Spacetime Illusion Torchlight Infinite

Spacetime Witness Youga|Spacetime Illusion

Icon Hero Traits
Spacetime Witness Youga|Spacetime Illusion
Creates a Twisted Spacetime using the power of spacetime
Creates a portable Spacetime Illusion that can fight side by side

Spacetime Illusion – Hero Trait

Twisted Spacetime
Require lv 1
Gains 1 Spacetime Energy for every 1% Max Mana consumed
Click the Hero Gauge to consume 50 Spacetime Energy to cast Twisted Spacetime
Twisted Spacetime lasts for 8s
+25% Movement Speed and +25% Attack and Cast Speed for allies inside Twisted Spacetime
+50% Spell Damage when you are inside Twisted Spacetime
Spacetime Illusion
Require lv 13
+50 Spacetime Energy consumption
Click the Trait Slot to create a Spacetime Illusion that has a permanent Twisted Spacetime
Twisted Spacetime uses your Main Skill once every 1.5s. Spacetime Illusion's casting is deemed as the player's casting
Field Effect
Require lv 32
+20% additional Cast Speed and +20% additional Spell Damage dealt by Spacetime Illusion while you are inside Twisted Spacetime
Flow Disruption
Require lv 32
Reduce the Attack and Cast Speed of the enemy Attacked recently by you and your Spacetime Illusion by -15%
+30% Spacetime Illusion Cast Frequency
Spacetime Resonance
Require lv 50
25% of the Cast Speed increase or reduction is applied to the casting frequency of Spacetime Illusion
+4% Skill Cooldown Recovery Speed each time you and your Spacetime Illusion cast recently, up to 40%
Spacetime Protection
Require lv 62
When you are about to suffer Severe Injury, remove the Spacetime Illusion, become immune to the damage, and Knockback Nearby enemies. (Cooldown: 10 s)
Arcane Contact
Require lv 62
While inside Twisted Spacetime, casting of Spacetime Illusion will reduce your Mana, equal to the Mana Cost of your Main Skill
Each time when your Spacetime Illusion uses your Mana recently, +8% additional Spell Damage for you, up to 40%
Synchronized Time
Require lv 80
After the Spacetime Illusion and you use 15 skills in total, you gain Synchronized Time, reducing Cast Speed by an additional 15%. Removes the cast frequency limit on Spacetime Illusion
Remove Synchronized Time if you and your Spacetime Illusion do not deal damage to enemies within 3 s
Twisted Field
Require lv 80
While inside Twisted Spacetime, +2% additional damage taken per second, +15% damage dealt by Twisted Spacetime per second. The effect will stop stacking after 6s
The effect will be reset when you leave Twisted Spacetime

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Season 2 Changes

Name Changes
Youga - Spacetime Illusion
  • Optimized Spacetime Illusion's combat skills to make them more aggressive and to add a new feature: While Spacetime Illusion is active, the Hunter can click the Hero Gauge to quickly pull the Spacetime Illusion back to his side.

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