be overloaded when necessary.

Mind Dock
Require lv 1

The Commander’s external mind-expanding device. It provides additional computing power, which allows the Commander to manipulate more Synthetic Troops at the same time.

Sanity Sphere
Require lv 1

A legendary sacred object that only exists in the stories that the Roma have passed on by word of mouth. The will of the gods can be reflected on it.

Sullen Spirit
Require lv 1

A resentful, violent soul-that was the true face of the Ancestor Spirit that Rehan met in the Valley of the Ancestors.

Varagon Ancestral Spirit
Require lv 1

A calm, great soul who taught Rehan how to turn his anger into strength.

Elemental Fusion Component
Require lv 1

The additional mechanical components the “doctor” installed for Gemma. It is able to separate and store the excess Ice and Fire Energy inside Gemma to balance the two types of energy.

Frost Ember
Require lv 1

Ice accepted fire, just like how Zoya guarded Gemma in the end. However, that was also the last embrace of ice and fire.

Hermann Family Medal
Require lv 1

Even though the Hermann family is a royal family, it still regards awards gained through military service as the highest honor. Carino naturally thinks the same.

Vengeance Bullets
Require lv 1

This bullet killed Carino’s teacher. Even if the bullet is deformed and can no longer be fired from a barrel, Carino still wants to stick it in the skull of his enemy.

Multidimensional Soul Backup
Require lv 1

Youga extracted the soul of another Youga who had just died in battle in another plane as a backup for his own soul.

Time Gravel
Require lv 1

Whether you believe it or not… Youga calls this handful of sand his “good buddy.”

Tips for Cats
Require lv 1

Adventurous cats will always make mistakes, but they are good cats as long as they take note of the lessons they learn!

Season 2 New System: Hero Items

  • The new season will also see the launch of a new development system: Hero Items. Consisting of Hero Relics and Hero Memories, which will further enhance Hero Traits.
  • Hero Relics are items that can be equipped, one per character. Each Hero Relic has two random affixes that provide buffs closely related to the hero's specialization.
  • Meanwhile, Hero Relics can also be used as carriers of Hero Memories. Up to 3 Hero Memories can be engraved onto each relic. Each Hero Memory also comes with two powerful Random Affixes.
  • Legendary Hero Items will be mainly obtained from the gameplay of the new season. Legendary Hero Items come with more unique affixes but are also more precious.
  • Detailed Hero Item attributes can be searched and checked in the Trade House in the game.

■ Hero Items: Hero Relics and Hero Memories

We’ve been treating heroes as one of the most important features in Torchlight: Infinite, this is also the biggest difference between Torchlight: Infinite and other ARPGs. Hero Traits are the first choice Hunters need to decide on after they step on Leptis, to further improve the combat styles that come with the Hero Traits and add more details to heroes’ background stories, we decide to introduce a brand new “Hero Items” system to the new season.

“Hero Items” consist of “Hero Relics” and “Hero Memories”.

In the new season, your Hero Trait can be equipped with one Hero Relic. In terms of story design, it is a supplement to heroes’ settings and background stories. And in terms of feature design, it contributes two affixes closely related to the Hero Trait.

For example, Carino’s Hero Trait Lethal Flash has an exclusive Hero Relic called “Tina’s Withered Flower”. Tina was Carino’s most respected mentor, but she ended up being infected by Aember and turned into an Agito, so the withered flower represents Tina’s regrets. Meanwhile, both affixes of the Hero Relic—Projectile Quantity and Reloading Speed —can significantly improve Lethal Flash.

What’s more important is that Hero Relics will be the carriers of Hero Memories. Up to 5 Hero Memories can be socketed in one Hero Relic. The detailed number and slots of Hero Memories allowed to be socketed can be viewed at the slots.

Hero Memories can also offer random powerful affixes. For example, Hero Memory “Regicide Eve” can increase trait Lethal Flash’s Reloading Speed, Magazine Capacity, and Reloading Quantity while using Mobility Skills.

In terms of acquisition, as an important part of hero development, Hero Relics and Hero Memories are both battle drops and not related to any paid content. Powerful Legendary Hero Items have to be obtained from the gameplay of the new season just like what’s shown in the screenshot. Legendary Hero Items come with more unique affixes but are also more precious.

An ordinary Hero Relic usually has 1 to 3 slots. Some rare Legendary Hero Relics, such as Heart of Ethereal Realm, can be applied to any Hero Trait and offer 4 to 5 Hero Memory slots.

Some other rare Legendary Hero Relics, such as Chaotic Oracle, can also be applied to any Hero Trait but will bring other types of improvement.

We know that everyone wants to know if Hero Items can be traded in the Trade House, and the answer is yes. As a new element in build-making, all Hero Items can be traded just like other gear in the Trade House. Exact searching and searching by category are both supported.

That’s all there is to know about the season’s gameplay and the new system’s Hero Items. We are currently undergoing frequent testing and adjustments in order to bring a new gaming experience to hunters when the new season starts on January 12.

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